10 Best Steam Iron Philippines – 2021 Review of the Best Steam Irons in the Philippines

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Ironing clothes is both a tedious and tiring endeavor. Ironing requires time, effort, patience, an iron that heats up quickly without damaging your clothing–all of which can take their toll on you when trying to make sure all the wrinkles are out before work or school starts in the morning. Thankfully there’s now something for everyone who hates this task: steam irons! Steam irons speed through old-fashioned creases with just one press of a button while also reducing wrinkle effects by as much as 50% so they’ll stay crisp longer than if you used dry heat only. And best yet? They’re safe around delicate fabrics like silk and polyester because instead of scorching them into oblivion.

Check out our list of the best steam iron Philippines you can buy online right now

1. Xiaomi Zajia Handheld Garment Ironing Garment Steamer GT-301W

Best for Busy People

This is among the most interesting and portable garment steamers we have ever seen. We were initially doubtful of it in appearance, but as usual with Xiaomi products, they had to pack a lot into this little thing!

Why buy this

  • Portable and Handheld
  • Use for Travel and home
  • Intelligent steam heating
  • Both Hanging Ironing and Flat Ironing
  • Fast Heating in 10s

This handheld garment steamer will prove to be a very useful tool for a variety of different people. People with on-the-go lifestyles can use it to freshen up their clothes and remove wrinkles when they’re away from home. It can also be used in the home by people who have children and find themselves constantly doing laundry. The fast heating system means that you’ll be able to steam your clothes in just 10 seconds and it also has fast-drying capabilities so you can enjoy the freedom of not being tied to an ironing board.\

2. Imarflex IRS-340S Steam Flat Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate

Thermal Safety Features

This garment steamer is the perfect choice for all kinds of fabric and ironing needs. It provides a variety of settings to accommodate any task you might have at hand!

Why buy this

  • Thermal Safety Fuse
  • Heat Resistant Handle
  • Stainless Steel Soleplate
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Steam Knob Control

If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-performance flat iron, look no further than the Imarflex IRS-340S. This versatile tool has a range of features that makes it perfect for all your professional and personal styling needs. The thermal safety fuse is perfect for those looking to protect themselves against burns, while the thermally insulated handle allows you to steam away wrinkles from fabrics quickly and easily. With a stainless steel soleplate and variable temperature control, it’s perfect for all hair types and styles.

3. Imarflex IRS-400C Steam Flat Iron

Self Cleaning Features

You will love how you can take this steamer anywhere in the house and use it. It is so much easier to get things done when you don’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy iron or bulky garment steamers. Imarflex makes the best ergonomic steamers that are not only light weight, but also easy on your joints too!

Why buy this

  • Thermal Safety Fuse
  • Self-clean Feature
  • Steam Burst Function
  • Heat Resistant Handle
  • Variable Temperature Control

The Imarflex IRS-400C Steam Flat Iron combines the benefits of a traditional flat iron with the productiveness of a steam function for healthier and shinier hair. The safety fuse protects against thermal damage and 220ml water tank capacity, which is large enough to last throughout your entire styling session. The Imarflex is available in one size only, and features a heat resistant handle for safe use.

4. Kyowa KW-7005  Steam Flat Iron


The Kyowa is sure to provide its best work with any garment. It can also adjust the steam output for you, so it will surely have your clothes looking their absolute best!

Why buy this

  • Variable temperature control dial
  • Automatic thermostatic control
  • Power ON indicator lamp
  • Smooth non-stick coated sole plate
  • With water spray function

One of the most important aspects of your morning routine is making sure your clothes are ready to wear. Why not make your job a little easier with a Kyowa Garment Iron? This multi-functional iron features a variable temperature control dial that can be used to suit different fabrics, as well as an automatic thermostatic control that allows you to set the appropriate temperature for your fabric without worrying about it changing.

