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I’m not sure about you, but I have to admit that my fridge is so full of food that it’s a struggle to find anything. You can see the frustration on my face when I slam the door shut and let out an exasperated sigh. The problem with all this food is that it’ll spoil before we get a chance to eat it or use it in a recipe! My solution? A new fridge. There are many models out there, but which one should I choose? It’s time to take a look at what the best fridges in Malaysia have been revealed as. These are items that have been tested by experts and proven to be reliable for all your food storage needs. 

The list has some of the latest models, so you can be sure they will still be relevant years from now. Some of these refrigerators also come with energy-efficient features, so you can save money on your electricity bills too!   So if you’re looking for new appliances or want to upgrade your current ones, check out this list of 10 options available online today.

Table of Contents

    1. Small Spaces: Hisense RR120D4ABN1
    2. Zero Frost: Hisense RT276N4ABN
    3. Fresh Food all the Time: Toshiba GR-A28MU
    4. Best Mini Fridge: Hisense RR60D4AGN
    5. Anti-Bacterial: Toshiba SBS GR-RS682WE
    6. Energy Saving: Elba ER-G2521
    7. Low CO2 Emissions: HITEC HTR-60MBS
    8. Best Household Fridge: Haier HRF-238H
    9. Power Efficient: Samsung RT32K5552SL
    10. Long Lasting: Samsung RT38K5062DX
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10 Best Fridges in Malaysia

1. Hisense Single Door RR120D4ABN1

Best for small spaces

The possibilities are endless with this 110L refrigerator. Not only can you store more food, but now there’s a place for all those vegetables in between visits from friends or family–slide out the crisper and put them on display! With 8 temperature ranges to choose from (including freezing), no matter what dish requires it – ranging anywhere between 5-15 degrees celsius; we’ve got your back when cooking becomes too much work without sacrificing taste buds either way.

Even if things don’t work out so well in your favour there still is an issue with low noise-it’s not as noisy as some other fridges on the market today. Adjustable legs mean it won’t wobble over time while heavy contents come to rest inside and adjustable shelves are great for those who need to store bigger or smaller stuff.


  • Because of the size, you can easily find a place for this fridge no matter the size of your space. 
  • This is a great recommendation for those living in studio apartments or using dormitories. 
  • Adjustable thermostat, the unit can modify the temperature level as you need it to be.


  • There is no light inside the fridge

2. Hisense 2 Door RT276N4ABN

Zero frost build up

The Hisense 2 Door 240L Fridge Refrigerator has a number of features that make life easier. With no frost technology, ice build-up is not an issue which means there’s less work for you to do and more time left in your day! The one-line handle makes opening up the fridge quick & simple while also protecting fingers from freezing temperatures with deep insulation inside this appliance

Additionally, this appliance has a 90-degree door design that makes it ideal for corners. It also has an electronic control that can operate at any angle, providing you full access without having to uncomfortably stand in front of the food drawer that is suspended from a shelf. Finally, LED lighting is incorporated into this contemporary device to make it easy to view what is inside.


  • With the electronic control you can easily control the temperature and settings. 
  • Because of the no-frost technology, defrosting will no longer be a necessary step before cooking or eating.
  • When doors are in the 90° open position, drawers can be fully opened.


  • Only up to 2 energy stars

3. Toshiba GR-A28MU

Best in keeping food fresh at all times

The advanced features and technologies in this refrigerator ensure that your food will always stay fresh. It has the best chilling to preserve the freshness of meats, fruits, and vegetables for a longer period of time. And thanks to the Ag+ Bio Deodorizer system, it eliminates strong odours, which are notoriously unpleasant.

In addition, this refrigerator offers a vegetable compartment with up to 12 litres of storage space for everything from potatoes to broccoli, keeping them organised and simple to get to. Additionally, it provides an exterior holder where the freezer door can be changed out for steel shelves if you need more interior space. Your products have never been stored better than with this Toshiba refrigerator.


  • Defrosting will no longer be necessary before cooking or eating due to the no-frost technology. 
  • The glass shelf is tempered glass which ensures quality. 
  • The shelves on the door are adjustable for easy customization.


  • Small ice box

4. Hisense RR60D4AGN

Best mini fridge

The black Hisense mini-fridge will keep all of your beverages chilled and ready to go. It has a 60-litre capacity, an adjustable thermostat, a dial-mounted turn-off feature, two bottle racks for tall bottles with long necks or 0.5-liter packs, low noise levels of 13 dBa at full load (22 dBa ambient sound), four power outlets, and adjustable legs so you can set it to the perfect height.

