10 Best Exhaust Fans in Malaysia

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We all know that indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air, and with the right ventilation system, you’ll be able to reduce your family’s exposure to these harmful pollutants. So if you’re looking for a new exhaust fan in Malaysia, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best exhaust fans in Malaysia. 

Exhaust Fans are typically used as an alternative means of heating or cooling by drawing out hot or cold air from inside the house. The reason why many people choose exhaust fans is due to their low cost compared to other methods such as central heating systems which are much more expensive. These Exhaust Fans will not only prevent bacteria growth but also help improve overall health for your family members!

Top 10 Best Exhaust Fans in Malaysia

1. Khind 12 Inch EF1201 Exhaust Fan

Safe ventilation 

We don’t know about you, but sometimes things can get hot. So when it’s time to cool down, the 12 inch EF1201 Exhaust Fan is here for your use. It has a thermal fuse that will shut off power if there are any issues with overheating or fire which means not only will you be able to keep on cooking safely – but also keep your kitchen looking perfect thanks to its P.P Material Casing and fitted with removable oil receptacle. With 5 high rigid blades, this fan won’t disappoint when it comes to keeping your home feeling cool while providing 40 feet per minute airflow velocity which moves air more efficiently than other types of fans available today.

Why buy it: 

  • Top-notch quality
  • Provides efficient airflow
  • Sleek look that won’t ruin the beauty of the room

2. BSBOSS Bathroom exhaust

Versatile Exhaust

Need to freshen up your bathroom? Say hello to the BSBOSS Bathroom exhaust. The ultra-thin panel can be installed anywhere in the room and is available for any type of space. Did you forget about that one dusty window ledge near the doorway? No problem at all! Forgot about that bathtub corner that always collects water? Consider it unforgettable now.

Forget tiny ants coming into the shower through those tiny holes in your wall too – this amazing product prevents insects from entering by drawing water out of them, preventing these pesky bugs from making their rounds around your home. All without taking up too much space or costing you a lot, if any! Give yourself some extra time back with this genius invention today – because you deserve the best for your house!

Why buy it:

  • Ultra-thin panel for a sleeker look in the room
  • Reduces odor in your home and even bathroom
  • Strong, powerful, and long-lasting motor


The best provider of fresh air

The KHIND EF1001 is the solution to delivering fresh air without having to worry about smoky smells filtering into your home. Constructed of high-level material, it features 3 years warranty for motor and 5 rigid blades that will give way to strong performance. The four backflow louvers filter all dust particles before they enter into the exhaust fan. And with the removable oil receptacle feature, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up oil spills during installation! Whether it’s cooking smoke or dust in your house, the Khind EF1001 exhaust fan will be there at any time providing continuous cooling wind penetrated hotness and dirtiness away from your living space.

Why buy it:

  • Remove unnecessary heat from any room
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety thermal fuse


Monitor and control the airflow in your room with the KHIND EF8001. You can exhaust out hot air and cook smokes to bring in fresh air from outside or into other rooms. The product has been built-in with a safe thermal fuse that will break down inside the device if it detects high temperature generated by the user for any reason, monitoring its blade speed automatically to maintain desired wind speed. This fan is manufactured from quality P.P casing material, fitted with removable oil receptacle, back-flow louvers for easier cleaning, and 5 rigid 8 inches blade size perfect at moving huge volumes of air at low noise level thanks to its efficient motor which features 3 years warranty on brand new purchases! 

Why buy it:

  • Easy to use and install
  • Designed to be easily cleaned when needed
  • Long-lasting good quality

5. BS BOSS  Round PVC Wall Type Glass Exhaust Fan

It’s like an open window breeze with the BS BOSS. If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to get fresh air in your home without spending your day’s haggling with screens and doors, then the PVC Wall Type Glass Exhaust Fan is just what you need. The fully enclosed motor has overheating protection built right in so it’s safe even if left running indefinitely. And unlike most other fans, it provides fresh air within 2 minutes of being turned on—low noise operation means it won’t disrupt your posh party either! Perfect for any room or space where fresh air can bring new life to stale moments!

Why buy it:

  • Quiet operation perfect for bedrooms
  • Feel the fresh breeze of nature
  • Provides fresh air quickly

6. COOL POWER Household Silent Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The COOL POWER Household Silent Bathroom Exhaust Fan is just the thing for cramped and uncomfortably hot bathrooms, bedrooms, or even office spaces. This powerful but lightweight fan with a noise rating of only 40 decibels operates on both 220 and 110 power and can be used to keep people cool during summer months as well as those times when it’s been too long between air conditioner cleanings. The reversible airflow allows you to use the fan from multiple rooms in your home without obstruction, while metal blades work tirelessly to create an airflow of up to 240 cubic meters per hour for maximum coverage area.

