Top Home Appliances Buying Guide in the Philippines

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11 Best Front Load Washing Machine Philippines 2021 Review

The country’s trend when it comes to washing machines is a top-loading design, which is very understandable because they are cheaper, lighter, and more ergonomically friendly. What we fail to see is that front-loading machines are gentler for our clothes, this type of machine is also friendlier for...

Best Sewing Machine Philippines 2021 Review

We express our creativity in different ways. For those who love fashion and styling, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to create or alter your own piece from the comforts of your home. A reliable sewing machine is your best friend when it comes to this venture.

10 Best Portable Aircon Philippines – 2021 Review for the Easy Way to Cool Down

Portable air conditioning units are the perfect solution for any space that needs cooling. These lightweight, portable AC units make it easy to cool down your bedroom, modest office or condo living room and they’re quick-to-setup with no permanent installation needed!

10 Best Water Heater Brand Philippines – Top Water Heater Brands Philippines

Gone are the days when the cold and hot showers are reserved for our hotel stays. You can have a more relaxing experience of showering in warm water after a long day right in your own house. All it takes is installing a water heater in your existing bathroom, and you are set to have a hotel-like experience every day.

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