5. BLACK+DECKER™ 1300W Non-Stick Dry Iron for Clothes

Soft Grip Handle

Bring out the wrinkle-free, freshly pressed style of your clothes with this convenient garment steamer. Whether you’re looking for a fast touch up after folding laundry or want to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles from an entire outfit before going on that job interview look no further than this versatile steam cleaner! With five different settings and three temperature options there’s nothing it can’t handle–from silk shirts to cotton pants we’ve got what you need in order to always be at your best.

Why buy this

  • Adjustable steam settings.
  • Surge of steam for smoothing out difficult creases.
  • Non-stick coated soleplate for smooth & easy ironing.
  • Soft grip handle.

Keep your clothes looking fresh and crisp with the BLACK+DECKER™ 1300W Non-Stick Dry Iron for Clothes. The adjustable steam settings let you choose between a surge of steam for smoothing out difficult creases or a steady stream of water for light touch ups. With the non-stick coated soleplate, the BLACK+DECKER™ 1300W Non-Stick Dry Iron for Clothes is designed to glide over your clothes. It also has a soft grip handle that’s easy to use and provides comfortable handling.

6. Imarflex IRS-500E Steam Flat Iron Enamel Soleplate

With Nozzle Spray

One of the best things about this steam iron is how it can get rid of all those pesky wrinkles in just a few seconds. It works great on any type of fabric and because you don’t have to wait for long periods, your clothes will always be looking their finest!

Why buy this

  • Thermal Safety Fuse
  • Steam Burst Function
  • Nozzle Spray
  • 350ml Water Tank Capacity
  • Heat Resistant Handle

The Imarflex IRS-500E Steam Flat Iron is the ultimate garment care appliance. It’s thermal safety fuse will shut off power if it’s not being used for too long, ensuring safety. It has steam burst and nozzle spray functions that allow you to give your garments a deep cleaning while it is still on the hanger. The anti-calc and anti-drip functions help to ensure you don’t have a mess on your hands when you finish using this product.

7. Oster® Non-stick Steam Flat Iron with Vertical Steam Function

Versatile Option

The non stick surface makes quick work out of even tough creases like in collars or cuffs as well as delicate fabrics such as silk that will easily catch on a typical furnace coil type heating plate. The sleek design has an ergonomic handle making it comfortable and easy to maneuver during usage which is necessary when dealing with clothes hangers full of garments needing pressing attention before they’re dry cleaned or worn again.

Why buy this

  • Steam Iron
  • 180ml capacity
  • Variable temperature and steam
  • With spray mist button
  • With shot of steam button

The best thing about the Oster 5806 is that it does not just have great quality but also has versatile options as well like different temperatures and even an adjustable spray mist feature which will come handy when trying to remove wrinkles from more delicate clothing items or bedding such as dresses or pillows.

This steam iron features a vertical steam system which provides a more efficient way to press out wrinkles and creases with ease. The vertical steam function is designed specifically for use on hanging clothes and curtains, without the need to constantly move the garment out of the way.

8. KONKA Portable Garment Steamer KZ-G418B

Portable and Lightweight 

You’ll be able to take this garment steamer on the go with ease. A compact design and lightweight frame make it easy for you to pack up and move around if necessary, but that’s not all! This particular model boasts an ergonomic handle which relieves a lot of stress from your hands when using it in long periods of time.

Why buy this

  • Product material: ABS、PC、electric heating module.
  • Power length: 1.8 meters, full copper power cord.
  • Product power: 1500W/50-60Hz
  • Water tank capacity: 250ml
  • Heating mode: electric heating type.

The Oster 5806 Steam Iron has a durable build and comes with many useful features such as multiple temperature settings, varying steam/spray mist options, an auto-off timer for safety purposes. It also includes helpful accessories like a fabric brush to help remove lint before ironing clothes or other delicate fabrics.

