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Importance of Weekly Vacuuming in the House

When you first buy a vacuum, there’s a tendency to want to use it right away, in almost every nook of the house. Vacuum cleaner provides that extra clean feel that mere wiping and sweeping just cannot offer. However, it is also because of this that we often wait too long before using the vacuum again. Delaying vacuum schedule may actually defeat the purpose of having one because you are still exposed to pollutants inside your home. This is why it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week.

Why Vacuum Weekly?

Even if the house does not feel too dusty or generally dirty after a week, experts suggest vacuuming weekly still. This is because dust and other allergens can easily gather in the cracks of your floor and certain corners of the house. High traffic areas like the kitchen and doorway are also the culprit for accumulated dirt.

Living them uncleaned for too long can actually pose health risks to those living in the house. Apart from that, they could easily scatter within a few days, thus only giving you more work to do. By weekly cleaning, you are guaranteed that your house remains free of common dirt and allergens. At the same time, you protect your family from acquiring diseases from inside the house.

There is also no need to worry about electricity cost. Most of the newest vacuums released in the market already have energy efficiency as one of their top features. Vacuuming also takes significantly lesser time than your usual cleaning routine. As a matter of fact, you may only need to spend at most 15 minutes per week to do this.

Living with Pets

The number of pets that you actually own, and whether they stay inside or outside the house will determine how often you need to vacuum. Some households actually stick to weekly vacuum and simply maintain the area by sweeping and mopping regularly. However, those who have pets who tend to shred a lot of furs, daily vacuuming may be necessary. Pets’ fur is one of the specks of dirt that are so difficult to get rid of. They just keep on coming back and will even show up in new parts of the house. With this, some people would have to vacuum daily, especially if their pets live inside the house. This also applies to those who have babies or elders residing within the same house.

Other Benefits of Vacuum Cleaner

So you finally bought your vacuum cleaner, and you are on your way to a dust-free house. One of the most significant upgrades that you will enjoy form shifting to a cordless vacuum cleaner is eliminating a lot of allergens in your breathing air. This is hard to achieve with just a broom. Pet hair is undoubtedly one of those stubborn allergens that you can quickly get rid off with a vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners have also been proven to be an efficient appliance. Meaning it covers more area thoroughly in a shorter period. You can easily fit in in your busy schedule, as it does not require too much effort from its user, either. As a matter of fact, with the popularity of automatic and robotic vacuum cleaners, it is even possible to clean the house without standing up.

Fortunately, vacuums are now packed with advanced features, but they are also not too luxurious to buy. There is always a vacuum for every budgetary limitation.

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