It will keep even more things ice cold and fresh longer with a separate chiller chamber that is activated by pushing open from the back then drawing forward retracts again when near – like those beers, for example! There is lots of space, and the glass shelf is removable.


  • This would be the perfect fridge to get when you need a tiny fridge in your room or apartment. 
  • This is especially for college dorms that have very small spaces. 
  • Even for its small size, it still works on par with a regular-size fridge so you don’t miss out on any features!


  • Not the best for anyone not living solo

5. Toshiba | Hitachi SBS Fridge GR-RS682WE

Antibacterial and deodorizing

You’re seeking the ideal refrigerator, then. One that is bigger than any other on the market, stylishly designed, and has cool dual fans to boost efficiency? You’ve definitely discovered it. The Hitachi 586L is a superior refrigerator that excels in both design and performance. This refrigerator is among the most efficient in the world thanks to its freezer compartment and unique cooling system, which uses two 45-watt show vents spread throughout eight zones. In addition to its modest size, which can fit up to 7 cubic feet of space, this tankless water dispenser will ensure that your bladder is filled by automatically detecting when more fluid is needed and supplying it as needed.


  • Dual sensing control that helps in cooling all the compartments. 
  • There is also a nano titanium filter which is a high-end technology that serves as an anti-bacterial with deodorizing effect.


  • Requires a big space, hence only suitable for bigger households

6. Elba 250L Ultimo ER-G2521

Energy Saving

Four-star energy-saving rating for the Elba 250L Refrigerator. The refrigerator can remain chilly for extended periods of time without opening its doors, and it uses little electricity. For left- or right-handed people, the 180° door makes it simple to enter and gives them excellent access to all the food that is kept within.

The fridge has a twist ice maker that makes ice cubes effortlessly, a variety of shelves that never lose their usefulness because they are movable giving you more flexibility when loading your groceries, and a chilled room that will safely store dairy products (milk) that has been placed at an ideal temperature range. The fridge also has LED lights inside the shelves that illuminate up items on display, especially fruit creatures.


  • Because of the multi-air flow system, the ice build-up can be easily avoided, this means that the defrost time is lessened. 
  • There is also a movable ice maker to provide refreshing iced drinks on the go.


  • The outer paint might chip, if under undesirable conditions.


Lower CO2 Emissions

Your brand-new HITEC 60L HTR-60MBS is the ideal appliance for any home thanks to its huge capacity. It will fulfil all of your frigid fantasies with its capacity of up to 60 and its capacity to produce 16 kg of ice per 24 hours. No matter what you put inside the freezer, you can control the temperature with a super cool setting that keeps things icy down to -14°C. A compressor from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ensures steady production even on blistering hot days, and energy-saving operation causes electricity bills to drop to zero.

LED lighting improves interior visibility while reducing CO2 emissions by over 40%. A five-year compressor warranty makes your already safe purchase even safer!


  • There is a very low noise level. 
  • Perfect for a bedroom bedside fridge.
  • Energy saving


  • May not be suitable for keeping vegetables fresh

8. Haier HRF-238H

Best Basic Household Fridge 

Fresh and clean have never been so simple! The hassle-free Haier 240L Refrigerator HRF-238H is the newest and most powerful food storage appliance in your household. Three movable shelves, each holding up to 30 kg of varied groceries, are located beneath its stylish tempered glass doors.

Fresh and clean have never been so simple! The hassle-free Haier 240L Refrigerator HRF-238H is the newest and most powerful food storage appliance in your household. Three movable shelves, each holding up to 30 kg of varied groceries, are located beneath its stylish tempered glass doors.


  • Because of the no-frost technology, there will be no need to defrost before cooking or eating. 
  • The handleless design also makes everything look more sleek and sophisticated.


  • May not have enough freezer space for bigger households

9. Samsung 411L (RT32K5552SL)

Power Efficient

This refrigerator is stylish and cutting-edge, and it has lots of helpful features. You can keep your food fresh considerably longer in the refrigerator with a humidity level of 70% than you could with a regular level of 30%. Additionally, it divides the compartments to prevent bad smells from leaking into other areas of the refrigerator. Controlling the airflow is not necessary! For exceptional comfort and extreme levels of efficiency, manage temperature controls and temperature retention separately in each compartment.

