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The hot season is fast approaching. You call an AC technician to service your air conditioner system so that you don’t have to feel the heat after coming home. You try to test the air conditioner for 5 minutes to check whether it cools down the room fast or not. To your surprise, it won’t. Even though the AC is at its lowest temperature, it won’t blow out cold air. What did the technician miss? Why isn’t the AC cooling down your room even after recent aircon servicing?

Unfortunately, there are more reasons than one that may contribute to this problem. What are they? Let’s find out.

1. Damaged condenser

Consider the condenser as the heart of your air conditioner. It is responsible for converting the refrigerant into a liquid that cools the air down. But remember, a condenser is a machine after all. And it won’t last for a lifetime. Therefore, if you notice that your AC isn’t cooling the room down even after servicing, you may want to consult the technician about the condenser.

A dirty condenser often prevents the AC from cooling down a room quickly. But it’s not possible for you to open the condenser and check it. You must call a technician to find out what’s wrong. A damaged condenser is like cancer. If unattended, it can affect other parts of your AC in no time. But you can’t be sure whether it’s the condenser that’s preventing your AC from cooling. Always consult an HVAC professional when you face this type of problem.

2. Low on refrigerant

What if the condenser is working perfectly but the AC still won’t cool the room? It is time for the technician to check the amount of refrigerant. Shortage of refrigerant will cause the AC to blow out warm air instead. In fact, it may go on to accumulate ice inside the evaporator because the refrigerant never reaches its desired temperature to provide cold air. This means the evaporator doesn’t shut down at any stage.

Usually, the AC shuts down automatically when the room cools down. This allows the ice to melt in the evaporator. The periodic heating and cooling keep the refrigerant balanced instead of accumulating ice. If you notice the AC blowing warm air, chances are that the evaporator doesn’t contain too much refrigerant.

3. Frozen condenser

The condenser’s coil is one of the most crucial parts of your AC. This part sits outside your room. It connects to the outer chamber. This coil removes heat from the inside and releases it outside. It enables the fan in the outer chamber to blow out warm air from your room. But sometimes, a damaged condenser can cause this coil to malfunction.

The technician may have overlooked the debris, dirt, and dust that accumulated on the coil. This, along with the cold water trickling down the pipes can cause the coils to freeze. Once the condenser’s coil freezes, it puts more pressure on the condenser to work at its optimum best. But the condenser can’t take that pressure for prolonged periods. Soon, it will fail to work and you will see that your AC isn’t cooling the room anymore.

4. Technical issues

You may want to use the AC for prolonged periods in your house every day. This eventually takes a toll on the air conditioner. Again, it’s a machine and you can’t expect it to work at its best for years. From locking of the condenser to the motor’s fault in the outer unit, anything can go wrong. And it can happen even after recent servicing.

Suppose you keep the AC on for 8 or 10 hours at a stretch during the summer days because you feel the technician did his best to repair all the parts and the AC will now work at its optimum condition. That being said, you should also remember that putting pressure on the condenser for long periods may lead to unforeseen problems like failing to cool the room. It is best if you use the AC according to the instructions provided by the technician because old ACs have a lower life expectancy. You should take care of them to make them last longer.

5. Dirty air filters

This is one of the biggest reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cold even after servicing. Suppose your AC is low on refrigerant. You call the technician and he refills the refrigerant to ensure the AC works properly. But you later realize that the AC is still not cooling down. You open the front chamber of the AC and find that the air filters contain layers of dust. It’s so thick that you can’t see the other side.

Dirty air filters block the passage of cold air. Cold air in AC’s come from the evaporator, passes through the filters, and emanates from the air ducts. Once the filters become dirty, they act as a barrier between the air ducts and evaporator. Not cleaning the air filters may lead to freezing the evaporator coil over time.

6. Incorrect thermostat settings

It’s strange when the technician checks all the parts of your AC before leaving and the HVAC system still won’t cool down. You have no idea what’s wrong. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the incorrect settings of your AC’s thermostat. It’s something that you may overlook because you are so busy finding the fault in your air conditioner. Double-check the settings on your thermostat before calling the HVAC professional again.

You can fix the thermostat issue by turning its auto mode on. This will switch the fan on whenever you want the AC to cool your room. Experts suggest you keep the auto mode on instead of the “On” mode all the time. This should prevent any disturbance to your AC.

It’s not uncommon to see your AC not cooling down even after servicing. If you noticing anything like that, you should get in touch with an experienced AC expert so that he can diagnose the area of the issue and fix it immediately.

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