Top Home Appliances Buying Guide in Malaysia

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Here are some of the highlight of our guides.

9 Best Electric Kettle in Malaysia to Save Your Electric Bill

Electric kettles are a must-have in your kitchen. They make your life easier. You can use an electric kettle to boil your water very fast and in a safer way. If you take the time to find the best electric kettle, it should last many years. Here is a buyer’s guide for the best electric kettles in Malaysia.

5 Top-Rated Bread Makers in Malaysia for Bread Lover

When trying to make bread the initial experience will either result in a success or a flop. Any person that has experimented with making bread usually has a story on how their initial attempt went. Fortunately, today there are a variety of reliable bread makers on the market, which now means you can prepare fresh loaves with confidence. Here is our list of a few of the best bread makers in Malaysia.

10 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia for Healthier Cooking

Air fryers are always a great addition to any kitchen. You can now enjoy your favorite food with a little less guilt. Air fryers use less oil and have been dubbed a healthier alternative to fried food. That’s the reason why they have become very popular in Malaysia. Here is our 10 best air fryer in Malaysia.

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