11 Best Bread Maker in Singapore for Bread Lover – 2021 Reviews

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Making bread for the first may seem like a make or break venture. Anyone who has tried to make bread will have their own story to tell on how the first attempt went. Fortunately, with the availability of trusted bread makers in recent times, fresh loaves can now be readily and more accurately prepared.

Not sure what to buy yet? Check out this comprehensive list of the top bread makers in Singapore

1. Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker

Best for frequent breadmaking

Bread making has never been and convenient with Kenwood. You can also use it to make your own pasta. It’s every baker’s dream.

Why buy this: 

  • Multi-functional
  • User-friendly
  • Pasta and jam setting
  • Up to 1 kg capacity

Whether it’s for your daily bread, making hobby or something special for the entire family, this bread maker can do the job for you. The best part is you can pre-set up to 15 hrs advance for your machine to start baking.

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2. Mayer Bread Maker MMBM12 – 500/750g

Best for quick, easy recipes

For a quick, fresh snack at home, Mayer bread maker got you covered. This conveniently sized bread maker can accommodate up to 750 grams of dough.

Why buy this:

  • 14 Pre-Set Programme
  • Power: 530W
  • 60 Minutes Keep Warm Function
  • 15 Hours Delay-Bake Timer

We love the option to choose between light and dark crusting, which accommodates for every bread preference.

Buy this Mayer bread maker here.

3. Kenwood Bread Maker BM450

Best artisan option

You will definitely love this artisan bread maker that provides you with so many options for your bread with the variety of program settings in the BM450.

Why buy this: 

  • 125g ingredients dispenser
  • 15 standard baking programmes
  • 58-minute rapid bake function
  • Kenwood non-stick coated bread pan and kneader

Enjoy the sophisticated features of this bread maker while also enjoying fresh bread as often as you want, given its user-friendly technology.

You can purchase this online today here.

4. Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104

Best for complex bread recipes 

This Panasonic automatic bread maker makes everyone an expert in making their bread. It’s so easy to use with so many settings to play around with!

Why buy this: 

  • Ingredient dispenser
  • Auto yeast dispenser
  • Temperature sensor
  • 13 preset programmes

Make your own raisin and nut bread with this bread maker as it is proven safe for a lot off ingredients that go perfectly well with bread. You will certain get what you pay for with this bread maker!

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5. Mayer Bread Maker MMBM10

Best for advanced baking 

Mayer has always been a staple name when it comes to bread-making technology, and this bread maker is no exemption.

Why buy this:

  • 12 Baking Function
  • 15 hours Delay-Bake Timer
  • 60 minutes Keep Warm function
  • 15 minutes Memory function
  • Viewing window and LED display

Whether you want to make your common bread or something more sophisticated like ferment dough, you can make it all in this single bread maker?

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6. Zojirushi Bread Baking Machine BB-HAQ10

Professional’s choice 

Want to bake bread like a pro? This Zojirushi machine could be your best friend. You can even make your own croissants, jams, and pasta with this single bread maker.

Why buy this:

  • Three bread textures to choose from: Regular, Firm or Soft
  • 13-hour Delay Timer
  • Includes an instruction video, manual and recipe
  • Prepares bread in under 2 hours

We particularly love its sleek and slim design, which makes it easier to fit it anywhere in the kitchen.

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7. Aztech Bread Maker ABM4600 – 1000G

Great for larger servings 

For those who love to make bread for more people, this machine allows for up to 1-kilogram ingredients. It also comes with its own fruits and nuts dispenser for more convenience.

Why buy this:

  • Adjustable Crust Control
  • 13 Hour Time Delay Preset
  • 10 Minutes Memory Function
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Footing

Aztech has created a one-stop bread making machine that will allow you to make every breads possible including nut and raisin bread.

Get yours online here.

8. Zojirushi Bread Baking Machine BBKWQ10

Great portability 

Do you need something that you can conveniently take anywhere, yet still do an awesome job in making bread? Then this 500-gram bread baking machine is for you.

Why buy this:

  • Removable Automatic-tray
  • Colourful recipe book with 50 Recipes; instructional DVD
  • Auto-Dispenser
  • Programmable timer can be set up to 13 hours in advance

Lots of setting and programmes packed in a small package! You can choose from a lot of basic bread, dough, and sweet courses.

Grab yours here now.

9. Mayer Breadmaker MMBM12 – 750G

Best begginer-friendly choice

One of the best things about having your own bread maker is being able to take control of the ingredients that you put into your bread.

Why buy this: 

  • 1-hour rapid bake
  • 14 baking functions
  • Non-stick baking pan and kneading paddle
  • Non-slip bottom feet

This is safe to use and really provides you with a lot of options for bread. It’s fun and healthy at the same time.

You can buy this Mayer bread maker here.

10. Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P2001

Best for different pastries 

This top-rated bread maker has been popular not just in Singapore and in the larger international community.

Why buy this:

These features make it a powerful bread maker for every home:

  • yeast dispenser
  • raisin nut dispenser
  • diamond fluorine inner pan
  • 13 menus
  • Two loaf sizes options

You do not just make the bread with this machine, you can also create your favourite desserts and jams.

Get this Panasonic bread maker here.

11. Philips Bread Maker HD9045 Viva Collection

Easy to use 

Looking for convenience and versatility? Well, that is what this bread maker delivers. It comes with pre-set programs, making it easier for any user to create bread, dough, and pasta.

Why buy this: 

  • Bake two sizes of loaf up to large 1kg
  • ‘Add’ indicator for speciality bread
  • Up to 13-hour delay timer
  • Large viewing window

This could easily be a staple in your kitchen. Even non-bakers can easily use this and come up with their unique bread recipe.

This is available for online purchase here.

Is a bread maker worth the investment?

While it’s certainly not one of these basic appliances that you would readily need in your home, having one can definitely be life-changing.

This is particularly useful for those who live a fast-paced life but still want to have better control of the things they eat, from the regular meals to bread snacks.

Check out our top recommendations for bread makers in Singapore:

1-Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker

2-Mayer Bread Maker MMBM12 – 500/750g

3-Kenwood Bread Maker BM450

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Is a bread maker worth the investment?

While it’s certainly not one of these basic appliances that you would readily need in your home, having one can definitely be life-changing. This is particularly useful for those who live a fast-paced life but still want to have better control of the things they eat, from the regular meals to bread snacks.

What is the popular brand of bread maker in Singapore?

Kenwood, Mayer & Panasonic are among the popular bread maker in Singapore.

Can I use bread maker to make pasta?

Yes. It is possible with certain brand & model. Find out more in this article.

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