The Top 11 Mattress in the Philippines – 2024 Review


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Queen size? Check. Pillow top? Double-check. Foam encasement? Of course! You’re probably looking for the perfect mattress, and you’ve come to the right spot. Regardless of whether you’re a hot sleeper, a cold sleeper, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered with our review of the best mattresses in the Philippines for 2024.

With everything from traditional coil springs to memory foam and latex options, from single to king-size mattresses, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs – and your budget! So read on, sleepyhead, to find out more about the best mattresses available in the Philippines today. And happy sleeping!

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Mattress Quick Comparison Table

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Here is the best mattress Philippines that you can gift yourself and your family this year:

1. Uratex Foam Mattress – 4 Inches

Best for Large Bed Frames

I recently purchased the Uratex Philippines 4-inch foam mattress, and it has truly transformed my sleeping experience. This mattress not only offers exceptional comfort but also provides the much-needed support that I was looking for. The CertiPUR-certified materials and ISO 9001 certification give me confidence in the safety and durability of this product.

One of the most noticeable benefits is the generous padding and orthopedic support, which has been a game-changer for my back pain. It’s remarkable how this mattress aligns my posture and evenly distributes body weight, leading to restful nights even when I tend to toss and turn. Moreover, knowing that it’s free from harmful chemicals like PBDEs, TDCPPs, Lead, and Heavy Metals, as well as Mercury, Formaldehyde, and prohibited phthalates, provides peace of mind about my health and well-being.

In conclusion, the Uratex 4-inch foam mattress is more than just a bed; it’s a promise of a good night’s sleep and overall health. This mattress has exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort and safety. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a better sleep experience. Don’t hesitate – invest in your well-being today with this fantastic mattress!


  • Ergonomic, even trusted by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association
  • Available sizes: Single to King
  • It comes with its own cotton cover


  • A firm mattress may not be for everyone

2. Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress

Best for Boxed Bed

The Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress is a luxury mattress with comfort and quality. Its 5.75-inch thick foam provides medium firm support, as its jacquard fabric ensures an elegant look to your bedroom. The high-quality foam used in the construction of this mattress ensures long-lasting reliability, while its rolled and vacuum-sealed packaging makes for easy storage or transportation if needed. Not only does it provide luxurious comfort, but it also comes with a 5-year warranty, providing reassurance for years to come.

If you are looking for an affordable mattress that delivers both quality and comfort without sacrificing durability – the Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress is perfect! One rarely finds such great value from a name brand at such an affordable price point. Perfectly compressed to fit comfortably within standard-size bed frames, this mattress will surely last many nights of restful sleep ahead!

Whether you are searching for your first adult bed or upgrading your current sleeping surface – the Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress is here to help make life more comfortable! With its unbeatable combination of features and price point – why wait? Get yours today so you can experience luxurious relaxation every single night!


  • Semi-Double size or Twin Size
  • Also available in sizes 36×75 (Single Size), 54×75 ( double size) and 60×75 (queen size)
  • Quilted Foam 5 3/4 or 6 inches thickness


  • It may be too soft for some users

3. URATEX Ureq636 Elegant Quilted Mattress

Reduces Body Strain

I recently had the opportunity to experience the URATEX Ureq636 Elegant Quilted Mattress, and it exceeded all my expectations for a good night’s sleep. This mattress offers a combination of superior comfort and an elegant aesthetic appeal that instantly enhances the look of any room. The jacquard quilted fabric cover not only adds style but also provides extra thickness, making it even more inviting.

The medium-firm comfort level of this mattress ensures excellent body support throughout the night. It’s remarkable how it helps reduce pressure points and body strains during sleep, allowing me to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The mattress’s ultra-compact size, at 6″x36″x75″, is perfect for tight spaces, like college dorms, and it’s a breeze to transport thanks to its portability.

Knowing URATEX’s brand reputation for providing excellent materials and craftsmanship, I had full confidence in the quality of this mattress. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who values a good night’s sleep on a comfortable surface, whether for themselves or a loved one. The URATEX Ureq636 Elegant Quilted Mattress is a top-notch product that combines maximum comfort with style and design, making it an excellent addition to any bedroom. Don’t hesitate; invest in your well-deserved relaxation today!



