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As gamers and workaholics alike, it is no surprise that we spend long hours in our chairs. As a heavy gamer you may be considering which type of chair will best suit your needs as well- do I want something with arm rests for when comfort? Or maybe an extra leg space so my legs don’t get cramped while playing games on computer all day! If this sounds familiar then don’t worry; there are many other considerations before making such major purchases.

In this post, we’ll explore the major differences between a gaming chair and an ergonomic office seat. There is in fact more than meets the eye so keep reading to discover which style will be best for you before making your next purchase!

Seat Design

Gaming Chair – Racing car seats are an inspiration for gaming chairs, and while they may look cool in your room as well they don’t serve a practical function. They do however provide great comfort with their raised sides that come up to give you more stability when seated on them than traditional chair seat designs

Office Chairs – The difference between a standard office chair and gaming chairs can be seen in the shape of their seats. Office chairs have no raised sides, while gamers want to sit on something with extra support for their back or neck so they don’t get tired as quickly during long hours at work! The materials available are also much more varied; from leather upholstery all the way down to mesh fabric which allows air circulation but keeps you cool


Gaming Chair – Gaming chairs are comfortable, stylish and perfect for playing games. They come with three adjustable features that allow you to customize your experience: the backrest which can recline from a flat position all the way down into an upright one; arm rests so it’s easier on those who like spending time resting their arms at whatever angle feels most natural while seated; an extra lumbar support attached near wherever there is pain or discomfort when sitting straight

Office Chair – A standard office chair has a built-in seat that is not adjustable. As your back tires, there are no adjustments to help you find comfort so it becomes difficult for people who use these chairs throughout their day because they must contort themselves in order sit straight and stay comfortable

Additional Features

Gaming Chair – Gaming chairs add comfort and convenience features like extra cushion support, Bluetooth speakers in the headrest for gaming use or music enjoyment. Some even come with vibration settings so you can feel as if it were an reality!

Office Chair – The office chair is a staple of the modern work place. It pretty much does what you need it to, with little maintenance required and most models supporting up to six different positions for varied postures throughout the day as well!


Gaming Chair – Gaming chairs are often more expensive. Cheapest ones can still cost as much or even less than an office chair, which will come with a one-year warranty at best! But if you’re looking for high end models that have warranties ranging from 2-5 years then these are your options too.

Office Chair– Most people think they have to spend a lot of money on an office chair. The truth is, you can get great chairs for less! Many popular models come with warranties and if something goes wrong within 30 days or six months.

So What Should You Pick?

The best chair for you will be a personal preference, as there is no clear winner when it comes to ergonomics and affordability. For gamers looking stream their games or take advantage of built-in audio features like speakers; the sleek racer style chair fits the bill perfectly! If professional video calls are more your thing then consider something less flashy but still fun like an office flat back mesh swivel task seat – perfect if sitting at home all day long while juggling work emails sounds stressful.

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