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Mattresses can be pretty gross! It’s hard to imagine that you’ve never cleaned out your mattress, but it is possible. It may well surprise many people when they learn how much debris accumulates within mattresses over time; not only does dust build up around its surface due largely from human touch–but also all manner of grimy microbes looking forward towards making themselves comfortable inside these cozy hiding places-including dead skin cells and hair follicles too.

We listed below some tips on how to effectively clean your mattresses to ensure a clean sleeping space.


Vacuum cleaners with the upholstery attachment are great for vacuuming mattresses. However, if you have a memory foam mattress and want to avoid damage then it’s best that your softest brush be used when cleaning out all of these hidden particles which can get stuck deep in places not visible from surface level because they’re so compacted together there before being pushed down even further by weighty items like old newspapers or stuffing spilling over time onto them as well! Use circular motions while cleaning at different speeds depending on what type/quality one has available.


Steaming your mattress is a great way to kill dust mites lurking near the surface. You can use an appliance called a garment steamer for this, but be careful not to let it touch anything else because that’ll ruin their effectiveness! Vacuum one more time after you’re done with everything just incase any stragglers

Stain Removal

It is very easy to remove stains from your mattress. All you have to do it carefully clean the spot with a carpet or upholstery cleaner formulated for this purpose, avoid over-wettinging any area of concern as this may lead too much soap getting into fabric pores which will cause permanent damage and make matters worse in some cases! Once everything has been cleaned off nicely be sure rinse away all traces using damp cloths before blotting dry on both surfaces while letting them air dry fully afterwards – if possible overnight would be best but not strictly necessary unless they’ve already dried during use after being left out through rains/humidity periods.

Yellow Stain

Do you have a yellow stain on your mattress? It’s likely because of sweat and body oil buildup. If you’re lucky enough to own a “steam” cleaner that dispenses detergent and sucks up stains from carpet or upholstery, then this is for your mattress. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts warm water in order whiten it using 1/4 teaspoon dish liquid as well.

Removing Odor

The best way to freshen up a mattress and box spring? A sanitizing spray! They’re safe for use on fabrics, so you can even clean between deep cleanings. Or if there are pesky smells that just won’t go away after brushing it in lightly or waiting 15-30 minutes then give those odors an extra zap by vacuuming them away as well – no need to worry about allergens anymore because this house will always smell fresh

Maintenance to Keep Freshness

The best way to keep your mattress white and stain-free is by covering it with a removable, washable pad. For those who are allergic or sensitive in some other way, encasing the entire bedding ensemble – even up inside of box springs – can make for healthier sleepers! Mattress protectors should also be laundered regularly so that allergen buildup doesn’t occur as easily

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