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Portable computers, also called laptops or notebook computers have been around for a long time now. These lightweight devices can be easily carried from place to another and still run the same software as your home computer does at its best times!

Some of the most popular laptops on the market today come with many strengths and weaknesses. To help you make an informed decision before buying one, we’ve compiled a list outlining their advantages as well as disadvantages so that when shopping for your favorite model from any brand or manufacturer in this category-you know what to look out for!


You don’t need anything else

Laptops are portable computers that can be used anywhere. They typically have many features, such as their own keyboard and mouse (or touchpad), built-in speakers for voice input or music playback through headphones slot at the side of screen where you view your images from different angles when using an external camera module attached to front portion bottom corner inside cover. A typical model would include everything needed in daily life without needing another device.

Portable and Mobile

Laptops are great because they’re so lightweight and portable. You can take them anywhere, which makes it easy to get your work done on the go! The battery life also lasts quite a while – usually you’ll only need one charge from an outlet or remembered power strip at home before being able use up all its juice during everyday activities like web browsing/writing emails etc. Laptops are typically lighter than desktop computers, making them more portable. They also have a smaller footprint on your desk so you can easily store or move around with it! In addition to being easier for transportation purposes due their lower weight compared to regular laptops which weigh between 3kgs to  5 kg for thickest models available today, some people find themselves using their laptop differently from how they would rely upon one usually employed at home

Backup Battery

Laptops are great for traveling because they can be used anywhere with no worries about running out of juice. The battery on your laptop stores power very efficiently which means you won’t ever need to worry about being stranded by the side of an road or unable finish whatever work takes place outside major cities electricity grids!

Built In WiFi and Bluetooth

Connecting to the internet has never been easier. Every laptop comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which you can use for connecting wirelessly or exchanging data through Bluetooth connections between two devices simultaneously! You’ll find yourself in perfect company when on your next adventure thanks this useful technology – whether it be at university studying hard under deadlines while also managing all social media accounts during breaks.

Flexible Usability

Laptops offer a lot of extra functionality that you can’t get with desktops. They’re also easy to take anywhere and do not require an outlet nearby in order for them operate properly, which makes these laptops perfect if your work requires constant mobile use!


Smaller Screen Size

With laptops getting smaller and more portable, the screen size has become an issue. It is not easy to manage multiple windows on your laptop if you have a small monitor like 13 inches or 15″. A desktop computer would be better because they offer larger screens that make working easier for people who are used to them from daily life!

Not Much Customization and Upgradability

 Laptops are not customizable in the same way that a desktop. There’s only so much memory and storage available for your computer, which means if you want more room to store files then it would have been nice on this device! You also don’t get access all of its other components like processors graphics cards cooling system, which are parts that aren’t easy replacement parts so when they become obsolete- which can happen quickly in this industry -you’ll need buy another whole new machine! Updating your laptop to a newer version of the operating system can be difficult. You’ll have most parts needing an upgrade, including RAM and processor speed but if you want better graphics cards then it becomes more challenging because most are soldered onto circuit boards which means that unless they’re broken off or missing there’s really no way for someone else who doesn’t own this specific model/series (etc)of computer –or at least know how–to take them out without help from manufacturer tech support!

Tougher Temperature Management

Laptops are more susceptible than desktops to heat-induced failures because they have fewer options for cooling. The small size of laptops makes them difficult or impossible to cool adequately with a fan pad, as well; there’s simply insufficient space inside any laptop case that could house such an accessory.


Laptops are great for traveling, but they have some drawbacks. One of the biggest problems with laptop usage is that parts break down faster than you would expect thanks to regular use- which includes carrying around a heavy device all day long and subjecting its delicate components such as hinges or latches too much strain over time!

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