Best Gaming Chair Philippines – 2022 Review of Top Brands


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For those long hours in front of the screen, you will need one thing: a comfy gaming chair. These chairs offer more cushioning and reclining options to help reduce tension on your neck and shoulders, and improve blood circulation for better focus during gameplay sessions or workdays alike- plus they keep back pains at bay! For gamers who spend many hours sitting down playing their favourite games or working hard at their desk, there is something that can make it much easier—a comfortable gaming chair.

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Comparison Table

    1. Affordable Option: Panther Nightfall Series
    2. Best for Long Continuous Use: Rakk Casap Elite Chair
    3. 4D Armrests: Predator Gaming Chair LK-2341
    4. Heavy Duty: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 SoftWeave®
    5. Customizable Styles: Gamdias Achilles E1L RGB Chair
    6. Lighter Option: TTRacing Duo V3
    7. Premium Multipurpose Choice: COUGAR RANGER
    8. Powerful Design: Cougar FUSION
    9. Continuous Reclining: Cougar ARMOR ONE Chair
    10. Best Luxurious Option: Secretlab TITAN 2020
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  • Benefits of a Using Gaming Instead of Regular Chair
  • Conclusion
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Comparison Table

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It’s not a new concept that gaming chairs can be expensive. But there are ways to get the most comfortable chair for your needs without having to break the bank – if you know what features and designs you’re looking for! Listed below are the top and best gaming chairs Philippines that you can choose from.

1. Panther  Nightfall Series

Affordable Option  

The Panther Gaming Chair is a multifunctional gaming chair, perfect for gamers who want comfort and style. The 1000 kg weight capacity means that you can sit on it or lie down on it without the product breaking and making your experience uncomfortable. The Ginza gaming chair is sleek and easy to store. The roomy seating space comes with a premium, faux-leather cover for comfortable, extended use. Sit back and enjoy the luxury of the high density foam sponge filling that provides ultimate comfort for extended hours of game play! GINZA offers you a unique companion that will never let your gaming sessions get stale anytime soon.


  • Thickened chassis, durable.
  • Soft pillow
  • Backrest extension, comfortable
  • Budget gaming chair
  • Value for money


  • Thin foam on the seat pad

2. Rakk Casap Elite Chair

Best for Long Continuous Use

The Rakk “Casap” Elite gaming chair has a whole different look and feel. From the soft PU leather to the cold cured full-body foam, this product gives you that elite feeling with all of the features for hardcore game play. The black metal base is not just heavy duty but also stylish; compare it against other dark colors or even wood constructions. The ergonomic design is meticulously engineered to let you unleash serious skills depending on what game-worlds are calling your name. The Rakk Casap was designed for long periods of intense gaming or work with 175 degrees of back adjustment for maximum comfort and can even be used  for napping.


  • Black high-grade soft PU leather.
  • Black Matte textured metal base.
  • Black 3D Armrest.


  • The support for arms can be wobbly for some users


3. Predator Gaming Chair LK-2341

4D Armrests

This gaming chair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be able to customize their experience. The Prime PU Leather is comfortable and looks great, and the 4D Armrests make it easy to find a comfortable position. The metal framework ensures that this chair will last, and the balanced wheelbase means that it moves smoothly across any surface. Finally, the backrest recline and lumbar support help keep you comfortable for hours of gaming or work.


  • Ergonomic Still Curve Design
  • 150 degrees/angle recline
  • Durable Still Chasis
  • Come with a headrest pillow


  • Arm rest is not too durable

4. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 SoftWeave®


Ultimate gaming chair

Introducing the most technologically advanced chair to date, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022. This product combining all previous models in one sleek design and using state-of-the art manufacturing technologies for an unparalleled experience that’s just right at your fingertips! With the new TITAN Evo, you can enjoy a wider and more comfortable seat with cool features like CloudSwap armrests. It also has tons of different fabric options that will match any style or mood – not to mention it’s affordable! So why bother looking elsewhere when this chair does everything else right?


