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If you are like us who have recently given in to putting carpets on our floor, then our next challenge is how to keep them as clean and sanitary as possible. Vacuum cleaners seem like a requisite for anyone who has decided to invest on a home carpet. We bought our vacuum cleaner initially for the carpet, but it has proven to be such a useful tool for around the house, as well.

However, the experience will tell us that merely having a vacuum is not the only and best way to keep our carpets clean. Here, we compile some of the best techniques and tips in cleaning carpets – the safest and most efficient way possible.

Using Carpet Shampoo

Just when you thought cleaning with a vacuum is enough, experts still suggest the need for a carpet shampoo for thorough cleaning. The shampoo “attracts” dirt towards the foam that it forms upon application. This way, you can remove even the deep-seated dirt in the carpet. This may take longer than vacuuming because you still must let the shampoo solution dry, because clearing out the residue with your vacuum cleaner. The best part about using carpet shampoo? You can totally do it by yourself, no need for professional help!

How often: You can do shampoo cleaning weekly, especially for high traffic area in the house.

Dry Powder

If you want a quicker technique, but with the same thorough effect, you can dry clean the carpet. It literally uses a dry powder which will hasten the dirt accumulation. While water is still required to spread the dust, but it will only require a little amount. This means that not much time is necessary to dry the carpet. As a matter of fact, once you do it for a couple of times, you will be done with dry cleaning your carpet within 15 minutes. A vacuum cleaner is still needed to collect the powder and accumulated dirt.

Detergent and Vinegar

If you want a safer and more economical way to clean your carpet, you can also make your own cleaning solution made from your usual household detergent with vinegar. This combination is perfect for those dealing with stubborn carpet stains, as it has been proven to be effective in removing stains. Make sure to wash your carpet with warm water to hasten the stain removal. This may be a lengthy process since the entire carpet may need to be wet, and thorough brushing is also required. It is nonetheless worth it, especially if you want your carpet to be stain-free again.


Steaming is one of our favourite cleaning methods for almost anything. It only just gives you that extra clean feel in your fabrics, and we are so glad that it works for carpets too. Carpet steaming uses water at high temperature, mixed with cleaning solution. It applies high pressure on the carpet to remove all the dirt, while also killing bacteria and germs. The residue of water and foam formed during steaming can simply be removed with your trusted vacuum cleaner.

Here are our top techniques for cleaning carpet, the safest way possible. Also, note that we only chose the ones that can possibly be done at home. However, if you want a thorough cleaning of your carpets, including necessary sanitation, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service for this.

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