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This is one of those questions that has been around for ages and will never truly have an answer. The truth, though it may be surprising to some people: both wired AND wireless mice can work well depending on your personal preferences!

For the longest time, a wired mouse has been the staple choice for gamers. Modern wireless mice have been steadily improving over the last few years, and now they are just as good, if not better, than wired options. The high latency problems that once plagued them are gone with newer models able to offer low-latency connections on the latest wireless technology, which produce cleaner gameplay without any annoying buffering or delay time!

If you are looking for the ultimate performance in a mouse, wired or wireless mouse options might be what suits your needs. But before we get into which one is better, let’s go over some of their main specifications so that when it comes time to make purchase decisions, there will at least have been some research done!

Wired vs wireless gaming mouse: What’s the Difference?

Wired and wireless gaming mice use different technologies to connect with your computer. Wired connections are simpler in that they require you to plug one end of the cable into a USB port on either a desktop or laptop. The Wireless mouse connects wirelessly via a variety of connections. You can either opt for Bluetooth or a USB dongle, depending on what you want to use and how many devices will be able to access it at once!

Wired Mice Pros and Cons

Wired mice are the most popular type in gaming circles because they’re reliable and practical. Some wired mouse models even come with advanced features that haven’t made their way onto wireless versions yet!



Wired mice are great for gamers looking to get into their game with as little hassle as possible. Simply plug the cable into any available USB port, and you’re good! There’s no need to worry about batteries or losing the transmitter.

Price Difference

Wired mice are a great choice if you want to save money. They only require minimal hardware in order for them to work, which means that wired mouse prices will always be lower than their wireless counterparts.



Wired mice are prone to breaking because of their cables. If you travel often, this might not be the best option for your mouse since it could get tangled or snagged on something during transit and cause damage that would cost more than just buying another one outright!

Limited Range

Wired mice are the traditional choice for PC gamers because they offer a reliable connection and don’t require any extra equipment. However, wired connections can be limiting if you plan on playing games from farther away or have them hooked up to TVs/monitors that aren’t near your computer setup!

Wireless Mice Pros and Cons

Modern wireless gaming mice are more responsive and allow for higher polling rates than their Bluetooth counterparts. The 2.4GHz frequency is generally considered better because it does not introduce lag or connection issues like those caused by using lower frequencies or Bluetooth mice.


Longer Range

If you’re looking for a mouse that has an excellent range and can be used from farther away, then the modern wireless model would suit your needs. You can use your TV as a display and use your wireless mice from the couch with no problem.


Wireless mice are the way to go if you want increased comfort and smoother tracking! They have no cable drag or resistance when moving it, which means there is more room for your hand. This translates into faster flicks while playing games online with wireless mice as well.


Wireless mice are the perfect choice if you’re always on the on-the-go. They don’t get tangled or snagged like cords can, so they make life easier when travelling!



Wireless mice are always more expensive than their wired counterparts. The higher cost is inevitable, considering the advanced technology behind them and transmitters that need to be bought separately or come with a dock charge for wireless devices, which drives up prices even further!

Battery life

Wireless mice are great for gaming, but they do have one major drawback: the battery life. Wireless mouse use either rechargeable or replaceable batteries, which means you’ll eventually need to charge them up before playing your favourite game again!

Heavier Weight

Wireless gaming mice can be a little heavier than wired gaming mice. If you want the lightest mouse possible, make sure to choose your desired option wisely, as this will affect how much weight it carries in addition to other factors like comfortability and durability!

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mouse

The most important consideration when buying a gaming mouse is its accuracy. There are many things to look at, but it’s worth noting that they can be largely similar in both wired and wireless setups as well! The effect of DPI on cursor movement is an important factor to consider. High-DPI cursors move with less effort, while low DPI requires more pressure from your hand or mouse for its movements. The type of game you’re playing will determine whether a higher DPI is good for accurate character movements, but it might not be so effective when aiming – if your mouse sensitivity levels are too high, then aiming may become an issue.


Debates about whether to use a wired or wireless mouse are now largely pointless. The most recent advancements in technology have made them both obsolete, with one exception: If you want peace of mind that your connection won’t suffer and there’s no risk of batteries running out during an all-night gaming session, then go ahead and use a wired gaming mouse.

Gaming mice are often a matter of personal preference and ergonomics. For some, the best mouse is one that fits their hands perfectly, while others prefer something more affordable with similar performance qualities in order to be able to use it regularly without discomfort over time due to its size or weight factors involved when considering these different options available on today’s marketplaces so do research wisely before making any final decisions!

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