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    We are happy to welcome you here at Kimz House, where we spread positivity through the things, brands, and people we feature.

    Kimz House was founded by two outgoing friends who enjoy exploring the world. This started out as our personal website, a digital collection of all the things that amuse us as we wander.

    Our fellow fun-loving followers have turned Kimz House into what it is today. A one-stop lifestyle site for every man and woman. We feature products and brands that we believe in, and we love showing you how we are using them in real life.

    What We do

    Currently, we are focusing on health and wellness, food, travel, and even home design. We curate and present expert opinions on these topics both to entertain and inform.

    We also do actual interviews of the people that inspire us in what we do, and we are hoping that you get inspiration from them, too. For us, everyday living should be fun, and one way to do this is to surround ourselves with things we love.

    Supporting Local

    As much as possible, we like to focus our content on promoting local products, scenes, and talents. It’s our little contribution to society.

    Our Team


    Hi. It’s Kimz here. I am the founder of this website who lives in Malaysia. A stay-at-home mother of young kids and move into a new house recently. As you might know, moving to a new house need so much planning and setup. In addition, I previously rent a fully furnished house before move into the current new house. Thus, I pretty much need to plan and buy almost everything in this new house.

    I took a lot of time to source and compared the home appliances for this house. And I am sharing it on this website and hope if it can help anyone who need the same thing. The opinion is solely based on our testing or intensive research with customer feedback around the most popular shopping platform such as Shopee and Lazada.

    We hope this can help you save hours of your time and make the right decision. Enjoy!

    [email protected]


    Hey everyone. Rene here. A good friend of Kimz but stay in Singapore. I know Kimz since secondary school. Although we separate after graduation, we still keep close contact with each other.

    I got to know about kimzhouse.com after being invited by Kimz to work together to contribute more great content, especially for the Singapore region.

    Following the same principle set by Kimz, I do in-depth research and testing on each product and service before being published on this site.

    I do hope you find it useful. Cheers.

    [email protected]


    Hello. My name is Rovilyn from Davao, Philippines. I am a classmate of Kimz during our college time. I am so excited to join Kimz to manage this site. I can see her good intention to help everyone who struggles to make the right decision when shopping for home appliances, gadget, beauty, and health-related products.

    For me, I am a beauty and cooking enthusiast. Thus, I will focus on product-related for cooking and beauty. I will also share some gadget stuff as I have a techie brother who constantly feeds the latest updates, especially in the Philippines region.

    Let’s see how it goes, and I hope you like it!

    [email protected]


    Hello. This is Aditya from Jakarta. I know Kimz while I studied in KL for my degree. We meet in college and we become close friends for years before I come back to Jakarta.

    I love cooking new food, especially local food from my home country Indonesia! My favourite place is Bandung where there is a lot of nice homemade food to try.

    Just like Kimz, we also love exploring and want to share our favourite and new discoveries. So when we found out that we have an interest in the same thing. We decide to join together and share the tips and guide for Indonesian readers.

    KimzHouse is the place where we share lifestyle stuff, health, food, beauty products that we found in different places around South East Asia. We hope that you enjoy your stay here (^_^)

    [email protected]

    Partnering with Us

    For brands and businesses who wish to partner with us, we would appreciate it if we would be able to speak and meet with you prior to featuring the products on our website.

    One of the keys to a tight following of Kimz House is how we can indeed provide a personalized experience for the things that we put here. You can reach us here for partnership details [email protected].