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Deep frying food is never an easy task. You end up with dirty pans, grimy utensils and a greasy coating on everything around the fryer! The cooking basket is completely enclosed which eliminates splattering but doesn’t mean there’s no need to clean; your air-fryer should be cleaned every time you use it because they’re great for convenience (especially if someone else can do all of that washing) but not without proper maintenance like cleaning out any residue from previous uses as well as periodically oiling them down so their performance stays at its best possible levels over time.

Cleaning the air fryer

Cleaning your air fryer is essential to avoid burnt food and gunk build up. But there are certain parts that can be cleaned with an occasional wipe down, like baskets or trays (depending on the model), as well as pans for dishwasher safe models. Cleaning these areas after every use will ensure their longevity! To keep up the good work of cleaning this machine for years ahead there are only two things that require extra attention; these parts can either be hand-washed or if they’re built into one model by manufacturer then adding them onto next laundry cycle – just make sure not too much detergent gets applied since its job would already be done well enough at stripping off oils before coming inside. Your air fryer’s heating coil can be checked every couple of months for oil residue. If you notice it’s become a bit dirty, grab some paper towels and remove any excess before plugging back in!

Things to Consider When Cleaning

Cleaning your air fryer is easy with the right tools. Always use nonmetal cooking utensils, like silicone or wooden ones to avoid damaging any of its surfaces that come in contact by scraping them against steel wool pads for example which will scratch away at this hard-to-wear coating on most models!

You can use the high heat of a dishwasher to sanitize your air fryer. Make sure you check with yours before popping anything in there, though- some models are not safe for washing dishes because they’re too small or don’t have enough open space inside them!

You shouldn’t use disinfectant to clean your air fryer, either. Disinfectants are not typically safe for food-contact surfaces and may damage them over time so you should avoid this at all costs! If you want a nice clean environment in the meantime or after using it make sure that sanitizing solution has been approved by reading its label carefully on how much contact it will have with food before purchase.

Maintenance Guide

Cleaning an air fryer is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve cooled down your appliance, make sure it’s stored upright and not plugged into anything before tucking away cords in a container or storage compartment on top of them for safety precautions!

Cords – Inspecting the cords before each use is a must! Don’t plug in any damaged or frayed cables. It could cause serious injury to you and damage to the fryer when it’s plugged into an outlet and you don’t know about it until after-the damage has been done. Make sure your air fryer cord hairs are clean by giving them a good cleaning every few months so they’re not tangled up in knots during cooking times

Debris – It’s always a good idea to make sure your air fryer is clean and free of any debris before you start cooking. If it has been awhile since you’ve used the appliance, check inside for dust or food residue that might have accumulated during those times when its lid wasn’t closed properly while heating things up on high temperatures– these typically happen if someone leaves home without closing their kitchen appliances’ doors first.

Proper Placement – The restriction on moving air fryers should be obvious. Place it at least 4 inches away from any other appliances, and make sure there’s space above as well- because this appliance needs plenty of room to vent steam while cooking! Placing them too close can lead their temperature level skyrocket– endangering your food safety due to excess grease or smoke being released into the kitchen.

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