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Keyboards come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same function: To help you type faster without making mistakes! There are two keyboard styles types of keys that mechanics switch keyboards use – membrane or mechanical. So what is the difference between the two? Both types of keyboards basically have their own pros and cons, and we are here to explore those.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are the best for gamers and techies. These special types of mechanical keys have a switch that actuates each key separately, which makes them more responsive than membrane ones with their rubber domes but also guarantees no matter how fast you type on your phone or laptop there won’t be ghosting.

How Mechanical Keyboards Work

There’s a simple mechanics behind the pressing of each key on your mechanical keyboard. The switch is made up mostly out plastic panels, which allow two electrical contacts to meet (on left side). When you press down with any keys, it moves quickly towards these plates so that they touch while registering what we call “key presses.”

Mechanical Keyboard Typing Feel

An interesting fact about mechanical keyboard switches is that they allow the user to customize each keypress by adjusting its actuation point (the time taken for a contact point), feel and sound. Cherry MX sets this standard for all other brands like Gateron or Kailh who make similar options with compatibility in mind; however there are three most popular variants–reds, blues & browns which share various characteristics.

Mechanical keyboards Pros


You might be able to get by with a mechanical keyboard for years if you use it regularly and don’t abuse the buttons. They’re also easier on your fingers than rubber membrane ones, so they feel like new even when they’ve been used heavily over time!


The robust design of mechanical keyboards offers you absolute typing stability. It won’t slide around even if your hands are busy and aggressive!

Good Feedback

Mechanical keyboards tend to offer a more satisfying typing experience thanks to the tactile feedback and customizability. Users can tweak their mechanical layout if they want too

Mechanical Keyboard Cons


If you are looking for a quiet place to game, then mechanical keyboards may not be the best choice. They have robust constructions which make them quite loud and this could bother some people. Although, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts swear that this is one key advantage of mechanical keyboards, especially for typing.


If you typically sit with your keyboard on the lap or if it’s traveling time for yourself and gadgetry, then mechanical keyboards may not be an efficient choice. The heavier design of mechanical keyboards means they’re less portable than their rubber-filled counterparts

Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are a great choice for people who work in an office because they’re more reliable than mechanical ones. They also have better resistance against liquid and dirt, so you don’t need to worry about spilling anything on them!

The membrane keyboards are not only cheaper, but they also have less noise while typing and can be made water resistant. In addition to this you get all the features that come with a higher end board such as RGB lighting or media controls at an affordable price too!

How Membrane keyboard Works

The first thing you might notice about a membrane keyboard is how soft the keys feel. This feeling comes from two layers of rubber, with an air space in between them and then another layer on top that has a depression for your fingers to rest against while typing or gaming . As soon as someone presses down onto one side with their finger weight , it will quickly rise up through both membranes until finally making contact at either end so they can register properly by completing circuits along each border.

Membrane keyboard Typing Feel

Membrane keyboard switches are a lot different than mechanical ones. They don’t require as much force, which can make them feel mushy in certain boards but when done right their unique softness could never be recreated with any other switch types.

Membrane keyboards are a great option for those who need their typing sound and feel, but don’t have the budget necessary to purchase more expensive mechanical switches. Though there is some difference in quality between brands or models of membrane based products as well – so make sure you’re getting what best suits your needs!

Membrane Keyboards Pros


The membrane keyboards are a great choice for open office spaces because they’re quiet, even during moments of high intensity typing. This is perfect if you need to keep noise levels down and don’t want any distractions from other coworkers or clients who may be around when using conference calls as well!

More Affordable

Membrane keyboards are a great option for people who want to save money. They’re made from easily available materials and don’t have the same lifetime warranty.

Light and Compact

If you’re someone who regularly travels with a keyboard, then the membrane type is likely going to be easier for you because they are lightweight and compact. Plus it will make sure that any lost or damaged keys don’t cost too much in replacement!

Membrane keyboard Cons

Shorter Lifespan

Membrane keyboards are not as durable and will typically wear out sooner than mechanical ones.

Typing Feel

Along with a mushy and vague feel, membrane keyboards can also lack key rollover. This means that some of your keypresses won’t register because there is no significant force being put on each individual button

What Type of Keyboard Should You Get?

If you’re looking for the ultimate in speed, durability and customization then there’s no comparison between a mechanical gaming keyboard and their membrane counterparts. However they do come at much higher costs up front

When you’re shopping for a new keyboard, make sure that it’s the right fit. If function matters less than feel then go membrane-and these boards can be quite comfortable! They may not have as many features or sound levels but they’ll get typing done which is all we care about anyway

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