Getting the Right Water Filters in Singapore – 11 Picks in 2021

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One of the most important considerations we were faced with upon transferring to Singapore is the proper water filters. In our own experience, having purified and filtered water delivered to the location can be a costly and unreliable option. Having your own source of filtered water on location offers a cost-effective plan and peace of mind of always having this access to something so important.

If you have yet to make such an important purchase, you will want to know what the best options are. Following are our top 11 picks for best water filters Singapore.

1. BRITA Marella Water Pitcher with Filter Cartridge (Blue)

Most convenient, no-fuss filter 

For improved flavour and convenience, you can upgrade your setup to this large water pitcher. You can now enjoy an enhanced taste to all your favourite beverages with the superior filtration offered by Brita Marella.

  • Removes chlorine, Limescale and other impurities
  • Flip-top lid for fills easily
  • Comes with advanced upgraded cartridge

Why buy this: 

For those who like larger water supplies that will last all day, this is a great option. Households, offices and other large crown communities will need something of larger capacity.

2. Philips On Tap Water Purifier / Water Filter

Filtration straight out of your faucet

This innovative product from Philips makes your regular tap water taste luxurious. By removing impurities that can affect your water, it makes the water out of the tap more refreshing and enjoyable.

  • Pure Protect alert tells you when the filter needs changing
  • The maximum rate of 2 litres per minute
  • Quick Twist for easy filter replacement

Why buy this: 

This is also a good option because it is the easiest to use and install. Once you have properly set it up, you can enjoy filtered water at any time. Stocks on this popular item are limited, so place your order now.

3. BRITA MAXTRA+ Micro Flow 6 pack filters – Made in Germany

Superior filtration technology 

You will find throughout this list that the Brita water filter manufacturers are among the most reputable and can always be counted on for superior products when it comes to water optimization. This was the original industry that made the Brita brand famous and their superior products attest to this. Here are some of the advantages of using Brita products.

  • Prolongs the service life of domestic appliances
  • Removes heavy metals such as Lead and Copper
  • Eliminates chlorine and other substances that affect the flavour of water
  • Prevents the accumulation of Limescale

Why buy this: 

This is a good option for those who are not interested in changing out their faucets permanently. You can select 6 filters here.

4. Filtra Tap Water Filter with Replacement Cartridge

Low maintenance 

Here is a fine option made and designed right here in Singapore and can compete with any foreign option in terms of quality and performance.  Above All it is practical and easy to maintain, making it one of the best solutions for clean, fresh water in your home or office.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Filtech Technology for pure fresh-tasting water
  • Multi-Layer Filtration

  • Eliminates up to 99% of Bacteria, Impurities and Chlorine

Why buy this:

One of the things that really impressed us about this option was the portability and practicality. It can be moved and set up in any location on any type of faucet. These products are available online and can be purchased here.

5. BRITA Flow Water Pitcher with 1 Filter Cartridge


One of the best things about the Brita setup is that it allows you to protect the appliances that use water, like your cooler, coffee maker, etc. You will never have to worry about limescale build-up that often happens in appliances and containers that hold water frequently.

  • Easy filling
  • Comfortable dispensing tap
  • Holds up to 8.2 litres total with 5.2 litres of fresh filtered water

Why buy this: 

The transparent container will allow you to monitor the conditions of the filter, so you know when it needs to be changed. Order now because stocks are limited due to high demand.

6. Philips Pure Water on Tap (with free WP3961-filter)

Best in maintaining water flow 

Philips is a name to trust when it comes to producing the best tasting water. One of the unfortunate drawbacks of this water filter is the reduced flow, but you will find this is not the case with Philips.

  • Hi-flow rate of 2 litres per minute
  • Advanced Quick Twist filter replacement
  • Water flow selection (spray/stream, filtered/unfiltered)

Why buy this: 

It’s actually really nice to have a variety of water flow selections that function more like an actual tap. If you purchase this water filter at this link, you will also receive a free filter.

7. DrinkPure Tap Water Filter – Home

Quick and easy installation

We have never seen such a straightforward and intuitive water filter in all our review work. Just follow the simple Plug-n-Play set up, and you can enjoy as much as 500L of filtered water from a single filter.

