10 Best Air Coolers in Singapore – 2022 Review

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Singapore is a very hot country for most of the year. So it isn’t surprising that the country has among the highest electricity consumption due to the long-term and widespread use of air conditioners. But for regular households and residents, it can be very impractical to use an AC all day, due to the country’s high cost of living. That is why we have air coolers as one of the better alternatives to an AC since they are easier to use and consume less energy. 

Table of Contents

      1. Best purifying feature: Mistral MAC1600R
      2. Energy-efficient: Honeywell CL152
      3. Best budget-friendly option: Sona SAC 6029
      4. Best cooling function: TCL TAC-10CPA-HNG
      5. Best for large spaces: Honeywell TC30PEUI
      6. Best for its insect repelling feature: iFan – PowerPac IF7850
      7. Best space-saving option: Mistral MAC1000R
      8. Best low-noise air cooler: EuropAce ECO 2130V
      9. Air Sterilization Function: Cornell CACE3001S
      10. Most affordable option: Sona SAC6303
  • How To Choose Between Air Coolers and Fans
  • Top Air Cooler Brand in Singapore
  • Conclusion

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Check out our list belong of the best air coolers in Singapore that we have found:

1. Mistral  MAC1600R 

Best purifying feature 

After discovering how great ionizers are, we immediately went looking for an air cooler that had that feature. That way, we will not be stuck inside a house that is full of electronics that only do one thing. Mistral works excellent for this. This air cooler, at just 15L capacity, is portable enough that can be transferred to various parts of the home. You can purchase this air cooler today right here.


  • Built-in ionizer
  • Quiet-Sleep Mode
  • Humidifying Function


  • A bit noisy

2. Honeywell CL152  


This cooler from Honeywell can be purchased for either your office or home and provides very comfortable spot cooling. One of its best features is that its power consumption is low so you don’t need to worry about having high energy bills.  For added convenience, we really like that the settings can be adjusted using the remote control. This air cooler can be purchased here.


  • Remote Control and Display
  • Efficient Electronic
  • Evaporative Air Cooler Energy


  • A bit noisy

3. Sona SAC 6029 

Best budget-friendly option 

If you are searching for a durable but affordable air cooler to back up your AC during those extra humid months, then Sona is a brand you can definitely rely on. It comes with low water pump protection as well, so you don’t need to worry about it staying on while you are sleeping. You can find it for the lowest price here.


  • 12-Hour Timer
  • Ionizer to purify the air
  • 430m3/Hour High Air Flow


  • Blade rotation could be wider


Best cooling function 

When it comes to air coolers, this is a great upgrade. It has a nano-tech condenser, to provide more efficient and faster cooling. After you have tried this out, you might not want to turn your AC on ever again. It also comes with the triple function: dehumidifying, fan, and cooling. You can get this air cooler here for the best price.


  • Patented titanium-gold condenser comes with nanotechnology to provide you with better durability and faster cooling.
  • R410A eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Patented Fogging Technology – provides efficient automatic water evaporation


  • A bit smaller capacity 

5. Honeywell TC30PEUI

Best for large spaces 

This model is straightforward to get set-up, which is one of the things that we really like about it. It is a typical plugin and use type of electric fan. However, it provides you with faster cooling and much broader coverage. This is a multi-functional and powerful air cooler that is very mobile. We highly recommend it for all kinds of users. You can purchase this Honeywell air cooler right here.


  • Built-in ionizer
  • Oscillation louvres distribute cool air evenly
  • Environmentally-friendly (doesn’t use refrigerant gas)


  • A bit heavy

6. iFan – PowerPac IF7850 

Best for its insect repelling feature 

This is a family-friend option, with a mosquito repellant function and a comfortable touch interface. iFan guarantees mosquito-free and cool sleep. iFan is all about the safety and comfort of its customers. Therefore, all of its features are designed for that. This air cooler can be purchased online right here.


  • Water level visible window
  • Washable filter
  • Vortex airflow


  • A bit noisy on higher level

7. Mistral MAC1000R 

Best space-saving option 

This is a great looking Mistral air cooler. It also comes loaded with many great features. Therefore, it was a great find. The sleek design of this air cooler makes it easy to put it anyplace in your home. However, you still be confident that you will experience comfortable coolness due to its wide-angle oscillation. This air cooler can be purchased right here. 


  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Internal Wide Angle Oscillation
  • Humidifying Function


  • Quite bulky

8. EuropAce  ECO 2130V 

Best low-noise air cooler 

This is a durable and multi-functional air cooler from EuropAce. It evenly distributes cool air and has fairly quiet operation as well.  This air cooler is very easy to maintain. This is very important to us, so we definitely like this brand. The EuropAce air cooler can be purchased right here.


  • 24-hour preset timer
  • Thick honeycomb filter
  • Twin wind turbine


  • A bit loud

9. Cornell CACE3001S

Air Sterilization Function

This is among the most elegant of all air coolers around from Cornell. Its efficiency and power are also very impressive. It has two ice packs as well, which are really nice to use, especially when you are exploring this air cooler for the first time. The louvres can be easily adjusted, depending on what your preference is. This great air cooler can be purchased right here.


  • Dismountable Master filter cooler
  • Dustproof filter protection
  • Ionic function


  • Not much extra features

10. Sona SAC6303 

Most affordable option 

This air cooler is one of the most affordable ones we have found in Singapore. The best thing about it is that it’s completely portable, so it can even be brought to gatherings to provide additional cooling.  If you are searching for an air cooler that is easy to use and that can be conveniently taken anywhere, we highly recommend this brand. It is selling for under RM200 right here.


  • Multi-Function Air Purifier, Humidifier
  • 40mm Thick Filter
  • 7 Hour Pro/Timer Setting and 3 Fan Speeds


  • Ice compartment is a bit hard to reach

How To Choose Between Air Coolers and Fans

Although fans are definitely staples of homes all across Singapore, it is also true that air coolers offer an entirely new comfort level. They just don’t rely on the ventilation that is available to freshen up the area. Instead, evaporative technology is used to provide spot cooling.

During the hot summer months, air coolers are especially useful in Singapore. It can also help to have both air coolers and fans since the fan can help to distribute cold air in the room. They are both energy efficient, so you don’t need to worry that your electricity bills will spike if you use both of them.   

Top Air Cooler Brand in Singapore


Mistral’s design and functionality is what sets them apart in this industry. They believe that a balance between quality, price point & style should be achievable for everyone!


Honeywell has a long history of being successful in the industry. They have many different models that all perform well, which makes them one to consider when looking for an air cooler.


The company is well-known for providing high quality products and reliable services. Most people in Singapore know Sona because it has an affordable range of small appliances, which makes them perfect additions to any household!


Air coolers are a practical alternative to air conditioners in Singapore. They consume less energy and can be used more easily in regular households. If you are looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, consider using an air cooler instead of an AC.


What are the popular brands of air cooler in Singapore?🇸🇬

The tops air cooler brands in Singapore include: Mistral, Honeywell, Sona, TCL, EuropAce, and Cornell

What are the important features of air cooler? ❓

When buying an aircooler, the main features that you need to look for is energy efficiency, oscillation, noise-reduction, and timer.

What is the advantage of air coolers? ❄️

Although fans are definitely staples of homes all across Singapore, it is also true that air coolers offer an entirely new comfort level. They just don’t rely on the ventilation that is available to freshen up the area. Instead, evaporative technology is used to provide spot cooling.

During the hot summer months, air coolers are especially useful in Singapore.

How much does an air cooler cost in Singapore?💵

Air coolers can cost as low as 150 SGD.

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