Top 6 Best Stand Fan Philippines – 2022 Review

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The Philippines, being a tropical country, has more days of heat and humidity rather than cold. In this case, staying cool is important, as air conditioners are expensive both to purchase and for the electricity consumption, stand fans are the next best options to stay comfortable despite the humidity and high temperatures.

Below are the 6 Best Stand Fan Philippines you can buy:

Table of Contents

    1. Space Saving: Karavision KVISF-1113
    2. Best Air Circulation: Fukuda SF164XS
    3. Energy Saving: Karavision KVISF-1005
    4. Elegant Design: Asahi XF6077
    5. Adjustable tilt: Asahi PF-630
    6. Light and Movable: Imarflex IF-322
  • Stand Fan vs Wall Fan
  • Top Stand Fan Brands in Philippines
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Quick Comparison Table

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1. Karavision KVISF-1113 

Space Saving

This Karavision stand fan is perfect for keeping you cool in these hot summer days. It’s powerful motor saves energy and it’s also very space saving and lightweight, so you can have it anywhere! Karavision’s KVISF-1113 is the perfect fan to get you through the most intense summers in style. With a wide oscillation range and aerodynamic blade, this stand fan is not only powerful but also aesthetically pleasing. It is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety.


  • Wide oscillation and aerodynamic
  • 3 11″ wing blade made of aluminium
  • 120-degree airflow directional control


  • A bit on the smaller side

2. Fukuda SF164XS

Best Air Circulation

Summers in the country can be very hot, and regular fans might not be able to suffice the air needed to feel the comfort we need under the scorching heat. This is where this Fukuda stand fan is a perfect choice. With a 16″ banana blade, air can surely circulate in the room. This fan uses 220v or 60Hz with an oscillating action. Fukuda Electric Fan Stand Fan 16 Inches Banana Blade Plastic SF164XS is a fan that can be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office. It has three-speed controls to suit anyone’s preference. This fan is equipped with a powerful motor which can withstand an all day and night use. The fan is also durable and lightweight.


  • Three-speed controls to suit anyone’s preference
  • Powerful motor that can endure an all day and night use
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Stand could be sturdier

3. Karavision KVISF-1005

Energy Saving

Beat the heat with this Karavision stand fan with a powerful motor while being energy saving at the same time. This stand fan is also very space-saving and lightweight, so it is also very portable.  The Karavision KVISF-1005 stand fan is a great addition to any room with a high level of heat. The fan has three blades that are made of aluminum and can oscillate 120 degrees. The height of the fan is also adjustable to ensure that it covers a large area. The base is made of sturdy plastic only for the motor to be protected with thermal fuse.


  • Wide oscillation and aerodynamic
  • 3 10″ wing blade made of aluminium
  • 120-degree airflow directional control


  • A bit smaller than standard models

4. Asahi XF6077

Elegant Design

The Asahi XF6077 Stand Fan is the perfect cooling solution for any room in your home. This fan’s sleek design blends modern, aesthetic appeal with traditional wooden designs. Its functionality adds to its charm; the fan comes with a 3-speed control that allows you to easily customize the speed according to your needs. Plus, its high performance fan motor is complete with a thermal cutoff fuse that offers long-term reliability and peace of mind. With 16in. fan blades and an oscillating action, this fan effectively circulates cool air up to 70W – ensuring full coverage of your desired space whether it’s for home or commercial use. Add style, convenience and superior cooling power to any room in your house with the stylish and functional Asahi XF6077 Stand Fan!


  • Blades and fan guard are made of metal
  • 3-speed control
  • Oscillating action


  • Quite expensive

5. Asahi PF-630

Adjustable tilt

The Asahi PF-630 Stand Fan is an ideal addition to your home. It features a sleek and slim design, with four nylon blades made from durable plastic for air delivery. Three speed settings mean you have the ability to customize the amount of air you handle, while a thermal fuse protected motor ensures safe and reliable performance time and time again. The fan has an adjustable tilt feature, allowing for easy adjustment to different angles. The adjustable height feature provides more convenience as the user can choose their desired height between 91cm – 119cm.


  • Slim plastic blades
  • With thermal cutoff fuse
  • Adjustable height


  • Makes a bit of noise

6. Imarflex IF-322 

Light and Movable 

The Imarflex IF-322 Stand Fan has been designed with your convenience in mind. This essential cooling device is uniquely crafted from top-quality ABS plastic and adjustable in both height and speed settings. Plus, with its reliable 16” blades and high-performing copper motor, you can cool any space faster and easier than ever before. This stand fan is equipped with a 3-speed system to suit all requirements, while the oscillation function helps the air flow more efficiently throughout the room – ensuring maximum comfort. With an innovative thermal fuse protection that provides 24hr operation all day long, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have cool air on hand.


  • ABS plastic
  • Thermal Fuse Protection
  • Copper Motor


  • Blades are a bit thinner

Stand Fan vs Wall Fan

  • The first thing that is the obvious difference that makes stand fans the better choice is the portability. Because it isn’t attached to anything, it is easier just to take the fan and use it wherever a plug is available. 
  • There is less installation required when setting up a stand fan
  • The disadvantage for a stand fan is that it consumes more space than wall fans 
  • Stand fans are also better to use for smaller rooms or concentrated use as wall fans are the better choice for bigger rooms or shared use.
  • Because of its portability, stand fans are the perfect choice for those using dorms, boarding houses, and renting spaces as it doesn’t require anyone to damage a whole.

Top Stand Fan Brands in Philippines


Asahi is the go-to for customers who seek quality home appliances. Their fans are highly sought after due to their innovative design and multi-functional capabilities, as well as being sturdy yet wallet friendly!


Imarflex is creating a range of dependable appliances to fit the demands and lifestyle of today’s Filipino family. Their products strive for superior quality at an attractive price, keeping convenience in mind so everyone can enjoy their best life!


With that being said, it is still better to invest in a quality stand fan because it will definitely last longer. Plus, you would not want to be stuck with a hot and sweaty room because your stand fan just decided to break down on you when humidity and heat are at its peak. A little bit of research can go a long way in finding the best stand fan for your needs so that you can stay cool all day and night during those humid days.


What features should I look for in my Stand fan?

One important feature is the noiseless performance. Stand fans are usually known as noiseless, and when choosing your own fan, make sure it performs quietly.

What is the difference between 3 blade and 4 blade fan?

4 blade are less noisy and more stylish looking than 3 blade fan. However, 3 blade fans move the air faster than 4 blade ones.

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