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Tablets are a great alternative to laptops and smartphones, with the portability of a small tablet. Tablets can do everything from emailing friends back home or playing games on-the go! With tablets being all the rage, it’s hard to decide which one will suit your needs best. You have display size and battery life considerations as well as processing speed that must be considered in order not only find but also last through school or work without having charge limitations on your device of choice. To help with this dilemma we’ve put together a list of what you should consider before buying your very own tablet.

Display Screen

If you want to be productive, it’s important that your tablet has a screen large enough for both work and leisure. The most crucial aspect when buying any device is determining what kind of content consumption this will take place in – whether that means watching movies or checking social media feeds while browsing on-the go. For most people, 10-inch screens are the best choice for browsing and watching videos. A Full HD resolution offers high quality viewing that won’t strain your eyes. Whether you’re taking your tablet outside or just in everyday use, it’s important that the screen is durable and can handle scratches. With a brighter display there will be less glare on an uncovered screen making them easier to see when out and about with our devices.

Battery Life

A tablet’s battery life is one of its most important specifications. It can be hard to judge for tablets as different applications will draw on the device at varying power requirements, but a full day with mixed usage should still last you until evening if not later! 10-inch devices this means they need an average 7,000mAh juice pack while larger screens like 11 inch or 12 inchers require close to 10 000mAh.


While you may not carry around as much data on a tablet, the amount of space it has to offer is something worth considering. If you only use your device as a web browser, stream video or read books then an 8GB model will suffice; however if like most people that want high definition movies on their tablets (or lots games) consider getting at least 16GB so they don’t have sift through data between devices when transferring files back and forth.

Software Installed

You might be buying an iPad or Android tablet, but make sure that the device comes pre-installed with the latest version of iOS or Android. It should also have a promise for updates on all future releases. The iPadOS operating system is better for tablets because it even has access to more engaging apps and games, and is easier to use. Android tablet users will find their own advantages when compared, including easier access files in the filesystem or accessories they want like cases


To make a good impression, tablets need at least an 8MP or 12 MP camera with autofocus and F2.0 aperture for video recording in meetings online classes. This means that these devices should have higher resolutions than most smartphones. This will help you to get more attention from viewers when presenting presentations or taking notes during class time!

Connectivity Options

To use a tablet, you need to be able connect it wirelessly or through your provider’s mobile data network. With cellular connections, tablets can quickly sync with WiFi networks when in range. Having WiFi 5 available on your tablet can be a game changer,Whether you are on a video call or streaming videos, Wi-FI 5 ensures that there’s enough bandwidth for the task at hand without any hiccups along the way.  

Your tablet also needs to have Bluetooth 5. 0.  With this version, you can finally listen to audio from your tablet using truly wireless earphones without worrying about a wire getting in the way or having an issue when taking calls on both channels at once due to non-synchronized sound coming out of each side because they are being transferred separately

Size and Weight

Many tablets are designed with mobility in mind. This means that when purchasing, you should consider the size and weight of any potential purchase. In some cases, users will be holding their tablet for long stretches of time so they don’t want it too heavy or cumbersome – light enough not compromise on durability if dropped.

Extra Accessories

If you’re an artist who is into drawing and painting, then look out for tablets that support a capacitive stylus.  If your work involves a lot of typing, check out tablets that come bundled with keyboards. If you find yourself constantly typing on your tablet while working, consider getting a keyboard dock for it. If you want to enjoy media on your tablet, such as movies and music videos without the need for headphones or speakers that can be placed near one’s ear; then go with a model which features high-quality loudspeakers.

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