This product is an electric clothes iron that can steam clothes. The product material is made of ABS and PC and the product is equipped with electric heating module. The product power is 1500W with 50-60Hz frequency. The water tank capacity is 250ml and the heating mode is electric heating type.

9. Haan Handheld Steamer Iron

Lightweight but Durable

This garment steamer is the perfect option for any task that requires a little steam. It’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store or carry with you anywhere, making this unit ideal for home use as well!

Why buy this

  • Flexible Stainless Steel
  • Deflects UV Radiation
  • Non-corrosive material
  • PVC Internal Plastic Tube

This lightweight iron is perfect for on-the-go so you never have to worry about a wrinkled shirt, dress, or pair of pants. The stainless steel soleplate and nylon cover offer durability and longevity. Plus, the iron has a flexible soleplate, which deflects UV radiation and is made from non-corrosive material that is PVC internal plastic tube free.

10. Micromatic MAI-1001H Steam Flat Iron

Affordable but High Quality

Have you been looking for a more affordable steamer? We suggest the Micromatic MAI-1001H Steam Iron with its amazing steam release. Also, it has a durable package so that you feel like your money was well spent!

Why buy this

  • Pilot light
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Dry ironing function
  • Ergonomically design
  • Non-stick soleplate

The Micromatic MAI-1001H Steam Iron is the perfect companion for your wrinkle-free lifestyle. It features a dry ironing function to minimize the need for time-consuming pressing, a non-stick soleplate to keep your clothes looking new, and adjustable temperatures to accommodate a variety of fabrics. With its sleek and slim design, this iron will fit easily into any busy household.

What should I look for in a steam iron?


Ironing takes a lot of time and can be tedious, especially if you have to do it for long periods. Check your iron’s weight before starting: is it too heavy? Consider buying one that has lighter irons or try using steam generators instead which produce more lightweight ones!

Continuous Steam Output

In order to tackle even the toughest fabrics, you need a lot of steam. The key is continuous output so that it can’t dry up too quickly and your clothes won’t spend forever in the ironing process waiting for fresh heat from an on-demand burst shot. 35g or more will do just fine!


A ceramic soleplate is a must for any iron. Ceramic provides the smoothest glide and can be coated to offer even better protection against scratches, gouges, or stains.

Auto Controls

Nowadays, more and more steam irons come equipped with automatic controls. These systems work well to offer the user a hassle-free experience that ranges from entry level models all the way up to high end units.

Water Tank Size

For those people who want to spend as little time on the ironing board in between steam sessions, a water tank that is big enough will ensure they have less stops for refills. 1.5 litres should be more than sufficient; some models even come with 2 litre tanks!

Is steam iron better than iron?

Yes, steamers are better than irons. They’re much faster and work with all types of fabrics – except wool!

Steam-ironing your clothes is an arduous task that can take hours for just one garment; but not to worry: the days of suffering through a tough ironing session may soon be over thanks to new technology in handheld steaming devices that allow you do go from frizzed out dress shirt or wrinkled skirt to beautifully pressed clothing in minutes without risking burns on delicate materials like silk, satin, polyester and jersey. While these gadgets don’t actually touch fabric (which means there’s little chance they’ll scorch it), some users find them too bulky when traveling because most models require access both power.


What is the water spray function for on my steam iron?

The water spray feature on your steam iron is a useful tool that can help to create more even and beautiful looking clothing. The process of using it should vary depending on what type fabric you are working with- delicate fabrics, heavy garments or something in between. Before using this option, make sure there is enough water stored in the tank so as not to cause any damage when spraying out from underneath!

How do I clean my iron?

Clean your iron in 3 easy steps. First, allow the appliance to completely cool down before wiping it with a damp cloth. If polyester has burnt onto the soleplate of your iron then use a hot-water soaked cotton rag and wipe over that section while still on heat; after this is complete you can clean away any residue from the rest of your device by using another wet towel (or two if necessary). Remove excess water droplets or spills as quickly as possible!

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