Top 10 Best Stand Mixer Philippines – 2022 Review

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Stand mixers are one of the most popular appliances in any kitchen. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, a stand mixer can make your baking life so much easier. And if you’re looking for the best stand mixers in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 top-rated mixers, ranging from budget-friendly to heavy-duty options. So whether you’re in the market for your first mixer or are ready to upgrade to something more advanced, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more!

Table of Contents

    1. Heavy Duty: Kyowa KW-4510 Mixer
    2. Automatic Shut Off: Hanabishi HPM 500
    3. Luxurious Design: KitchenAid 6Qt Artisan Mixer
    4. Best for Professional Bakers: Hanabishi HPM 900
    5. Powerful and Stainless: Imarflex IMX-300S
    6. Budget-Friendly: FOTILE Vertical Mixer
    7. Ergonomic and Efficient: Oster® 6-Speed Mixer
    8. Compact and Lightweight: Imarflex Mixer with 360-Degree Rotating Plastic Bowl
    9. Large Capacity: Hanabishi HPM 800
    10. Low Electricity Consumption: Imarflex IMX-250
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Best Stand Mixers for Baking

We rounded up the best stand mixers in the Philippines this year to help you find the right one for your new baking journey.

1. Kyowa KW-4510 Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Mixer

The Kyowa Stand Mixer is the perfect appliance for all of your blending needs! This mixer can handle any recipe with six speeds and a pulse function. The five-litre stainless steel bowl capacity means you can mix large batches with ease, and the 600 watts guarantees that your mixture will be whipped into shape in no time.

Plus, the 220-volt power ensures that this mixer can be used anywhere in the world! The easy to clean design means you’ll spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your creations. Finally, the easy to use controls make it simple to get started right away. Get ready to mix it up with the Kyowa Stand Mixer!


  • Six speeds and a pulse function
  • Five-litre stainless steel bowl capacity so you can mix large batches with ease
  • Three easy to use buttons for mixing, stirring or whisking
  • Easy to clean design means you’ll spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your creations
  • Easy to use controls makes it simple to get started right away


  • It’s quite heavy

2. Hanabishi HPM 500

Automatic Shut Off

Looking for a top-of-the-line stand mixer that’ll handle all your baking needs? Look no further than the Hanabishi HPM 500 Professional Stand Mixer! This powerhouse has 8 speeds to choose from and multiple function options, so it can take on any recipe. Plus, the 4.2-litre bowl ensures you’ll have enough room to mix even the biggest batches of cookies or cake batter.

And when you’re done baking, the automatic shut-off feature keeps things safe. Finally, the soft-start minimizes splatter and makes sure your ingredients stay put. So don’t go another day without this must-have kitchen appliance – order your Hanabishi HPM 500 Professional Stand Mixer today!


  • 2-litre capacity means you can mix any recipe
  • 8 speeds allow you to choose between a soft or intense mixing action
  • Automatic shut-off offers safety for the user and those around them


  • It is a little pricey compared to others

3. KitchenAid 6Qt 

Luxurious Design

This powerful stand mixer comes with a Nylon Coated Flat Beater, Nylon Coated C-Dough Hook, and 6-Wire Whisk so you can bake like a pro. With 10 speeds to choose from, you can customize your mix to create everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles, ice cream and more.

The bowl-lift design provides easy access to the bowl and attached beater or accessory so you can add ingredients easily. Plus, the stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe for quick cleanup. Transform your stand mixer into the culinary centre of your kitchen with this KitchenAid 6Qt Artisan Stand Mixer.


  • Powerful and adjustable to different needs
  • Nylon coated flat beater, dough hook and whisk, allow for various types of mixing and baking
  • It comes with a six-quart stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe and easy to access


  • Compared to other brands, this particular mixer is more expensive.

4. Hanabishi HPM 900 

Best for Professional Bakers

Bake like a pro with the Hanabishi HPM 900 Professional Mixer 4L! This top-of-the-line mixer has 12 levels of speed control, so you can mix, whisk and knead to your heart’s content. With its sturdy stainless steel bowl and wire whisk, as well as its aluminium dough hooks and beater guard, this mixer is perfect for anyone who wants to take their baking skills up a notch. The interlocked smooth head lift system makes it easy to use, even if you have little experience in the kitchen.


  • Sturdy stainless steel bowl and wire whisk
  • The interlocked smooth head lift system
  • 12 levels of speed control
  • Awesome for bread, creams, sauces and more.


  • Need a bigger space to store

5. Imarflex IMX-300S 

Powerful and Stainless

Introducing the Imarflex IMX-300S Stand Mixer! This powerful mixer has a 300W motor and can mix up to 3.5 litres of dough at a time. The five-speed settings with Turbo boost make it perfect for all kinds of mixes, and the 360°C auto-rotate functions ensure even mixing every time. The neck release button makes it easy to detach the bowl, and the included stainless steel accessories are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.


  • Mixes up to 3.5 litres of dough at a time
  • Five-speed settings with Turbo boost
  • Neck release button for easy bowl detachment
  • Stainless steel accessories are dishwasher safe


  • Short power cord

6. FOTILE Vertical Mixer

Budget Friendly

Looking for a powerful and efficient mixer that can make quick work of your doughs and batters? Look no further than the FOTILE Vertical Stand Mixer. This mixer comes with three whisk heads, takedown tips, hooked hitters, and leaf hitters so you can mix all sorts of ingredients quickly and easily.

