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Electric steam irons have come a long way since they first hit the market. In fact, if you buy one now it will likely be more effective than going to your local dry cleaners! Nowadays there is no shortage of features and choices for this type appliance so finding out what exactly matters can feel overwhelming at times but luckily we’re here with some tips on how best approach shopping when looking into buying new appliances as well as our favorites from all those options available:

Water Tank

When shopping for a steam iron, it’s important to consider what type of water tank the appliance has. If possible try looking at them in person and make sure that you buy one with a transparent water tank so that they’re easy to monitor when filling up from your tap! Some models will even come equipped with detachable tanks which makes refilling much easier – but be aware these can sometimes get caught on things easily leading spills all. Make certain there is enough space between spout widths widen accommodate any liquid without spilling while making sure none gets through.

If you iron all your clothes for the next week or two in one go, then it is better to go with a steam iron with large water tank, however, if you prefer to just iron clothes as you wear them, then a smaller water tank will do just fine.


When it comes to the soleplate on your steam iron, you’ll want one that’s easy and quick to clean. Nonstick coated plates are less likely go scorch clothes while ceramic ones are better at heating up evenly- they offer superior glide for longer functionality! 

Ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum are three different types of soleplates that can be used with a steam iron. Ceramics give off even heat for more efficient burning which results in less gliding across the material being worked on while also providing superior glide compared to other materials. Stainless steels rust resistant properties make them popular among many professionals who work outdoors or near water often. Anodized Aluminums last much longer over time so you won’t have replace this part as frequently but don’t expect it to look pretty

Power cord

Steam Irons come with different cord lengths for various purposes. A short cord will restrict your strokes on the ironing board and force you to stay very close to power source, while an increased length eventually implies increased comfort of convenience as well as smooth function! Some irons also have retractable cords that make it easier than ever before manageability; 12 feet long is not uncommon at all these days- perfect if space isn’t really an issue in your home or office.


There is a big difference between the weights of different steam irons. A heavier iron will make it easier to remove creases, but you’ll probably find that your arms hurt after long uses as well.

A good iron should fit easily and feel natural in your hand. The controls should also be placed appropriately within easy reach, so you don’t have to stretch for them like with some irons that are designed poorly or inconveniently located near the bottom of handle (where steam release is)


The more wattage an iron has, the faster it can heat up and produce steam. However this doesn’t mean that higher-watt models always beat their lower-powered counterparts; other factors such as model type come into play too! But if you have around 1500 watts to spare, odds are good your next purchase will be one of these powerful weapons for getting wrinkles out fast.

Auto-Off Feature

This is a great feature to have, especially if you’re not professional at all with steam irons. Not only can this prevent potential fire hazards and serious damage to furniture such as ironing boards in case of forgetting your device’s power settings but also gives us peace-of mind knowing how much we’re doing for our homes by owning one!

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