  • Track and Jump one side Quilting Finish
  • Material: Foam quilted cloth
  • Size:6″x36″x75″


  • Not ideal for small rooms

4. Uratex Foam 6″

Durable but Comfortable

The Uratex Foam 6″ mattress is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their current sleeping setup. This mattress features six inches of premium high-density polyurethane foam, providing ultimate comfort and support. At the same time, four distinct layers of cushioning materials work together to conform and cradle your body’s shape. Another great feature is the removable cover that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Plus, an added waterproof barrier prevents liquids from seeping through the mattress, keeping it hygienic and dry all night!

If you’re looking for better quality sleep without breaking the bank, this could be what you need! With its wide range of features designed with your comfort in mind, this product offers unparalleled reassurance and peace of mind when sleeping soundly throughout the night. Not only does it provide superior levels of support, but it also boasts luxurious cushioning material that contours perfectly with your figure – perfect for those who suffer from aches and pains after a long day in bed.

So if you want to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to more restful sleep, then don’t hesitate any longer – grab yourself a Uratex Foam 6″ today! With its top-notch features offered at an affordable price point, there’s no reason not to try this amazing product – so why wait? Get one now and enjoy total relaxation every night!


  • Washable Cover
  • Durable Without Sacrificing Comfort
  • Genuine Proof Uratex Warranty Sticker Included


  • Not for small beds

5. Foamulation Firm Mattress

Best for Stiff Necks

The Foamulation Firm Mattress is the perfect choice for a firmer sleep experience. Its medical-grade foam technology provides comfort and support while being durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. It has 5 years of warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your mattress is well taken care of. Additionally, the firmness helps alleviate pressure points experienced in traditional mattresses, making it ideal for anyone suffering from back pain or other sleep-related issues.

Not only does this mattress offer an incredible level of support and comfort, but its availability in five different sizes makes it incredibly versatile when it comes to finding the right fit for your bed frame size or sleeping partner preferences. This also ensures that no matter how large or small your room is – there’s a Size option that can maximize all available space!

In summary, if you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable mattress with optimal pressure relief at an affordable price, the Foamulation Firm Mattress is worth considering! You’ll enjoy a sound night’s sleep without any more tossing and turning due to uncomfortable lumps or old spring systems found in many beds today. So what are you waiting for? Invest in quality sleep today—order now!


  • Provides superior back support and alignment to reduce aches and pains
  • Firm foams ensure durability and resilience for long-term use
  • Hypoallergenic for those who have allergies or asthma


  • The firmness of the mattress may not be ideal for those who prefer a softer feel.

6. Comfort Living King 2 

With Cool Gel Beads

The Comfort Living King 2 mattress topper is an excellent choice for a comfortable sleep experience. This product features a 2-inch gel memory foam mattress topper with a plush feel that evenly distributes body weight, providing the user with optimal comfort and restful sleep each night. Furthermore, this mattress also contains cooling gel technology which keeps your sleeping environment cool as you move throughout the night. Additionally, it utilizes temperature-smart memory foam, which responds quickly to your body heat and conforms to your contours, relieving pressure points while improving circulation so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

In addition, the Comfort Living King 2 mattress is designed with a ventilated construction that ensures airflow and breathability while helping promote healthy sleeping habits. With its medium-plush feel combined with its conforming characteristics, this mattress enhances comfort levels whether lying on your back or side without sacrificing support or stability for any sleeping position, making it ideal for people of all sizes and shapes.

When it comes to choosing a quality mattress that offers both comfort and support, look no further than the Comfort Living King 2 Mattress Topper! Featuring superior craftsmanship using advanced technologies not found in other bedding products gives users peace of mind knowing they made the right decision when choosing their new sleeping surf


  • Infused with cool gel beads
  • Moulds into the body through its Memory Foam Technology
  • Matches almost any mattress sizes


  • Quite expensive than other units

7. Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress – Single


We recently purchased the Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress, and we must say, it is one of the best purchases we have ever made. From the quilted foam top layer cover with stitched padding for maximum comfort to its durable materials that will last you a long time, this mattress was worth every penny! It arrived compactly packed in a box with vacuum-sealing and rolling, making storage incredibly simple.

