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An air fryer is a handy tool for cooking healthy, oil-free meals. They’re also much easier to clean than traditional deep fat fryers because the food doesn’t stick as badly and there’s no greasy residue left behind! If you’ve ever used one before then I know how frustrating it can be when your favorite appliance stops working properly – which means figuring out what went wrong so that we don’t experience those same problems again.

Not Cleaning

There’s no need to let your air fryer get dirty, so make sure you clean it regularly. And when in doubt – a quick wipe down with some antibacterial cleanser will do the trick! A little bit of elbow grease goes along way for getting that greasy residue off and could save yourself from imparting unwanted flavors onto future meals too.

Forgetting to Preheat

Be careful not to forget about preheating your air fryer, as this can result in undercooked food. For optimum cooking settings that will give you the best outcome be sure and set it before placing any of those delicious fries or chicken nuggets inside.

Not drying the food before putting it

Perhaps the most important tip is to make sure your food surface is dry before frying. Moisture on a wet pan will steam and cause soggy fried foods so pat meats, vegetables or bread with paper towels in order for them brown quicker!

Never Using Oil

Air frying might sound like a great way to save money, but don’t be shy about adding oil! It will improve your results and make food crispier. Oil is essential for making foods crispier, but you don’t need it if your goal is to avoid greasy dishes. A small amount can go a long way in improving the quality of an air fryer’s output!

White Smokes

One of the most common problems with an air fryer is that there can be too much fat in your food. White smoke usually indicates this problem, and if you notice it coming out from underneath. First of all make sure your oil collection pan is clean and clear from any excess oils or fats before continuing with step two: Use less fatty ingredients when possible in order avoid creating additional messes inside an already full house.

No Powering On

If your Air Fryer is not turning on, check to make sure everything’s connected and that the circuit breaker isn’t turned off. Then go ahead and take a look at what time it currently has set for itself in case there are any issues with programming or something prior like an overfilled oil bath getting too hot before cooking anything properly. Sometimes this can happen if someone forgets about their appliance while using one because typically they start automatically once activated by somebody else pushing buttons around 10-15 minutes into whatever task was programmed beforehand!

Burning Plastic Smell

There are a few things that could cause your air fryer to overheat, including dirty filters and overheating. The first thing you should do is clean all of the internal components with soap water before getting started if they’re covered in residue from previous uses as this will help avoid any possible damage done during cleaning process (and save time!). It’s also good idea check for scorch marks or other forms of physical wear-and -tear on these parts too

Air Fryer is Not Heating

It’s always a good idea to check your device for power before assuming that something is wrong. You can do this by checking if the cord and plugs are secure, as well as seeing if there are any signs of fraying or damage on them. If you have an hourglass symbol next time around with lightning bolts coming out from either side then it may mean short circuit protection has been turned on automatically because too much energy was used over what should be able at one point in time!

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