by Kimz

November 12, 2019

Do you want to install a new water heater in your home? Installing a new water heater reduces energy costs. It is cheap to maintain because most new water heaters have lower maintenance needs. It is eco-friendly. And most new water heaters are energy-efficient and safe to heat water.


However, choosing the right water heater to install can be a daunting task. Why? Because of the different types, sizes, and efficiencies. Install an energy-efficient water heater if you want to save money. Hiring a professional to install a water heater can save you lots of time, money, headaches.

Here are the best tips for selecting a new water heater.

1. Choose the Right Type of Water

There are several types of water heaters.

Solar Water Heaters – They use solar energy to heat water.

Heat Pump Water Heaters – They heat water by moving heat from one place to another. They do not generate heat directly.

Tankless or Demand-Type Water Heaters – They heat water heat directly. They do not use a storage tank.

Conventional Storage Water Heaters – They have a storage tank, which is used to heat and store water.

Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters – They heat water using the space heating system of the home.

2. Your Budget

Your budget influences the type of water heater you will install. You need to know the annual operating costs of the water heater before installing it. Compare the operating costs of the different water heaters brands such as 707, Ariston & Joven in the market. To estimate the costs of these water heaters, talk to their manufacturers. To save money, install an affordable energy-efficient water heater.

3. Energy Efficiency

Install an energy-efficient water heater if you want to maximize your energy and costs savings. Therefore, you need to know the energy efficiency of the water before buying it. To estimate the energy efficiency of these water heaters, learn more them about the online.

4. The Size of the Water Heater

Water heaters come in different sizes. How much amount of hot water do you need? Install a water heater that provides enough hot water for your whole family. Choosing the size of the water depends on the number of people in your home. It is easy to know the sizes of water heaters. So, it is easy to select the right size.

5. Fuel Type

The energy source or fuel type you will use to heat your water heater can determine the type of water you will install. Additional, the fuel type affects the annual operation costs of the water heater. Select the right fuel type if you want to save money. Water heaters use solar energy, propane, geothermal energy, and electricity. If you are comfortable paying your electric bills, install a water heater that uses electricity.

These are the tips for selecting a new water heater. Do not install a water heater if you are not qualified for this job. Hire a trustworthy and reputable company to install it. Install the right size and type of water heater in your home.

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