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Portable Air Conditioners Malaysia – The 10 Best Picks of 2021

Malaysian weather has grown more erratic every year. Even if you have lived in this country for just a short while, you will have experienced how, in practically every city in the country and all around the year, the weather is humid. Here is a buyer’s guide for the best portable aircon in Malaysia.

12 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia for Neat Freak

It’s no secret that being a homeowner can be challenging. Luckily for all those harried homeowners out there with too much on their plate who need an easy way to clean up without having to research what vacuum is best suited for them – we’ve done our homework already so that you don’t have to do yours today! 

15 Best Water Heaters in Malaysia – 2021 Reviews

Owning a water heater is important especially in Malaysia since we have two distinct seasons – hot and wet. During the dry, cool months, it will be difficult to enjoy a bubble bath when your water temperature remains at a lukewarm level.

Dryer Machines Malaysia 2021 Reviews- 12 Best Picks for Rainy Days

No one likes to do laundry, but we all know it needs to be done. Dryers are an integral part of the process and a dryer machine is crucial for getting clothes dried efficiently. We can’t imagine life without them! 

12 Best House Water Pump in Malaysia

One of the many reasons why you should buy a water pump is because it increases the value of your property. A water pump is a great investment that will pay for itself in no time at all! 

15 Best Water Filters in Malaysia

Before you invest in a water filter, it is important to know how they work and the different types of water filters that are available. There are two main types of water filters: point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE). 

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