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You may not have known it but air fryers are a kitchen staple. With more people looking for healthier food options, they’re turning to this delicious and versatile cooking device that can actually cook your favorite meals without the need of oil! With so many air fryer brands on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Fortunately we’ve found some features that will help narrow down your search and make finding an awesome appliance easy as pie!

Size and Space

First, make sure you know how much bench space you have available. If you make chips regularly, you might want to leave it out permanently. The two basic shapes are tall and fat and short and slightly fatter. If you want to store your air fryer in a compact space, it’s best not use the top-opening model. To save space, consider buying an air fryer that’s compact in size. A uniform shape will also make it easier to store when not in use and easily accessible for quick meal solutions on-the-go.


It’s important to consider the capacity range of a cooking product when you’re looking for one. Different households have varying food amount needs and different family sizes will need cookware with features that suit their specific needs – large families who eat lots of fried chicken might want something more robust, while couples or singles could get by just fine using smaller models in confined spaces without compromising quality upfront costs much at all! With the manufacturers’ claimed measurements, you should be cautious. Capacity can vary based on what they measure inside your air fryer and how much space is actually used for cooking chips versus food that gets stuck behind appliances or other things in there


Dial or digital controls are available, with the more basic models consisting of just temperature settings on both timers as well as alarms that sound when cooking finishes- look for ones where you can set longer than 30 minutes because it will come in handy! Digital displays offer touch screens so there’s no need for typing numbers into tiny buttons which makes them easier but also lets users know what temperatures they’re at by looking at icons instead


You should always look for safety features when buying an appliance, and the same goes with your new air fryer. Consider whether there’s a non-slip base to keep it from sliding around on tabletops or countertops as well as an automatic shutoff if you think about how hot that food will get inside of one! Make sure power cords are secured so they don’t come loose while cooking at high temperatures like those found in most modern day ovens too.

Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is the key to an air fryer. Make sure you can support its wattage and power rating range, which for most are 800-1500 watts. It’s also important that your device has some low settings so it doesn’t take up too much energy when cooking small amounts of food

Pre-Programmed Settings

Convenience is one of the many factors that consumers look for when purchasing an air fryer. If you have dishes like fried chicken, fish and potatoes on your regular dinner menu then it would be handy if this machine had pre-programmed temperature settings so all those tasty treats can come out golden brown every single time! It’s also worth investing in one with cooking presets because sometimes there are just too many variables involved during meal preparation

Air fryers can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, from hot chips and fresh salads all the way up into desserts. You’ll find that if you’re looking for something specific then there will probably already be recipes available online or in print which suit your needs perfectly!

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