13 Best Electric Kettle Philippines – Top Brands for Electric Kettle Philippines – 2021 Reviews

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One of the best things about living in an apartment is getting new stuff to fill your humble space. One electronic appliance that is always present in every apartment is a reliable electric kettle. It’s a lifesaver and multi-tasker that every busy worker needs to have.

If you are yet to find the best electric kettle for your apartment, here are our top pics from Lazada.

1. Eureka EK-1.8 GLED Electric Kettle

Easy Maintenance

What’s better than a fully functional kettle? A pretty one! This easily matches any apartment interior with its transparent body and LED lighting. It looks fragile, but the body is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, so there’s no need to worry.

Why buy this

  • Easy operation
  • Boiling dry protection
  • Stain-resistant

The ease of use and maintenance is what sets this best electric kettle apart. It’s a great choice for any tea lover, especially when you want to relax after a long day.

2. Scarlett Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 2 L


Scarlett is one of the more popular brands in the Philippines when it comes to kitchen appliances. They are known for their budget-friendly price points and durability, and the same is true for this electric kettle.

Why buy this

  • Auto stop function
  • Impact-resistant
  • Scalding protection

One of the best things about this model compared to other electric kettles is the ergonomic handle that prevents common accidents with spilt boiling hot water. It has an ergonomic design that makes pouring and setting up easy and safe.

3. Xiaomi Stainless Steel 1.5L Electric Water Kettle

Space Saver

Xiaomi is relatively a new player in kitchen appliances, but they have so far been receiving great reviews for every electronic appliance that they release. A good start to test Xiaomi’s reliability in this category is through this innovative electric water kettle.

Why buy this

  • Made from standard food-grade stainless steel
  • Double-layered for scalding protection
  • Unibody design

The entire design of the kettle is meant to take as little space as possible, and make cleaning and maintenance easier. It is also innovatively designed to prevent any hot water drops when you uncap the lid.

4. Micromatic MCK-1840 1.8Liters Electric Kettle

Durable Stainless Body

Want to add some pop of colour to your mini kitchen? Go for this preppy blue electric kettle that comes with a highly durable stainless steel body.

Why buy this

  • Automatic switch-off with dry-boil protection feature
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element
  • 360 degrees cord operation
  • Push-to-open lid with safety lid lock

It’s also worth noting that this electric kettle has an auto-off feature, which means the hot water won’t keep heating once it reaches the boiling point. This is great for preserving the hot water for longer periods of time.

5. Philips Kettle HD9306 – Daily Collection 1.5L

Easy to Bring

This elegant looking kettle gives you everything you need in a Philips electric kettle. Its cordless base adds to it’s sleek and makes it easy to bring wherever.

Why buy this

  • Hinged lid
  • Food-grade Stainless Steel
  • Steam sensor
  • UK Strix thermostat

Boil water in just a few minutes. The Philips Daily Collection Electric Kettle is your number one go-to solution for boiling hot water. With a steam sensor and UK Strix thermostat, you’ll never have to worry about burnt fingers again.

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6. Mango®MG1823 Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle 1.8 L High Capacity.

Fast Boiling

One of the reasons why we buy ourselves an electric kettle is to have our warm drinks/soups faster. This powerful kettle can boil a litre of water within 5 minutes, saving you your precious time.

Why buy this

  • Serves up to 7 cups
  • Boil dry and overheating protection
  • Auto shut-off

This kettle looks elegant enough and comes with a 360-degree rotating base. You can very much use the same kettle to serve at the table in case you have some guests in.

7. Xiaomi Viomi Electric Kettle High-Quality Thermostat 1800W

Energy Efficient

Here’s another powerful and fast-boiling electric kettle from Xiaomi. Viomi is Xiaomi’s ecological line, which means that you are buying an energy-efficient kettle, as well.

Why buy this

  • High-quality thermostat
  • Double safety protection
  • Full stainless steel body

No more plastic-tasting water. With this electric kettle, your water will not touch any plastic interior since the entire body is made from food-grade stainless steel. Boiling more than a litre of water will also take only 5 minutes with this kettle.

8. Philips Kettle HD9350 – Daily Collection 1.7L

Boil Dry Protect

Do you want to bring your electric kettle with you when going out of town? Do you want to make it an aesthetic part of your kitchen? Well, you can enjoy this beautiful kettle that boils at 200 watts power.

