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With so many options being made available now for washing machines, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your home. Every model and brand have their own strengths in terms of features, but the crucial consideration here is whether these are features that you will actually regularly need in the long run.

This is why we have made it one of our goals to educate our readers here about some of the most popular appliances and their types. Whether you are eyeing a washing machine upgrade for your home or office, here are our top tips for buying the one that will give you most value for your money.

Cleaning Mechanism

Let’s start with the most important factor to consider, how effectively does your machine actually clean your clothes. All other features will be irrelevant if you end up with a machine that cannot remove dirt effectively. When it comes to cleaning mechanism though, front load washing machines are proven to be more effective yet also gentler. This is the reason why most commercial laundry shops use front load washing machines, aside from their energy efficiency. Top load washing machine may also struggle with heavier fabric like comforters.


Now comes another main concern, especially of households. We want our washing machines to be energy-efficient, both in terms of water and electricity consumption. For this consideration, front load washing machine also tops this criteria. This is also related to its cleaning mechanism that efficiently utilizes water to remove tough stains without needing to constantly refill or change every after load. The faster spin cycle of front-load washers will also drain more water from almost all sorts of fabric so it will not take too much time in the dryer.


Many people may not realize the amount of maintenance the washing machines require, regardless of type. As it constantly deal with residual dirt along with the limited stacking space, these appliances will require more maintenance than you think. It is not until molds start to form in the rubber gasket of the machines though that people realize this. Molds accompanied by that usual damp smell are more common with front load washers.

This is mainly due to its entryway and mechanism which makes it harder for water to be easily drained. Oftentimes, without proper care, undrained water causes mildew and molds. Top load washing machines do not have this issue, since it does not trap water. The door is also not as tight as front load so you cannot expect water to be trapped there either. Safe to say, when it comes to overall maintenance top load washing machine is a clear winner.

Ease of Use

This is one of the tricky discussions and we have somehow agreed that it boils down to personal choice and will depend heavily on the people who are doing the laundry at home. Both types of washing machines have their own pros and cons in terms of ease of use and access. For top load washing machines, the advantage is you no longer have to bend down to load your laundry.

Most of these washing machines are universally measured to be comfortable for the average human height. The limitation though is you may have to load multiple times since the opening of top-load washing machines is not wide enough. On the other hand, despite the need to bend for the front load, the wide opening allows you put the maximum amount of laundry in one-go. It’s also easier to pull out your washed laundry, too. The main disadvantage with the front load washer is the inability to add more clothes once the cycle has started. This is something that you can conveniently do with top load washing machines.

The Verdict

We recommend the front load washing machine for both home and commercial use. Its benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages. One major consideration is your long-term savings from a front-load washing machine’s energy efficiency. If you want to go for a top-load washing machine with almost the same level of efficiency, you will have to pay more. This is a price that is can get you a front-load washing machine with a dryer already.

Another selling point for front-load washing machine is the peace of mind and convenience of being able to machine wash all your clothes and fabric. You no longer have to worry about throwing your favorite chiffon dress or wool sweater into the washer and dryer because you are assured that it won’t tangle while being washed. It saves you so much time and energy, making a front load washer a great value for money in the long run.

What about storage? The open and close mechanism of front-load washing machine can be an issue for homes or apartments with limited laundry area. Fortunately, newer models are now more vertical and space saving to address this concern.

Top load washing machines remain to be the best bet for beginners. It is easy to use and install and requires minimal maintenance. However, when it comes to long-term returns, you are most likely to get it from a bit more expensive front load washer.

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