Best Washing Machine Philippines – 12 Best Automatic Washing Machine Philippines – 2021 Review

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Washing Machines are one of the few easy to use, quick in action, and time-saving technologies available in almost every household nowadays. People, instead of wasting an ample amount of time and effort in hand washing clothes, just put dirty clothes in the washing machine and set a timer rest is left with the washing machine to deal with. One of the very best washing machine technologies get manufactured in the Philippines, and this article will provide you with details of the 12 best washing machine Philippines has to offer. Top Washing Machines in the Philippines

Let us have a look at the top washing machines technologies available in the Philippines:

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1. Electrolux EWF8025EGWA 8kg Front Load

Power Efficient

It is one of the best washing machines available in the Philippines with its power-efficient character and optimum performance. On average this conserve energy as it saves up to 70% on energy along with enhanced cleaning ability.

Why buy this

  • You have the option to add clothes after 15mins of the cycle to make sure there are no leftovers.
  • It comes with 20mins, and 60mins wash cycle timers to ensure that you have multiple choices for different fabric types.
  • You can set 3 levels of washing soil cycles to avoid over washing any fabric.


The Electrolux EWF8025EGWA offers you an energy-efficient way of washing your dirty clothes. It saves up to 70% on energy. The machine comes with a child lock to ensure safety and robustness.

It comes with exceptional features and a reasonable price, ideal for customers to get attracted instantly.

2. Fujidenzo 8.5 kg Fully Automatic JWA-8500 VT

Noise Free Washing

This is a fully auto washing machine that is also efficient in terms of energy usage. The technological advancements incorporated in this design are unmatched. If you are looking for an intelligent option for your laundry, it is ideal for you.

Why buy this

  • The hub and the body both get made up of stainless steel resistant to erosion.
  • It comes with a water pressure feature that enables it to operate at low pressure to avoid fabric damage.
  • It has a water recycling feature to reduce wastage.
  • It supports noise-free washing.


The Fujidenzo JWA-8500 VT offers you 10-different water level options to maximize multi-level washing. It is easy to use with the introduction of an LED display in this design. The sleek design and dimensions show that the washing machine is ideal for keeping in confined areas.

The price it is available is quite reasonable when it comes to the functions it performs and the technology integrated into the design.

3. Fujidenzo 10.1 kg Twin Tub BWT-1010

With Quick Drying Process

It provides you with multipurpose washing capabilities. It can offer soft and hard washing modes for clothes of different fabrics and quality. The clothes come 90% to 95% dry to facilitate a quick wash and drying process, so you don’t need to air dry anymore.  

Why buy this

  • It comes with a buzzer that beeps at the end of every washing cycle.
  • The body is made up of plastic making it free of rust or from wearing out.
  • Excellent quality and optimum performance are some of the prominent features.


Fujidenzo BWT-1010 comes with additional features of eco-soak action and extra-large laundry capacity, making it ideal for large familiesand placing more items. The stain-resistant design and 2-in-1 washing and drying capabilities are of predominant significance.

4.  Fujidenzo JWA-6500VT Fully Automatic 6.5kg

Compact and Lightweight

This Washing Machine is a fully automatic washing machine that is also efficient in terms of energy usage. It is more compact in design and lightweight. Because of its dimensions, it takes less space as compared to other machines.

Why buy this

  • The washing machine offers silent working without any noise.
  • The washing machine adjusts the balance by automatic smart functioning.
  • The motor incorporated in this design is energy-efficient.


The Fujidenzo JWA-6500 VT is a sleeker design and lightweight than its previous model. The machine contains a fab con dispenser and a stainless-steel hub that makes it ideal for long-term usage.

5. FOTILE Mini top-loading 7KG

UV Cleaning System

The FOTILE Mini top-loading washing machine is a smart washing machine that comes with a UV cleaning system that kills and eliminates any unwanted germ, bacteria and protects the fabric through low-pressure washing.

Why buy this

  • The body of the washing machine is resistant to weather conditions and is leakage-proof.
  • The small machine size is ideal for placing in confined areas with minimal space.
  • It supports different modes of washing, ranging from soft to hard.


FOTILE 7KG washing machine offers the best quality washing with the combination of UV disinfectant available for enhanced action. It saves on energy close to 50% to 70% adding to the significance it has over other models.

6. Whirlpool 5.8 kg Top Fully Auto LFP580GR


Best for Removing Stains

This Washing Machine is a unique designed galvanized washing machine with an impeller of the shape of a fin. The rapid 850rpm spinning action of the machine makes it ideal for removing stains and quick action.

Why buy this

  • The machine comes with the feature of delay start, delaying the wash cycle to ensure no clothes are left behind.
  • For safety purposes, it comes with a child lock feature.
  • The machine comes with 4-different washing levels for different fabric materials.


Whirlpool 5.8 kg washing machine comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and with a design that is stainless and erosion resistant. It is ideal for usage for people looking to save on the electricity bill because of its low energy consumption.

7. Haier HW-700XP 7.0 Kg Power Wash Twin Tub 

High Level Drying

Haier HW-700XP 7.0 Kg Power Wash Twin Tub Washing Machine comes with a Lint filter that eliminates any leftover detergent on the washed clothes as it helps in drying them quickly. The high-level drying process is better than any other model available.

Why buy this

  • The transparent lid of the model and its sleek design makes it attractive to buyers.
  • The high rpm pulsator helps the clothes to get cleaned quickly.
  • The outer body of the washing machine is rust and erosion free.


The low energy consuming Haier HW-700XP is capable of rapid washing action with an increased level of drying character that helps in reducing time wastage. The body of the washing machine gets made with high-class plastic material.

