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For a sense of security and peace of mind, it’s essential to install one of the best CCTV cameras around your home. Nowadays, you can find high-quality options in all shapes and sizes that offer different features at an affordable price. In addition to their practical uses for safety or surveillance purposes, these devices are also a great way to make sure everyone who visits is behaving themselves!

With a wide array of choices available, featuring reputable brands such as Xiaomi and TP-Link, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect CCTV camera that suits your needs. But fear not, as we have curated a detailed review that will guide you through the intricacies and help you make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

    1. Wide Range of Connectivity: VINOVO Yoosee
    2. Wired and Wireless Installation: BESDER PTZ IP Camera
    3. HD 1080P Output Resolution: Xiaovv V380 P2
    4. Water and Dust Resistant: Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS
    5. Solar Powered: Wistino 4G SIM/WIFI Solar Panel IP Camera
    6. Seamless footage Playback: Yi Home Wireless Camera 1080P FHD
    7. Secure and Private: YI Dome Guard
    8. High Definition Quality of Image: Hamrol H.265 1.7MM Fisheye Lens
    9. Waterproof Performance: Pisen V380 Pro
    10. Advanced Night Vision: TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan
  • Choosing the right Wireless Camera for You
  • Top CCTV Brands in Philippines
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Quick Comparison Table

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There are a plethora of CCTV cameras on the market today, and making an educated decision is becoming increasingly difficult. Listed below are the best CCTV Philippines that are available in the market right now


1. VINOVO Yoosee 

Wide Range of Connectivity

I recently installed this camera at my home, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with its performance. The 5-antenna system really does make a difference in terms of signal strength. I’ve placed the camera at the far end of my property, and it maintains a rock-solid connection. The 1080P extremely HD lens provides remarkably clear images, even in low light conditions, which is essential for round-the-clock surveillance.

One of the standout features I’ve appreciated is the two-way voice intercom. It has allowed me to have real-time conversations with delivery persons, neighbours, or family members from anywhere through the camera’s app. It’s not just about security; it adds a level of convenience I didn’t expect. The motion alarm detection feature has given me peace of mind that any unauthorized activity will be promptly flagged. Moreover, the support for up to 128GB memory card storage ensures that I can easily store and secure the data, saving me from any hassles.

Considering the competitive price point, the VINOVO Yoosee CCTV Camera offers outstanding value for money. I genuinely believe it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and budget-friendly security solution. Whether you’re building a new surveillance system or upgrading an existing one, this camera should be at the top of your list. In today’s world, where security is paramount, don’t wait for an unfortunate incident to occur before you invest in protection. I highly recommend getting yourself a VINOVO Yoosee today for peace of mind.


  • Super IR night vision effect
  • HD two way voice intercom
  • Mobile remote control , wide angle rotation


  • A bit tricky to set up

2. BESDER  PTZ IP Camera

Supports Wired and Wireless Installation

The BESDER PTZ IP camera is a fantastic choice for home security. With highly effective 30-50M day and night vision, you can rest assured that your house will be monitored 24/7 for any suspicious activity. Not only does it have motion detection & alarm tone functions to alert you as soon as there is a presence in the area, but it also has two-way audio talk so you are able to communicate with whoever may be on the property at any time!

Additionally, this device offers both wireless (WiFi) and wired connectivity options which makes it easy for anyone to set up and use without issues. It also pans 320 degrees and tilts 90 degrees along with 4X digital zoom which allows you to capture more details than ever before when monitoring your home or office space. With all these advantages combined, this is certainly an excellent investment for anyone looking to increase their security measures effectively and quickly!

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable solution for protecting your home or office space from intruders then the BESDER PTZ IP Camera should definitely be on top of your list! Its high-quality features combined with its user-friendly design make it a no-brainer when purchasing surveillance cameras – don’t wait until it’s too late- get yours today!


  • ️30-50M Day and Night Vision
  • ️Support Motion Detection and Alarm Tone Function
  • ️Support Two-Way Audio Talk Speak Real Time


  • Audio is not the best

3. Xiaovv V380 P2 

HD 1080P Output Resolution

The Xiaovv V380 P2 is an impressive home security camera that offers great features to keep you and your family safe. It has a 360-degree pan/tilt rotation allowing it to cover more space, providing complete peace of mind when securing your property. Its HD 1080P picture quality makes sure that the footage captured is clear and easily identifiable in case of any issues. Intelligent infrared night vision also helps you be aware of any motion is detected even during dark times, ensuring 24/7 protection for your home or business premises.