  • 500ML capacity
  • Removes 99% of harmful pathogens
  • Filters all sediments
  • Reusable core, compatible with any faucet.

Why buy this: 

For easy setup and innovative design, this option also provides an impressive flow rate. You can find this option at the best prices right here.

8. BRITA Fill & Serve Water Filter Carafe

Best for small batches of water

One of the things that are so great about the Brita company is that their line of products also protects the longevity of your water-using appliances. You will avoid that limescale build-up that can affect the functionality and service life of these costly appliances.

  • Comfortable dispensing tap
  • Easy fill sliding lid
  • Holds up to 8.2 litres when full with over 5 litres of filtered water

Why buy this: 

This container is clear, and this helps to see when your filters will need changing. Brita items are always in high demand, purchase your filter right here.

9. Stationary Tap Water Faucet Filter

Best faucet filter

A good option for a residential location should be simple and easy to maintain and install. Furthermore, this one features ABS Food Grade components that make food preparation tasks safer and cleaner.

  • Metal parts are well made and durable
  • A high flow of water makes washing easy
  • Two ways to dispense water
  • Can be cleaned regularly

Why buy this: 

One interesting function is that this water filter will allow you to adjust the pH level of your water. Look for this fine water filter at this site.

10. LELONG 3M countertop Drinking Water Purifier

Countertop filter 

Another useful option that requires no installation work is the Lelong 3M that can hook up nicely to the faucet in your kitchen. This is the perfect option for the average person who needs a simple approach to water filtration.

  • Remove 99.5% of filterable cyst
  • Filter Application all types of sediments, toxins and metals.
  • Micron Ratings: 0.5-micron nominal

Why buy this: 

Buy it online today to get pre-filter, essential to make your built-in filter last longer.

11. 8-Stage Water Purifier / Filter (No installation)

Best filtration mechanism

This multi-layered filtration system provides the same purification as if you had boiled the water, but without the need for energy. You will also not need to install anything as the process works by simply pouring the water into the purifier and drinking the clear elixir that comes out.

  • Softens water
  • Filters harmful bacteria
  • Infused water with other minerals
  • Absorbs chlorine and other water smells

Why buy this: 

This one is a good option as it will fit any situation or tap. We use water for all kinds of purposes and the water that touches our faces should be as clean as the water that we drink, right? If you think so, you can buy this versatile filter option right here.

Why Purchase Water Filters?

It may seem that the upfront cost for a water filter that will deliver the same pure water as you will find from a water delivery service is unbelievably high and most people would be loath to dish out money for something that costs so little from a local service.

But, the most economically-minded homes and offices know that you will be buying fresh and clean water until the day you shake this mortal coil. It makes sense to provide yourself with a suitable water system that will last for the foreseeable future.

Water filters are essential because everyone, even your cats and dogs, needs to be supplied with a healthy source of water. This is even more important when you are also providing water for clients, customers, patrons, employees, guests and other people.

Here Are Our Top Recommended Water Filters

  1. BRITA Marella XL 3.5L Water Pitcher with Filter Cartridge(Blue)
  2. Philips On Tap Water Purifier / Water Filter
  3. BRITA MAXTRA Micro Flow – Product of Germany


What are the best brands of water filters in Singapore? 🇸🇬

Among the top brands of water filters in Singapore are Brita, Philips, DrinkPure, and Lelong.

What are the types of water filters? 👀

Different types of water filters are: Activated Carbon, Reverse Osmosis, UV Filters, and ION Exchange.

Should I buy a water filter? 🧐

The most economically-minded homes and offices know that you will be buying fresh and clean water until the day you shake this mortal coil. It makes sense to provide yourself with a suitable water system that will last for the foreseeable future.

Water filters are essential because everyone, even your cats and dogs, needs to be supplied with a healthy source of water. This is even more important when you are also providing water for clients, customers, patrons, employees, guests and other people.

How much does a water filter cost?

It will greatly depend on the type of water filter that you will choose, as well as the level of filtration that you pick. It will range from from 100-250 SGD.

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