The Nova Foam Mattress adapts perfectly to your body shape so you get all the support you need without feeling overwhelmed by too much cushioning. Furthermore, the medium comfort level makes it perfect for guest or kid rooms, allowing them a good night’s rest during their stay while not taking up too much room at home.

In conclusion, if anyone is looking for an affordable yet comfortable mattress, look no further than the Hapihomes Nova Foam Mattress; you won’t regret it! Its features make life just that little bit easier, and its luxurious feel certainly adds more convenience- why not try it yourself?


  • Jacquard Fabric Cover
  • Quilted Foam 5 3/4 or 6 inches thickness
  • Good against dust mites


  • Not ideal for big beds

8. Uratex Elegant Quilted

Quilted Exterior

The Uratex Elegant Quilted mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and stylish sleeping experience. The high-quality foam provides medium-firm support, giving enough cushioning to the body without sinking in too much. This makes it suitable for any bed size, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep without worrying about being uncomfortable due to a lack of support.

In addition to the superior comfort that this mattress offers, the elegant jacquard quilted fabric cover adds a touch of style to your bedroom while also optimizing weight distribution across its surface. With this feature, you can be sure that no matter where you are lying on the mattress, there will always be proper alignment which eventually results in fewer aches and pains throughout your body when you wake up in the morning.

If all these features weren’t enough, Uratex also promises long-lasting durability with their products so that you don’t have to worry about replacing your mattress anytime soon! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself an Uratex Elegant Quilted now if you want a comfortable and stylish sleeping experience at an affordable price!


  • Firm support for a comfortable sleep
  • Jacquard fabric and quilted cover adds extra luxury
  • Reduces body strain during prolonged hours of lying down


  • Price can be high compared to other mattresses

9. Comfort Living Twin 5″ Gel Infused


The Comfort Living Twin 5 mattress is perfect for comfortable and restful sleep. It uses memory foam to adjust to your body temperature, reducing pressure points while you sleep. Additionally, it does not need to be turned when sleeping on it – you can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep!

This mattress’s breathable air layer makes it special due to its Tencel blend cover, providing enhanced protection against allergens and dust mites that can often cause irritation while sleeping. Its ability to disperse weight evenly across the surface adds extra comfort – no matter how much you move around in your sleep!

If you’re looking for a mattress that offers exceptional comfort and support, then the Comfort Living Twin 5 could be just what you are searching for! With features designed specifically with comfort in mind, this mattress combines both ergonomics and luxury into one package – perfect for those who strive for a better quality of life through better quality sleep. So why wait? Try out Comfort Living Twin 5 today for a more peaceful night’s rest!


  • Memory foam is dust mite resistant and antimicrobial
  • Reduces pressure points and eliminates motion transfer
  • Disperses weight evenly for increased comfort


  • A little bit expensive

10. Uratex Airlite Wind Mattress 

Breathable and Even Pressure Distribution

The Uratex Airlite Wind Mattress is ideal for those looking to sleep cooler and more comfortably. Its Sleep Cool Technology uses open-cell foam to ensure better breathability, while the 3D spacer fabric on its side panel allows airflow for a cooling sensation throughout the night. This mattress also features a memory foam comfort layer that responds to body movements and evenly distributes pressure. It’s also covered with a soft, knitted fabric for added comfort.

The Uratex Airlite Wind Mattress has many benefits that help you get your best rest yet! Its Sleep Cool technology helps keep you cool as you sleep; its memory foam technology helps reduce pressure points by conforming to your body shape; and its knitted fabric covering feels comfortable against your skin so you can enjoy maximum relaxation no matter how much tossing and turning occurs at night. Plus, because it’s made from non-toxic materials and hypoallergenic components, it’s suitable even for sensitive skin or allergies.

If you’re looking for an exceptional mattress that helps keep temperatures down at night while providing optimal comfort – look no further than the Uratex Airlite Wind Mattress! With all of its incredible features, not only will it help make sure you get peaceful nights of undisturbed sleep, but it also provides lasting durability so you can enjoy many years of luxurious slumber ahead!