The two-way voice intercom system lets you communicate with anyone near the camera so it can serve as a security measure too – making sure intruders don’t enter while being able to check their identity quickly without having to open the door yourself; Additionally, it supports mobile phone remote real-time monitoring, meaning that whenever motion is detected you get instant notifications on your smartphone no matter where you are located; With all these features at such an affordable price point this device is definitely worth considering for its value alone!

All in all, the Xiaovv V380 P2 provides top-notch security solutions ideal for anyone in need of safeguarding their property 24/7 from unwanted visitors or intruders – I highly recommend giving this device a try as I am confident you will love how easy it is setup and use day after day without needing any sort special knowledge beforehand; In short: get yourself one today and sleep easier knowing everything nearby will be monitored closely whenever needed!


  • Intelligent infrared night vision
  • Support two-way voice intercom
  • Support cloud storage and TF card


  • A bit too light-sensitive

4. Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS

Water and Dust Resistant

The Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS CCTV is a great addition for anyone looking to add increased safety and convenience to their home or business. Equipped with a built-in microphone, this 2MP coaxial audio camera allows you to discreetly monitor sound in the area being surveilled. In addition, it uses EXIR 0 advanced infrared technology which offers an IR distance of up to 25M – perfect for dark environments where visibility is limited. Finally, it has an IP67 rating making it dust and water-resistant so you can rest assured knowing your security footage won’t be compromised due to weather conditions.

With many features designed with user convenience in mind, the Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS CCTV provides peace of mind that your property will remain safe and secure even when you are away from home or work. This camera allows users to transmit audio over the coaxial cable meaning less time spent setting up equipment and more time focusing on other tasks at hand! Its robust design means that no matter what environment you use it in, you can trust that its performance won’t suffer from harsh external elements such as rain or dust particles getting into sensitive areas of the device.

If safety and surveillance are top priority concerns for your residential or commercial space then look no further than the Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS CCTV Camera! It offers superior performance through advanced technologies like EXIR 0 which provide excellent video quality even in low light situations while also ensuring waterproofing measures keep your system safe from outside elements like moisture or dirt build-up! Investing in this device now could save businesses hundreds of dollars later by increasing security without spending large capital sums regularly on maintenance costs – so why wait any longer? Make sure your property remains protected today with these reliable cameras!


  • IP67 Rating
  • 2.8 mm fixed focal lens
  • One port for four switchable signals


  • Mic audio is not the best

5. Wistino 4G SIM/WIFI Solar Panel IP Camera

Solar Powered

The Wistino 4G SIM/WIFI Solar Panel IP Camera is a great choice for home security. With 1080P HD Quality and Night Vision, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property day or night. It is compatible with 4G networks as well as Wi-Fi, so you can view footage from anywhere in the world at any time. Plus, it has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to talk directly with anyone who approaches your property.

When it comes to storage, this camera supports memory cards of up to 128GB which means plenty of space for recording all that important footage! And setting up the camera is super easy thanks to the “MyCam” app which provides simple instructions for installation and connecting to your network.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable but powerful way to monitor your home’s exterior then this Wistino 4G SIM/WIFI Solar Panel IP Camera might just be what you’re looking for! I highly recommend it due its crystal clear image quality and reliability even during nighttime hours when most other cameras fail to deliver. Give it a try today -you won’t regret it!


  • Outdoor waterproof
  • PIR Human Detection
  • Monitoring and lighting


  • A bit more expensive

6. Yi Home Wireless Camera 1080P FHD

Seamless footage Playback

The Yi Home Wireless Camera 1080P FHD is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use security solution for any home or business. It features advanced motion detection and intelligent human body detection functions, so it will never miss a moment even in its sleep mode! This camera also features AI auto-tracking, which allows the camera to accurately track any moving object. Additionally, with its 355-degree left and right rotation, as well as 90-degree vertical rotation capabilities, you can get a full view of your entire space without needing multiple cameras.

Not only does this wireless camera offer top-notch surveillance functionality but it also offers more convenience when viewing footage through the simple app interface. You can easily store captured footage up to 32GB via a Micro SD card or access the NVR recorder adding capability through ONVIF protocol. Allowing for playback review from anywhere with internet access ensures that your home is always safe and secure no matter where you are located!

Investing in these quality surveillance solutions isn’t just about protecting your property – although that’s certainly important — it’s about feeling confident knowing that someone has got your back 24/7 at all times. With Yi Home Wireless Camera 1080P FHD, you can rest assured knowing that the highest level of safety is guaranteed – both day and night! So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself today with this one-of-a-kind product while supplies last!