It has a Power Cool mode that allows you to quickly cool or freeze anything on-demand. Power Freeze mode is also helpful for producing ice cubes and freezing or firming up food so it doesn’t go bad too quickly.


  • As an inverter, this fridge operates with a very low noise level as well as consumes a small amount of energy. 
  • With the slimmer and cooler LED light, it is very easy to see what’s inside the fridge which also uses a lower amount of power.


  • On the pricier side


Long Lasting

The 411L refrigerator freezer from Samsung is a space-saving appliance with a tonne of options to keep your cooled living space, frozen food, and iced beverages separate from the rest of your kitchen. With its modern style and solid tempered glass shelves, this fridge is made to last. You can keep all of your perishable foods there safely without worrying that they may spill if you unintentionally bump it.

This appliance has an LED light that illuminates the entire interior while using less power than conventional lighting. You can be confident that your groceries are as fresh as ever even after two months have passed between deliveries because the anti-bacterial protector removes 99% more bacteria at every contact point on the box where odours begin. The ideal cooling system is one that is effective.


  • The digital inverter technology provides long-lasting performance, lower noise level and most importantly uses lesser energy. 
  • With this fridge, your food will stay tasty and fresh! 
  • Provides the utmost storage flexibility. Convert your freezer to a refrigerator to preserve all of the fresh foods you’ll need for different seasons or special events.


  • Pricey choice

How to Choose a Refrigerator

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about the size of your kitchen and the space you have for a fridge. You’ll also want to consider how much food you need to store and whether you entertain often or have a large family.

Second, take a look at the different types of refrigerators on the market and decide which one is right for you. There are top- and bottom-freezer models, side-by-side options, and French door refrigerators, to name a few.

Third, think about which features are most important to you:

  • Do you need ice and water dispensers?
  • Would filtered water be useful?
  • Do energy efficiency and eco-friendly features matter most?

By taking all of these factors into account, you’ll be sure to choose the best refrigerator for your needs.

Top Malaysian Refrigerator Brands


Hisense has been the country’s market leader in flat-panel TVs for 16 consecutive years since 2004. They have many subsidiaries that are involved with consumer electronics, home appliances mobile communications information technology real estate .


Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (TAPL) is a subsidiary of Toshibas based out in Singapore that was established to provide services throughout Southeast Asia, India and Oceania. THe company has offices all over the world including ones located Dhaka Bangladesh- curryabad Highway; Vietnam Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City -HCMC . These locations enable them provide solutions for energy systems social infrastructure devices storage digital content finance etc which aligns perfectly with their commitment at solving global issues through innovation.


Elba’s mission is to provide the best products in their range, with an excellent customer service experience. With over 50 years’ worth of expertise and knowledge under one roof – from major appliances like ovens or washing machines right down kitchen sink taps- Elba muster everything you need for your home!


What are the benefits of owning a refrigerator?

Your fridge plays an important role in keeping your produce, food and drinks nice and cool – even when you're not home. Having a full-sized refrigerator allows you to purchase fresh items in bulk as well, saving you both time and money. You can keep this running 24/7 without worrying about spoiling food or having a "fridge pile up."

When should you buy a new fridge?

Fridges are built to last a long time, but they do have an expiration date – usually around 15 years. We're not talking about your life span here; rather, it's the natural decay of the product that causes them to break down and become unusable. The best way to tell if you need a new one is when your current appliance doesn't seem to be cooling anymore, even at the coldest temperature setting.

What are some things I shouldn't put in my fridge?

Some foods don't do so well being stored at low temperatures – fresh vegetables and fruit, milk and eggs, for example. These items will eventually spoil much faster than if they were left out at room temperature or even outside because cold air tends to dry out food very quickly.

How much power does a typical fridge usually use?

The A++ rating means that it uses up to 50% less power than an A+ rated product, so you can save quite a bit on your electricity bills! It's also environmentally friendly as it doesn't emit any harmful gasses like many other fridges out there today.


Every refrigerator has its own special features and benefits. It’s up to you, the consumer, to find what best suits your needs. The 15 Best Fridges in Malaysia were chosen for their reputation of being high quality products that have been tried and tested by many Malaysian customers before they’re put on this list!

Have a look at them above,  hopefully you will be able to find your new fridge through this list. If you do, then tell us which one is your favourite. If you have other recommendations for amazing models of fridges please do let us know in the comment!


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