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One way of ensuring crisp and sharp clothes are by ironing them. But when you’re in the market for an appliance that will get all wrinkles out fast- not sure what type suits your needs? We’ve got a big decision: whether or not purchasing something like an expensive steam generator vs traditional dry irons! In today’s article we’ll take some time breaking down these differences between both options before deciding on which works best based upon where space permits.

How Steam Iron Works

For steam irons, the primary agent to remove wrinkles from garments is not pressure but rather steaming. A jet of hot water releases heat within fibers which relaxes them and often causes fabric surfaces to soften before being smoothed out with light hand movements or even just left alone for some time so it can do its job naturally. With this method there isn’t much need for heavy pressing.

How Dry Iron Works

Dry irons are a great way to quickly get wrinkles out of clothes. They work by compressing and heating up materials such as fabrics, which then cool after the pressing process is done with them; this retains their new shape because bonds between molecules have been loosened during ironing.

Basic Difference


If you iron often, then a steam iron is better for you. The versatility of this iron makes it an excellent purchase. It can be used on most types of clothing and even gives you the option to use steam for upholstery or furniture, making ironing easy without much hassle


A dry iron will have a flat soleplate. This makes it easy and quick to clean, while steam irons come with lots of holes for releasing the powerful force from their built-in tank! The downside is that you’ll need to work on each individual hole in case they get blocked up by something like lint or residue.

Water Tank

A steam iron has a water tank so that it can produce some of the best results. Because they contain hot liquid, there is no risk of burning you or your clothes when using one on delicate fabrics. However you also run into the risk of the water leaking. If you want to avoid leaking, then a basic dry iron should be enough for you.


A great feature of the steam iron is that it can double up as a dryer. You don’t always need to use its special function, and if there are empty water tanks you have yourself an excellent option for those busy days.

Steam Iron Pros and Cons


The steam iron is an excellent tool for removing wrinkles, and it does not scorch fabrics. This makes the perfect choice if you need to freshen up your laundry between washes with delicate clothing such as cashmere or velvet. The portable models are perfect if you need to freshen up your items between washes or when travelling with sensitive clothes that cannot withstand the heat from other irons.

The steamer is a great tool for those who don’t have the space or need to store an upright iron. With its portable design, you can take it anywhere and do your clothes justice no matter where life takes you!


Steamers are fast and easy to use, but they have some drawbacks. For example you will spend more time on thicker fabrics because steaming doesn’t penetrate as well. There is also the possibility tiring out your arm after hours spent steaming garments without breaks in between uses.

Dry Iron Pros and Cons


The dry iron is the most efficient, clean and crisp-finishing option for creasing garments. This tool will be able to quickly create sharp folds with minimal effort on delicate fabrics like linen or wool while providing more precision than steam because of its solid plate design that allows you absolute control over where each wrinkle goes when finished heating up your garment.


Irons can be difficult to use on sleeves, pleats and curved surfaces. The biggest drawback of using an iron is that there’s risk for burning or otherwise marking clothes if left in place too long which makes them less desirable than other types of appliances like sprayers

The best way to keep your clothes looking their best is through proper care and maintenance. You can use either a steam iron or dry, which both will help you do just that!

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