  • Seamless footage Playback
  • Home and Away Mode – turn your cameras on and off at the press of a button
  • Yi Home Desktop App – Connect and view up to 9 cameras simultaneously


  • No Mounting Capability

7. YI Dome Guard

Secure and Private

The Yi Dome Guard CCTV is an ideal choice for anyone who values security and convenience. Thanks to the enhanced night vision technology, you can be assured that your home will be monitored even in low-light conditions. With AI human detection, any intruders who may have sneaked into your property will be identified quickly and accurately. Through its 360° PTZ feature, this camera provides an all-encompassing view of every corner so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Moreover, the motion-tracking capabilities are simply amazing! This device can sense and trace movements or objects within seconds, meaning there’s no need to keep adjusting settings or adjust angles manually. And when something suspicious does happen, you’ll receive an instant phone notification – anytime from anywhere – allowing you to respond as quickly as possible if stranger activity is detected.

If safety matters to you and your family then I strongly recommend investing in a YI Dome Guard CCTV device today – it’s reliable and affordable protection right at your fingertips! Not only do they help keep out unwanted visitors but also provide peace of mind by alerting you whenever there is activity inside or outside of our house which could pose a threat to your safety or wellbeing – what more could you ask for?


  • AI-Based Alerts & Face detection
  • Complete coverage with 360° Tracking
  • Reliable in any condition


  • Pricey cloud storage

8. Hamrol H.265 1.7MM Fisheye Lens

High-Definition Quality of Image

Hamrol H.265 CCTV is an excellent security solution for any property owner looking to add a heightened level of security and surveillance. Designed with a 5MP 7MM fisheye lens, this camera provides up to 180-degree angle views while its advanced H.265 video compression enables users to capture high-quality images in real-time without exceeding the bandwidth limit. In addition, it also features a built-in microphone that supports audio recording along with 3 array IR LED night vision for 20 meters or 66′ of low light visibility at night – ideal for passive footage gathering even when the lights go dim or out altogether.

The camera’s various features provide numerous benefits including its ability to reduce noise levels by using 2D/3D noise reduction as well as a digital wide dynamic range so you know your footage will be crisp and clear no matter how complex the lighting conditions are in its environment–night and day alike; plus, recordings can be securely stored online via FTP or on SD cards (not included) if you need your home’s captured videos safe from possible hacking attempts or break-ins!

In conclusion, if you’re in search of an efficient and reliable way to monitor your property indoors or outdoors then Hamrol H.265 CCTV has got everything covered – thanks to its cutting-edge technology that takes away all the guesswork making it more convenient than ever before! So don’t wait another minute – upgrade your surveillance system today with Hamrol’s sophisticated yet easy-to-install setup!


  • Support 2D/3D noise reduction, digital wide dynamic
  • Support motion detection & email alert
  • P2P, support cloud technology, mobile phone viewing (iOS,Android)


  • Built-in mic is not the best

9. Pisen V380 Pro 

Waterproof Performance

The Pisen V380 Pro is a powerful and versatile video surveillance camera that provides clear 1080P HD video recording. With an effective range of 50m when combined with its 8 high-power lights, the device provides real-time monitoring even in low light conditions. Furthermore, two-way audio communication coupled with intelligent motion detection and alarm functions makes it perfect for homes, offices or retail environments.

One of the greatest advantages of this device is its ability to be monitored remotely from anywhere around the world with a mobile phone app – so you can have peace of mind knowing your property is being protected at all times! Not only do you get real-time notifications if anything triggers the alarm feature, but you can also review stored footage any time you want for extra security.

If you are looking for an efficient yet affordable way to protect your home or office space then look no further than the Pisen V380 Pro! Easy to install and operate, this state-of-the-art surveillance system will provide reliable peace of mind 24/7 – giving users complete control over their security without breaking the bank! Get yours now before stocks run out and start feeling more secure today!


  • Infrared night vision, full colour night vision
  • Intelligent motion detection
  • High-efficiency infrared array


  • A bit challenging to set up

10. TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan

Advanced Night Vision

I integrated the TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan into my home security setup, and it has proven to be an incredibly valuable addition. This security camera system offers exceptional image quality, providing crisp 1080p HD video that captures every detail with precision. Even during nighttime, the camera’s night vision extends up to 30 feet, ensuring clear surveillance in low-light conditions. The motion detection notifications have proven to be a crucial feature, promptly alerting me to any unusual activity. Additionally, the option of sound and light alarms provides an extra layer of deterrence, enhancing the camera system’s overall effectiveness.

One feature that stands out is the two-way audio capability. It allows for seamless remote communication through the device, making it easy to interact with family members or even visitors when I’m away from home. The straightforward installation process of the TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan was a time-saver. I didn’t have to spend hours setting it up, making it convenient to start monitoring my property right away. The compatibility with voice control systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home has made managing this camera a breeze.

The TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan is the ideal solution for maintaining the security of your home or business, whether you’re present or away. Its ability to provide clear, high-quality surveillance combined with motion detection, sound and light alarms, and two-way audio ensures peace of mind. Knowing that your property is under vigilant surveillance, potential intruders will certainly think twice before attempting any unauthorized actions. If you seek enhanced home security and that extra layer of reassurance, I highly recommend this brilliant surveillance device. Don’t hesitate to invest in one and experience the added peace of mind it brings to your daily life.



  • Notifies you when the camera detects movement Sound and Light
  • Trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.
  • Safe Storage: Locally stores up to 128 GB on a microSD card, equal to 384 hours (16 days) of footage.


  • No cloud storage option

Choosing the right Wireless Camera for You 

CCTV cameras are definitely not one-size fits all. Depending on your home’s layout, you might want to change up the type of camera that best suits where and how it will be used around your property.


Indoors and Outdoors – Dome cameras are the perfect choice for those of you looking to have a discreet camera. The wide-angle lens means that they cover more ground and it’s great at spotting movements in your home or business space. However, its video quality does get compromised so if you need a dome camera for outdoor use, one with vandal resistance is what you’re after!

Alleyways – Bullet cameras are the ultimate outdoor camera, designed to withstand rain and direct sunlight. They can be mounted on a wall or post for you to get an up close view of entrances, exits points in your property as well as driveways so that no one is sneaking out without being seen!

For Focus Viewing – A Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is the answer for a lot of places that need to monitor large spaces. You can adjust how you view and zoom in or out remotely, making it easier than ever before to keep an eye on your favorite area while still having control over all other parts of the space as well.

Features to Look For: 

Wired – If you are looking for a more reliable and consistent surveillance system, then installing wired CCTV is the right choice. Unlike wireless systems that transmit through airwaves which can be interrupted or jammed by interference, wire cables allow uninterrupted power flow to your cameras so they will always have enough juice to capture important events on video without any interruptions. Just make sure not to place outdoor wires near trees as branches get too strong of winds could snap them in half!

Wireless – A wireless CCTV camera is the best option for households and smaller businesses who want their home or business to be safe. These gadgets can easily install out of the box, with an easy installation process that a user can DIY if needed. The WiFi connection allows you to control your surveillance settings from anywhere in your local area network- no need for wires!

Motion Detection – As a higher form of security, motion-detect cameras automatically send an alarm into the system and alert the property owner via notifications on their smartphone or alarm systems. This is especially useful for banks, stores with high turnover rates like grocery markets, gas stations that are open late at night where there may not be enough staff to monitor everything going on outside in plain sight during business hours.

Top CCTV Brands in Philippines 


Hikvision offers a wide range of security cameras, recorders and other related products that are both user-friendly as well highly capable. This brand’s defining feature is its simplicity to install when compared with others brands like these in the market today.


TP-Link is the expert when it comes to networking. With their vast experience in this field, they have created products that are both stable and affordable while still meeting high standards of performance for any individual’s needs – now or tomorrow!


Yi is a world-class company that specializes in researching and developing video imaging technologies. Since its launch, the brand has gained multiple prestigious awards for their practical yet affordable smart tech solutions which are ideal for individuals or companies alike!


So, whether you’re looking for a sleek and discreet model to monitor your home while you’re away or want something that will keep an eye on your property 24/7, there are plenty of great CCTV cameras to choose from. Be sure to do your research in order to find the best option for your needs and budget; with so many high-quality devices available at different price points, it’s easy to find the perfect security system for your home. Have you chosen what CCTV to purchase?


How much memory do I need for my CCTV?

The 60GB hard drive is a great option for today's video surveillance systems. This size of storage can hold enough quality footage to last some time, but it isn't too expensive at the same time. For instance, 16 cameras consuming 60 GB each would be 1 TB - this sweet spot in terms of cost and space available! With 60GB on hand you'll have motion-based recording capability up to 4CIF or less than 10 fps. You could also do continuous based recordings with full frame rate/SD resolution that lasts from as little as one week all the way up to two weeks depending upon how much data you want stored per second (fps).

What is IP CCTV?

IP CCTV also called HD digital CCTV, and the terms are often used interchangeably. IP cameras use high resolution images that networked using computerized technology with better flexibility and reliability than DVRs. One of these advantages is a 24-hour real time recording or storage on an NVR which offers more space for recordings when compared to traditional devices like tapes (DVD).


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