The motor is adjustable to choose from low, medium, or high speeds to get a perfect consistency every time. And because it’s made of stainless steel, this mixer is durable and resists rusting. Choose between the green 5.5L 1200W power model, the red 5L 1000W power model, or the silver 4L 600W power model to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.


  • A strong motor that can be adjusted to choose from three different speeds
  • It comes with 3 whisk heads, takedown tips, hooked hitters and leaf hitters
  • Made of stainless steel, so it’s durable and resists rusting


  • It’s a bit noisy

7. Oster® 6-Speed Mixer

Ergonomic and Efficient

The Oster® 6-Speed Hand Mixer is perfect for those who need a little extra power while mixing. This 250-watt mixer comes with a 6-speed switch and includes chrome-plated beaters and dough hooks to give you greater versatility. Plus, the one-touch eject button conveniently removes mixing accessories so you can get back to mixing in no time! And with a 1 Year Household Warranty, you can mix with confidence.


  • Comes with 6 speed switch for extra power
  • Includes chrome-plated beaters and dough hooks for greater versatility
  • One-touch eject button to remove accessories


  • The quality of the plastic used isn’t that great for durability and overall build

8. Imarflex IMX-300P with 360-Degree Rotating Bowl

Compact and Lightweight

Imarflex IMX-300P gives you the power to mix like a boss with its 5-speed settings and Turbo function. No compromise on quality either with its durable 230Va.c motor and orbit mixing technology. And because we know that baking is a messy business, our ergonomic design features an easy-to-clean plastic bowl and neck release button. Plus, for those extra special recipes, there are 2 dough hooks and 2 beaters included. Mix away!


  • Extra power to mix for better performance.
  • Chrome-plated beaters and dough hooks are versatile for all mixing needs.
  • The one-touch eject button removes accessories, making it easier to clean up.


  • It is plastic, not metal.

9. Hanabishi HHMB-1600SS


Looking for a powerful Stand Mixer that can handle any baking task? Look no further than the Hanabishi Original Powerful 3.5L 5-Speed Stand Mixer! This mixer comes with a large 3.5-litre capacity mixing bowl, 5 speeds, and a turbo function to help you mix up any dough in no time.

Plus, it features an easy beater ejector, so you can quickly remove the beaters without having to touch the dough. And don’t worry about getting your hands dirty – the mixer’s self-rotating mixing bowl ensures that every inch of the dough is mixed evenly. So grab yourself a Hanabishi Original Powerful 3.5L 5-Speed Stand Mixer today!


  • The powerful motor can handle any baking task
  • 5 speeds and turbo function help mix dough quickly
  • A beater ejector makes it easy to remove beaters without getting your hands dirty
  • A self-rotating mixing bowl ensures even mixing


  • A bit noisy when operating at high speed.

10. Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Mixer

Low Electricity Consumption

The Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Hand Mixer is the perfect device for your baking needs! With 250 watts of power, this mixer can handle even the thickest batters and doughs. The included beaters and dough hooks attachment make it easy to mix your ingredients, and the 5-speed settings let you customize the mixing process. Plus, this mixer is easy to store in any kitchen cabinet with its compact size. Keep your baking skills sharp with the Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Hand Mixer!


  • 250 watts of power
  • Includes beaters and dough hooks attachments
  • 5-speed settings
  • Compact size


  • It could be more powerful

Top Stand Mixer Brands in The Philippines

There are many brands of stand mixers which you can find in the market today. However, not all stand mixer brands are reliable and offer good quality products. Here are some top stand mixer brands that should be considered when buying a new one for your kitchen or home.


Kyowa is one of the best stand mixer brands in the Philippines today. This brand manufactures electric stand mixers with high performance and durability. Many professionals trust Kyowa for their heavy-duty needs. Kyowa is designed with metal gears that can handle even the toughest ingredients. Kyowa stand mixers are among the top brands in Japan and are known for their quality products.


Hanabishi  is a reputed brand of homeware in Asia. Hanabishi offers a wide range of appliances, including mixer grinder, mixer, rice cooker and pressure cookers. From their experience in the market, Hanabishi offers top-quality products, and their stand mixers are among their bestsellers.


Another popular brand in this category is Kitchenaid. Kitchenaid has been around for many years now and has been trusted by millions of homes. They are known for their high-quality stand mixer products and provide good value for your money. Kitchenaid offers a wide range of colours that you can choose from to match your existing kitchen appliances.


ImaFlex is another popular brand in this category, offering excellent products with powerful features at an affordable price. ImaFlex stand mixers are well-known for their sturdy and durable design.

These are just some of the top brands of stand mixers available in the market. They are well-known for their durability and performance. When buying a new mixer, it is best to check if it has received positive reviews from its users so you can trust that you are purchasing a good quality product.


Is a stand mixer worth it?

A stand mixer is worth it, especially if baking and cooking is a regular thing for you. Even for casual bakers and those who only bake or cooks may be once a week, a stand mixer is always a worth investment as it makes every preparation so much easier.

What is the difference between stand mixers vs hand mixers?

The biggest difference is in the motor size, for smaller jobs, a hand mixer may do, but with a stand mixer, you can have the freedom to move around the kitchen while mixing, and are better for heavy duty batters.

What I can use my stand mixer on?

Their are wide variety of things you can use your mixer on. They are mainly used for making doughts and pasta, but to be sure, make sure to read the manual of the stand mixer to check what it can be used for

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