8. Electrolux EWT705WN 7kg Fully Automatic Top Load 

Best for Low Pressure Washing

The Washing Machine comes up with a high-end pulsator that facilitates low-pressure washing. The low pressure helps reduce any wear and tear on the fabric. It delivers excellent cleaning ability with less energy consumption.

Why buy this

  • The drum gets made in a prism-like shape that helps in reducing the adverse effects of pressure on clothes.
  • Different washing modes are available to facilitate gentle and rough washing actions.
  • The lid has a feature of temporary closure that enhances the product’s safety.


Electrolux EWT705WN shares an advanced and enhanced washing experience with its users providing optimum cleaning ability. The low power consumption is ideal for any household. The low price and several key features make it an attractive option for buyers.

9. Electrolux EWT805WN 8kg Fully Automatic Top Load 


This is a user-friendly washing machine with an interface that gets controlled through an LED display. The equipment provides multiple washing modes with hard and gentle washing ability.

Why buy this

  • The machine has delay start  in washing cycle feature that accounts for any leftover clothes.
  • The last duration countdown option alerts users that the washing cycle is towards completion.
  • The different washing modes offered by this model is ideal for a variety of fabric qualities.


If you are looking for an intelligent option for your laundry, the Electrolux EWT805WN is ideal for you. It delivers excellent cleaning ability with less energy consumption.

10. Haier HW-75XP 7.5 Kg Power Wash Single Tub 

Supports Power Washing

It comes with a big pulsator that helps in achieving better contact with the laundry clothes. The lint filter installed in this machine ensures the elimination of any residual detergent in the clothes. It has an optimized drying process.

Why buy this

  • The machine is rust and erosion proof that advocates long-lasting ability.
  • The lid is transparent so that you can monitor clothes without any water splashes.
  • The washing machine supports low energy consumption.


Haier HW-75XP offers its users more energy which in returns gives high-quality washing ability. The machine supports power washing ability that sets it apart from other competitors.

11. American Home AWT-7017BL

Best Cloth Protection

This is a multipurpose washing machine that also has a dryer incorporated into the design. The ABS installed, accounts for the prevention of any impeller damage if clothes get tangled, giving it the gentle care your clothes need.

Why buy this

  • Different soaking and washing functions and features are available in the model.
  • The plastic body is capable of rust-free action and erosion free.
  • It is durable and user friendly.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty with the replacement on any technical issue.


American AWT-7017BL is a 2-in-1 washing machine that is capable of performing as a dryer and a washing machine. The low energy consumption feature enables its use for users looking to save on utility bills.

12. White Westinghouse WWTT71X 7kg

Dual Motion Technology

White Westinghouse WWTT71X 7kg is a washing machine that operates on the dual motion technology that supports an enhanced cleaning process. It has twin tubs to support more capacity and faster washing ability.

Why buy this

  • The impeller incorporated in this design supports high rpm and powerful action.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty that accounts for any technical damage.
  • Extra capacity because of twin tubs.


This is a washing machine that operates on the dual motion technology that supports an enhanced cleaning process. It has twin tubs to support more capacity and faster washing ability.

Top Load Vs Front Load 

Let us see which design is more beneficial for users among the two:

Front- load washer machines are better in action, options, features, and even multiple soil levels, but all this is because of their high price than the top load washing machines. The top load washing machines are of reasonable quality and are low in price that attracts users. But if you are looking for a more optimum, high-quality washing action, the front load washing machine is the one to look forward to.

The front load washer machines support better maintenance as it supports cleaning clothes with the gravity action in contrast to the agitator used by top loaders. So, you can save better on maintenance, power, quality, and several washing levels on front loader machines as compared to the top load washing machines.

Top Brands in the Philippines

Almost every household in the Philippines has a washing machine, however, not every washing machine are equal. Washing machine price Philippines can differ signficantly depending on the model and brand you are buying. Below are the most well known brands of washing machine in the Philippines

Sharp – The Sharp is a great machine to have in your home. It extracts water from clothes quickly without leaving them soaking wet so you can dry them quicker and with less hassle! The spin cycle takes some getting used, but once mastered this washing machine will make short work of all those dirty clothes before they pile up on top of one another. Sharp washing machine price Philippines usually starts at ₱3,000.00

Samsung – Samsung has a long history of producing high-quality products that are both durable and reliable. The company’s washing machines come equipped with features to resist rusting, corrosion resistant materials for their outer body as well as stainless steel inner parts which make them last longer than other brands on average. Samsung washing machine price Philippines starts at ₱10,000.00

LG – LG is earning its well-deserved reputation as one of the most reliable brands, evidenced by placing first in both product and service quality. It’s also on top for laundry machines recommended to by repair technicians! LG washing machine price Philippines starts at ₱13,000.00

Choosing the Right Product For You – Buying Guide

Choosing a washing machine can be a tricky thing for you to determine as there are more factors to consider while going for a specific type. It depends on the following characteristics:

  • The size and capacity of the Tub.
  • The rpm value for the impeller.
  • The different washing and soil levels associated.
  • The family requirement you have for your household.
  • The type, either front load or top load.
  • Energy-saving ability and water recycling character.
  • The lint filter available to reduce residue detergent content.
  • The drying process of the washing machine.


After going through all the details of the 12 best Philippine washing machines, it is evident that the maximum features and cost-effectiveness get offered by the following washing machines:

  1. Electrolux EWF8025EGWA 8kg Front Load
  2. Fujidenzo 8.5 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine JWA-8500 VT
  3. Fujidenzo 10.1 kg Twin Tub Washing Machine BWT-1010


How do I choose the right washing machine?

You should choose the washing machine depending on your laundry needs. You should also consider the capacity, space requirements, and budget.

Should I choose a semi-automatic or fully-automatic washing machine?

For a more effective cleaning, a fully automatic washing machine should be better

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