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With all of these benefits, you might be wondering why more people don’t use serum in their daily skincare routines. Serums are one type of skincare that many people choose to treat their various skin problems. The serum has an active ingredient with a high concentration which aims to target certain issues such as acne, premature aging and dryness among others; however even though this may sound perfect for you on paper – often times we feel like they don’t work optimally when applied directly onto our faces.

Serums are the best way to get your skin cared for in one go. The problem is, not all of them work equally well so you need something with higher concentrations or better ingredients than others! But here’s how serum mistakes can be made by missing out on what makes it special- its benefits will never come full circle without these key elements being present. But here’s something interesting: make sure that whatever serum You choose is actually working for you – otherwise it might just go down the drain with lost money (and time).

Here are some of the mistake people make when using face serums :

Wrong Order of Skin Care

It’s important to remember that the order of your skincare routine should be: lightest product first and heaviest last. If you apply moisturizer before serum, it won’t penetrate through and absorb into skin because this is how serums work best when layered together with other products like face masks or exfoliators!

 If you’re not adding anything else to your beauty regime, then it’s important that the skincare products are applied in order first is the cleanser, face wash, tonic essence, serum, moisturizer, and then sunblock. This is because when one product starts breaking down before another has been able fully absorb into its intended area of use this can cause issues with efficiency

You Are Using the Wrong Serum

Serum is a type of skincare with the highest active ingredients which can directly target your skin problems. These powerful substances are also very diverse, so you have options for what kind to use based on how severe or mild it might be! It’s important to know that there are many different types of serums out on the market. You want one with ingredients like azelaic acid for acne treatment or alpha arbutin which can be used in removing scars left behind by previous breakouts, but if your skin doesn’t get better after using it then this will just mean it wasn’t the right serum that you needed!

You Are Not Using the Right Amount

The standard amount of serum to use is typically a pea-sized portion. If you are applying it around your neck too, add another one for good measure and don’t go overboard with how much because that will just end up costing money!

The best way to apply face serum is with the dropper. You want just enough so it will lightly cover your entire skin and neck, but not too much that you are applying more than necessary! Apply 3-4 drops of serum to your entire face and neck. Remember, serums are very potent with high concentrations so you want just enough for lightly covering it!

Using Serum Inconsistently

Serums are an essential part of the daily skincare routine for anyone who wants healthy, youthful-looking skin. You should use them twice a day; first in morning under your facial cream and at night when applying moisturizer before bedtime

This way you’re sure not only do get maximum benefits from each treatment but also avoid any possible negative interactions between ingredients which could lead towards acne or sensitivity issues!

You Are Rubbing the Serum

Rubbing your face with the hand still holding onto product is a recipe for waste. Instead, pump some serum on one finger and press it gently into skin until all of what’s there has been absorbed before rubbing upward to help promote absorption- this way you’ll get more benefits in less time! When applying serum, always press it in an upward motion and avoid rubbing or tugging the skin. This will help with product penetration so you can get more results from less amount of ingredient!

Improper Serum Storage

While there are many types of serums, some can be damaged by sunlight. For example Vitamin C serum will change color and then lose effectiveness when it’s oxidized- so keep this in mind if you want to store your product properly!

Mixing Products

There are all sorts of serums out there, but you should only use one at a time. This way your skin can get the benefits from each serum without any negative mixing or irritation that could happen when too many ingredients are combined in one place. Remember, when it comes to serums, less is more.

If you find that your serum is not giving the results desired, there may be a few reasons for this. First of all make sure to pick one with enough vitamins in it and check if they are compatible by looking at what other products work well alongside them before buying anything new!

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