Why buy it:

  • Stronger air circulation with lower volume
  • Prevent foreign objects from entering the room
  • Copper wire for better conductivity of the motor

7. Mitsubishi EX-20SC5T 8’’ Ceiling Type Exhaust

This 8’’ Ceiling Type Exhaust Fan is what you should consider if want to make your kitchen feel like it’s right out of Architectural Digest. It operates quietly, making less noise than an airplane cockpit; yet, its flow expels 297-303 cfm at max power input (which is only 18 watts). The steel grill is coated with porcelain paint that can be easily wiped clean after each use. You’ll also find a convenient switch near the exhaust fan for easy control using just one hand! So let this sleek and stylish ceiling exhaust fan work hard so you don’t have to!

Why buy it:

  • Only consumes a small amount of energy
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Powerful air flow with a low noise operation

8. Panasonic 10inch Ceiling Exhaust Fan FV-25TGU3

Create an environment to make the most of every moment with the Panasonic 10-inch ceiling exhaust fan. The Q-blade design effectively reduces noise levels, while automatic oil circulation for smooth and durable operation provides long-lasting beauty – saving you money on replacement fans in the process. Easy to install, this sleek, reliable luxury has everything you need for quality living space. Installations take just minutes with no mess or fuss involved, giving you peace of mind plus the satisfaction that your home will always be comfortable – even in tropical conditions!

Why buy it:

  • Reduced noise levels for more comfort
  • Extract pollutants direct from outside
  • Easy to install on your own

9. Morgan Exhaust Fan MVFCA12-W Ceiling Duct


Does the air in your home or office feel a bit more stuffy than you want it to? With this Morgan exhaust fan, that will no longer be a problem. Find some relief from stale air with the MVFCA12-W! This beautiful Ceiling Duct features 2.6 m³/min of airflow and is perfect for homes or offices up to 12-16m² in size. The durable motor has protective insulation so you can rest assured knowing its performance is reliable. If noise levels are an issue, do not worry—this great product operates at 39 dB, meaning, less noise pollution!

Why buy it:

  • Durable and safety-ensued motor
  • Cover up to 93 cubic feet per minute
  • Lower noise level operation

10. JILANG 12″ RONG ZUAN Pipe Type Exhaust Fan – BPT-30-G 

JILANG 12″ RONG ZUAN pipe type exhaust fan, rated 30%-60% less power consumption than traditional electric fans with speed adjustment; moreover, it has good quality ABS engineer plastic flame-retarded panel in protecting against fire hazards. Moreover, it is a UL (inkjet) flame retardant which is certification of the highest standard when compared to EN13219-2. With airflow rates reaching up to 296 feet per minute (0.04ft3/s), an amazing air volume for performing multiple household tasks at once; maintaining your house smelling fresh and antimicrobial through its A3 antibacterial additive–which also helps to decrease mold or mildew growth within the product’s life span. 

Why buy it:

  • Last for a long time
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Ultra silence for a comfortable sleep use


How does an exhaust fan work?

A household exhaust fan works by replacing your house air with fresh outdoor air, which pulls out any polluted air, and then the new air goes in. This cycle repeats itself until you turn off the fan or until all of the polluted indoor air has been pulled out and replaced with fresh outdoor air.

Do Exhaust fans work in all weather conditions?

Yes, there are many types of exhaust fans available depending on the purpose and location where you intend to install them. For example, if an exhaust fan is being used to remove cooking odours from the kitchen, then a wall-mounted non-ducted or ducted hood would be more suitable compared to an attic or window-mounted range hood. So make sure you choose the right type of exhaust fan for your needs!

How much electricity does an exhaust fan use?

An average exhaust fan uses about 10 watts per hour which cost around RM 1 per month to operate based on the current electricity price in Malaysia so it's pretty affordable really! there are models that can use as little as 5 watts per hour, so it's best to choose a less powerful model if you're trying to save on electricity.


Exhaust fans can provide you the breathable air circulation in any room you prefer. If you are looking for a low-cost heating or cooling solution, exhaust fans may be the ideal option. These Exhaust Fans will not only prevent bacteria growth but also help improve overall health for your family members! Be sure to make use of this list when deciding your exhaust fan purchase.

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