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A commercial-grade vacuum cleaner is essential when cleaning buildings. The equipment effectively removes soil particles on the floor, keeping your space clean even after a whole day of people walking around.

The job of a cleaning worker takes about a couple of hours depending on the size of the area they’re cleaning. Having a commercial vacuum cleaner available will allow your workers to be more efficient when they clean.

Efficiency, especially in tasks like cleaning, is key. It allows your company to spend less time and money on the task every day. The office or store is always clean and ready to receive your clients/customers.

These benefits are achievable if you know what to look for when you start your search for a commercial vacuum cleaner. You can read our suggestions on features you need to see when you’re seeking equipment for your building.

Spot cleaning

Every building should have its own portable handheld vacuum to do spot cleaning. There are cord machines and those that run on battery power. It effectively cleans small dirt spots on your furniture.

A busy office will quickly get dirty, especially if a lot of people are interacting and moving around. Navigating through a busy office lugging around a big vacuum will be difficult. You should have a handheld vacuum in storage to do some quick cleaning when needed.


Inside buildings, you have sections with different floor types which requires a vacuum cleaner that can move from carpeted floors to cement floors without changing anything. A vacuum with multi-directional wheels and a canister would do wonders on this job.

These vacuums can effectively clean any kind of floor area and even your fixture. Some canister vacuums also have attachments such as an extension hose to do specialized tasks where you need to reach the corners on top of walls.

Occasionally you get significant soil and dirt coming in, especially when you have people coming in from the field. A canister vacuum would be the perfect type of vacuum cleaner for that. Just make sure you do the cleaning after hours because you wouldn’t want your employees tripping on the hose.

Carpet cleaning

For offices with large carpeted floors, we advise you to buy a vertical vacuum with wheels and brush at the mouth to suck up dirt getting stuck in the carpet fibers effectively. These devices are typically corded, but some manufacturers sell battery-powered models.

You have a head/mouth of the vacuum that can work on both a carpeted and hard surface. Pick the one with a strong motor to help you pick up dirt in a hurry. This machine will effectively clean your carpet.

Portable for large cleaning jobs

Cleaners will be happy when you have both a portable vacuum and one that allows them to move around freely. A vacuum cleaner that you can wear as a backpack will be perfect for cleaning large areas without worrying about getting stuck in congested parts of your office.

This is also a perfect way to clean long flights of stairs because the cleaner can walk each step and use the vacuum to clean it. Manoeuvre from tight spaces to staircases with ease when you get a backpack vacuum for your building.

Wet vacuum

There are now vacuums available commercially that are made for cleaning wet areas. Liquids will pass through the vacuum cleaner without damaging the motor. These machines have a large capacity tank which can carry up to 20 gallons.

You can also find a wet vacuum that will even pick-up soil through the nozzle. It is a versatile piece of equipment that you need to buy for your building. Just find one that suits your needs or purchase several types to get all the features you need.

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