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The different types of cooling appliances available on the market serve a similar purpose; they all aim at reducing heat. However, there are some differences between them in terms of efficiency and therefore it may be necessary to choose your appliance depending on how you plan on using it or who will use it!

What’s The difference?

Air cooler

For air coolers, the scientific principle of evaporative cooling is used to make hot air pass through a wet medium. This process results in cooler and moisturized air inside your home or office! The powerful fan then propels this cool air into the room or outdoor area and provides a constant flow of fresh, moisturized air. The air cooler uniformly distributes the cold air evenly on the whole room, this can provide relief for those suffering from heat exhaustion since it will keep them at an optimum temperature without feeling too cold!

Tower Fan

The fan blades are arranged in a circular pattern to create wind. This type can be either portable or stationary, depending on its intended use and size requirements for installation purposes. The fan is a simple, yet effective way to cool off on hot days. It works by circulating air around us rapidly and speeding up the evaporation of sweat which provides relief from the heat because it makes you feel refreshed without getting wet or sweaty!

The innovative design of the tower fan provides superior cooling with greater airflow than traditional fans. The best tower fans come with a basic dust filter to keep your home clean and healthy.

Air Cooler Pros and Cons


Adds humidity

The air in dry climates can be harsh on your body and detrimental to certain materials. Air coolers add humidity through the evaporative process, which helps soften it up so you’re not suffering from dehydration or cracked lips!

Much Cheaper than Air Conditioner

The operating cost of an air cooler is much cheaper than that of a traditional air conditioner and central air system. They also typically have lower purchase and installation costs, and don’t require as much electricity to run them (most use less), which makes them more environmentally friendly!

Pollen and Dust Free

The filters in an air cooler ensure that pollen and dust are removed from the atmosphere, making it healthier to breathe as they eliminate harmful bacteria.

Eco Friendly

Air coolers are more environmentally friendly than traditional refrigerant-based cooling systems. They don’t require any toxic chemicals, and because they operate with natural means of producing chilled air there’s no risk of chemical contamination either!


Needs water

The cost of water can be prohibitive for air coolers in some areas. The need to maintain a consistent supply means that it’s important not only when you’re running low, but also during periods where temperatures are hot and demand high – like summer months!

Too Humid

When you have an air cooler running constantly, the humidity in your home can increase to a point where it’s too high and mould may start growing on hardwood floors.

No Way to Control Temperature

Air coolers don’t allow you to control the temperature. The best they can do is regulate it at a certain low level, but there’s no way for people who want warmer or colder air temperatures than what these machines provide them with!

Tower fan Pros and Cons


Adjustable Speed

Tower fans are great for cooling down on hot days. With tower fans, you can adjust the speed to ensure you get just how breezy it feels when trying, and they’re also perfect at lowering the humidity in your home or office during summer months since most tower fans have multiple speeds!

Less Maintenance

Tower fans are the ultimate in convenience. They require little maintenance and offer an appealing, fresh breeze without any of that pesky mustiness you can get from other types!


The best part about tower fans is that they’re so easy to move around! If you need different rooms cooled at various times, just pop your favourite cooling system into any room and go.


Doesn’t Cool the Air

To truly cool your home, a tower fan does not provide the needed relief. On very hot days even when you have, it turned on high and pushes around existing heated air in a room, and doesn’t help on giving you cool air.

Not ideal for large area

Tower fans are great for smaller spaces, but if you want to cool off an entire room they’re not going to be as effective. If you want to cool a larger space, an air conditioner or cooler is going to be more effective than just using one of these tower fans.

Air Cooler vs Tower fan: Energy Consumption

If you want to cool your home but do not have the money for air conditioners, consider buying a tower fan or cooler instead. A cheap running cost will make up for it and help keep things more affordable in this sweltering heat!

A tower fan uses up to 100w of power while an air cooler only needs 75 for its size. This means it is much more efficient at cooling down your room!

Most air coolers and tower fans also have energy-saving features such as:

Speed variation – You can choose between speeds when it comes to keeping your appliances running. If you want less energy consumption, then go with the slower speed!

Timer – An air cooler with a timer is great for keeping your house at a comfortable temperature without having to worry about turning off an appliance yourself.

Air Cooler and Tower Fans Feature to Look For 

Space Taken

Most people are aware of how important it is to have plenty of space in our homes. That’s why when you’re looking at appliances, like fans or coolers that take up a lot of room in your house

Noise Level

While some noise is unavoidable with both these types of appliances- nobody wants one like the disturbingly loud sound. If you want a quiet appliance, tower fans are typically much lighter on sound than air coolers. They will not make any noise when running and they’re often located near windows or other open areas so that their faint sounds don’t carry into other rooms in your home.


You can save money on your energy bills by using an appliance with a timer. Timers are designed to turn off equipment when it is not in use, which reduces the amount of power consumption and wasted electricity!

Remote controls

Remote controls offer an extra level of convenience, particularly if you want to turn the appliance on or off from your bed. Both air coolers and tower fans are available with remote control options that allow for easy operation while sitting upright in a chair!


In conclusion, when deciding between a tower fan and an air cooler, it is important to consider all aspects of each appliance. Consider what climate you live in, your maintenance schedule, your health concerns and how much money you are willing to spend. If price and maintenance are at the top of your list, go with a tower fan. But if you want the best possible cooling and freshest air, an air cooler is right for you Once you have considered all these options, decide which one will work best for you and your family.

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