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Here are some of the highlight of our guides in Singapore.

17 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore – Our Honest Review

Coming home to a clean house helps you feel good, especially when you’re tired from work. However, a busy schedule might keep you from cleaning because you’re too tired to do it. A reliable vacuum cleaner will make the job easier. We’ve provided a list of vacuum cleaners in Singapore and reviews on why we think they’re the best.

9 Best Hand Blender In Singapore – Our Honest Review

With healthy eating and living becoming more of a mainstream idea these days, fruit or smoothie blenders have predictably been in demand. These blenders come in different varieties and depending on the time and effort that you are willing to do for the sake of eating clean, there is always the right blender for you.

15 Best Storage and Instant Water Heater In Singapore

The water heater in Singapore is becoming a necessity than a luxury, especially with the humid and unpredictable weather.  Here, we give you a comprehensive list of our recommended storage and instant water heater that is also getting popular around Singapore.

11 Best Bread Maker in Singapore

Making bread for the first may seem like a make or break venture. Anyone who has tried to make bread will have their own story to tell on how the first attempt went.  Not sure what to buy yet? Check out this comprehensive list of the top bread makers in Singapore

11 Best Air Fryers in Singapore

Air fryer provides the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy your favourite crispy and juicy food, but with less guilt. It uses significantly lesser oil and is generally considered as a healthy alternative to “fry” food. We’ve summarised our top picks for best air fryer in Singapore for you:

13 Best Electric Kettle in Singapore

Electric Kettles have been one of those appliances that make life so much easier and faster. Boiling water even during the rush hours is now faster and safer.  This is our buyers guide for the best electric kettles in Singapore today, which you can buy both from appliance centres and online shops.

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