  • Formulated with Sleep Cool Technology
  • Memory Foam Technology
  • Covered with soft knitted fabric


  • Mattress is a bit space taker

11. Salem 6″ B Foam Mattress 

Best for Bunk Beds

For a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, the Salem 6 is an ideal mattress choice for anyone searching for quality and comfort. With its 6″ thick slab foam interior, this mattress provides optimal support to help you relax into a deep sleep. The quilted cloth cover feels luxurious atop the foam core and provides added comfort as you drift off into dreamland. The ultralight design makes it easy to move around should you need to rearrange your room or adjust beds in shared sleeping quarters.

In addition to its excellent comfort and quality features, the Salem 6 comes in various sizes so that no matter what type of bed you own- standard twin size or bunk bed- this mattress will fit perfectly without any inconvenience. Furthermore, with a medium firmness level suitable for most people’s preferences, this is a great option for any budget-conscious customer who does not want to compromise on quality or invest too much money on their investment just yet!

If you’re seeking out the perfect combination of supportiveness and comfort at an affordable price point, then look no further than the Salem 6! Try one today and start noticing increased energy levels from your more relaxed nights filled with restorative slumber made possible by this premium grade product offering supported by its generous1 year warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind long after your purchase has been made!


  • 75″ Length for a perfect fit
  • Solid foam core ensures long-lasting use
  • Quilted cloth cover adds extra luxury and feel


  • A bit frim for some user

List of Top Mattress Brands in The Philippines

The top mattress brands in the Philippines are Uratex, Comfort Living, Hapihomes and Salem. These companies manufacture quality mattresses that provide warmth and comfort to consumers. Their products can be bought at affordable prices in malls or showrooms. They usually offer discounts every now and then to promote their brand.


Uratex is the leader in the mattress industry. It has two sub-brands, namely Master Craft and Royal Craft. The former specializes in spring mattresses while the latter specializes in foam mattresses. Both sub-brands offer different kinds of technology like air or water or pocket springs for the spring mattress range; basically one with no coiled springs, three coiled springs, five coiled springs and nine coiled springs.

Comfort Living

Comfort Living is known for its high-density memory foam mattresses that comes with a special cooling gel feature to provide luxury comfort. The gel automatically adjusts the temperature of the mattress to ensure that one is refreshed and not sweated. It also offers various types of comfort like medium-firm, extra firm or plush.


Hapihomes is an industrial player in the mattress industry. It specializes in bedding products, namely mattresses, pillows, comforters and many more. Like Uratex, Hapihomes has different sub-brands for its range of mattresses:

  • Natural Spring Mattress – Offers variety pack spring system
  • Royal Spring Mattress – Luxurious pocket spring at 936 individual springs
  • Dream Memory Foam Mattress –  Provides memory foam mattress with cooling gel feature
  • Dream Spring Mattress – Offers latex mattress with a 5-year warranty on coil springs


Salem is known for its eco-friendly range of mattresses. It uses blended bamboo, cotton and wool to make the products skin-friendly. They use non-toxic materials so consumers can stay healthy while enjoying their rest in bed. Apart from offering different types of mattresses, Salem also offers framesets, beddings and pillowcases.

Common Bed Size

Single Bed Size Philippines – A single bed is a great way to save space in your home. With only one person sleeping on it, you’ll have more living and bedroom areas available for other uses! The 92cm x 188cm dimension means that this compact design can be used as both kid’s room furniture or an apartment/studio live-work setup – whatever suits your needs best.

Double Bed Size Philippines – Double beds are the perfect size for children and preteens. The 138cm x 188cm dimensions make them not only cosy but also safe since nothing will fall off of your child’s bedding if they roll around in their sleep or move about during naptime!

Final Thought

With a little help from our review, you should be able to find the perfect mattress for your budget and sleep needs. If you have any questions about what we’ve covered in this post, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help. Have you tried any of these mattresses before? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!


How long does a mattress last?

The average lifespan of a mattress is 7-10 years, but there are many factors that can affect this. The original build quality and materials used in the manufacturing process as well as individual sleeping style all have an effect on how long your new bed will last for you!

Why does my mattress have a sink a middle?

Mattress foam materials wear down over time due to significant pressure being applied every night by sleepers' bodies against them- eventually leading not only in discomfort but also poor quality sleep!

How long should I let a mattress sit before using?

The number one rule for getting a good night's sleep is to make sure your mattress has had time. Sometimes this means letting it sit overnight, but other times you'll be able to tell when the materials inside have begun their expansion and then use within just an hour or two!


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