Why buy this

Other features of the kettle include the following:

  • Non-slip base
  • Boil dry protect
  • Flat heating element
  • Auto-power off

You don’t need to worry about overheating or other electronic related incidents since Philips has designed their kettles to be safe and worry-free.

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9. Tefal Kettle Safe Tea KO2618

Dual Heat Barrier

Here’s another top of the game design that we love from Tefal. Comes in a sleek back body with LED light illumination. 

Why buy this

  • Dual heat barrier layers to better protect your hands
  • Ready for tea preparation
  • Assisted opening lid for convenient filling and cleaning
  • Auto switches off for both light and heater.

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10. Philips Kettle HD9303 – Viva Collection 1.2L

Best for Travelling

It’s a small but terrible package that also comes with similar features as the larger versions. This model, however, makes it easier for you to take anywhere.

Why buy this

  • Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Overheating Protection and Steam Sensor
  • Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning

Food grade stainless steel body.

You can buy this Philips electric kettle in the Philippines here.

11. Fukuda Electric Kettle Cordless 1.8 Liters SAFE TO TOUCH EK18S

Preserves Hot Water Longer

We love the aesthetics of cordless electric kettles because they look good and safe enough to be put on the table, as well as to serve more people with coffee or tea. This electric kettle makes the experience even better with its fully insulated body; there is minimal to zero chances of scalding while using it.

Why buy this

  • Power indicator light
  • Double insulation
  • 304 stainless steel

It also has an auto-switch off feature, while it preserves your hot water for longer hours because of its great insulation.

12. Philips Kettle HD4646/56 – Daily Collection 1.5L

Easy Grip

When it comes to electric kettle brands, there is a reason why Philips has become a staple name in the market. This model, for instance, is packed with all the safety features including anti-boil-dry, auto switches off, cord winder.

Why buy this

  • Jug appearance with an easy-grip handle
  • Safety lid that stays cool
  • Hinged lid
  • Easy to wash

For a more playful look for your electric kettle, this is your best choice from Philips.

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13. Philips Kettle HD9316 – Viva Collection 1.7L

Easy Opening

Philips basically outdoes itself when it comes to electronic technology, and this electric water kettle Philippines is no exemption.

Why buy this

  • Keep warm function
  • Spring lid for easy opening
  • Removable filter
  • UK Strix Thermostat for a more accurate temperature control

This kettle is seriously cool. We love the upright body design because it looks so clean and modern in every kitchen, and the PTC technology means that you save time by not having to reboil water.

You can purchase this model online here.

How an Electric Kettle Works?

What Should I Consider In Buying An Electric Kettle

With the many options available in the market today, it can be challenging to pick your choice. Here are some of the top considerations to have before buyingand choosing the best electric kettle philippines:

  1. Material – Our first rule for buying electric kettles is the less plastic, the better. This means that it is always better to opt for glass or stainless steel models like the ones featured on the list. That way, you can be sure that there will not unwanted taste in your water from contact with heated plastic.
  2. Water capacity – how much water do you usually boil? Do you live alone, or do you share your space with your family? Electric kettles come in varying water capacity that fits your needs.
  3. Design – you will be amazed by the many designs of electric kettle these days. Pick one that will easily match your kitchen interior.
  4. Safety feature – Another consideration is the safety features of the electric kettle. Among the non-negotiable safety features include auto shut-off once the water is boiling and anti-scalding.
  5. Energy consumption – always look for electric kettles that are guaranteed energy-efficient.

Top recommended electric kettles in the Philippines in 2020:

  1. Eureka EK-1.8 GLED Electric Kettle
  2. Scarlett Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 2 L
  3. Xiaomi Stainless Steel 1.5L Electric Water Kettle


What are the best brands of electric kettle in the Philippines?

Some of the best electric kettle brands in the Philippines are Eureka, Scarlett, Xiaomi, Tefal and Philips.

Why should I buy an electric kettle?

Electric kettles are the fastest and safest way for you to have hot or boiling water. It can heat water as fast as one minute.

What do I consider in buying an electric kettle?

Water capacity – how much water do you usually boil? Do you live alone, or do you share your space with your family? Electric kettles come in varying water capacity that fits your needs.
Design – you will be amazed by the many designs of electric kettle these days. Pick one that will easily match your kitchen interior.
Energy consumption – always look for electric kettles that are guaranteed energy-efficient.

How much is an electric kettle in the Phlippines?

Electric kettles can be as affordable as ₱800

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