  •  Magnetic pillow
  • Different colors and materials
  • CloudSwap armrests
  • High durability


  • Expensive model.
  • Without footrest

5. Gamdias Achilles E1L RGB Chair

Customizable Styles

Get ready for ultimate gaming on the fly! The Gamdias Achilles E1L RGB Gaming Chair has you covered with roomy armrests and supportive backrests, featuring breathable vinyl on top of comfortable high-density foam padding and a plethora of customization options. Enjoy long hours of gaming with your friends in the comfort and style that are just perfect for living the ultimate gamer’s lifestyle. With 150 degrees of adjustable headrest, this chair will make all the difference! You no longer have to worry about those sore neck muscles or compression while leaning back against any surfaces. And don’t forget how it goes perfectly with your favorite matte black rig setup!


  • Leather Style Vinyl
  • RGB Customizable Lighting
  • Lumbar Support Cushion


  • Seat might be too narrow for larger users
  • RGB light can be too dim

6. TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming and Office Chair

Lighter Option

Whether it’s for fun or for work (office chairs), the TTRacing chair is sure to take you and your company to victory. The PU Leather exterior is both luxurious and easy to clean, ensuring that every day can be spent with a change of clothes without worry. The gentle cloth inner ensures extra comfort while driving for hours at a time on those long campaigns without having to get out of the seat. The TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair has a lightweight frame, breathable high-quality upholstery, and can easily be taken from place to place. Now you can game in style at home! Perforations on the back of the chair allow air to circulate when seated for long periods of time. The level four hydraulic lift provides space efficient and smooth height adjustment options with 100mm SGS certified gas cylinder that’s easy to use with either hand


  • 155 degree tilt
  • Heavy Duty Hydrolics
  • Stable Butterfly Mechanism


  • Not adjustable Arm Rest
  • No Lumbar Pillow

7. COUGAR RANGER 5 Colors Gaming Sofa Computer Chair

Premium Multipurpose Choice 

Looking for a gaming chair with the features and qualities of an office chair? You’ve found the best multiple hues to meet your demands. The COUGAR Ranger 5 Colors Gaming Sofa Computer Chair, in either red blue, dark green yellow or gray will help you balance comfort with style as you game into night. Supportive padding makes all the difference when waiting patiently for new levels while thrills await instantaneously thereafter. Finally, a gaming chair that meets all of your needs with its plush and luxurious design. Whether you’re taking a break from the game or zoned in for hours on end, this chair is just what you need to keep playing. The COUGAR RANGER 5 Colors Gaming Sofa PC Chair comes with a comfortable head rest so you can keep focused on the task at hand while relaxing comfortably. A built-in lumbar provides back support when reclining and movable top armrests heighten comfort for those long play sessions without having to strain your neck!


  • Headrest and Lumbar Design
  • Breathable Premium PVC Leather
  • Unparalleled Comfort


  • Expensive
  • Design is not for everybody

8. Cougar FUSION 

Powerful Design

The Cougar FUSION is a new and improved gaming chair. With a body-embracing design for an extra-pleasant sitting experience, you’ll love how the Fusion’s high quality materials make it resistant to wear and tear as well as fading over time. Come find your perfect style with its vibrant colors that will add a burst of energy to your room! The Cougar FUSION gaming chair is the perfect solution for a deep recline in long game sessions. Available in two colors, this ergonomic chair looks and feels great while you’re playing your games. The body and armrest of the chair is made from faux leather that can handle all sorts of temperatures to keep them cool and comfortable for hours on end. With 4 gas lift cylinders making it easy to adjust, you’ll have no problem finding your most ideal position with just a little effort! It’s also been designed so that there’s no floor scratches from dragging as it slides smoothly across any surface imaginable. Get ready for the most comfortable experience possible with a Cougar-branded gaming chair today!


  • Solid and dependable metal 5-star base
  • PU Wheels that prevents floor scratches
  • Smooth and durable height adjustment


  • Not much customization

9. Cougar ARMOR ONE Chair

Continuous Reclining

Cougar ARMOR ONE Gaming Chair brings you the comfort you need on long sessions. It features fully adjustable seating, which conforms to each individual’s body shape. Made of quality materials and endowed with ergonomic design for a natural fit. The Cougar ARMOR ONE Gaming Chair is the ultimate in everyday gaming comfort. With 180 degrees of recline, you can kick back and play games with your friend to watch TV or relax while reading a book. The high-quality pistons provide long lasting support at all times and give you the chance to control how much resistance it will take for you get back up again from an abrupt leaner. Finally the design is fully adjustable with lumbar support and lateral support for extra stiffness


  • 180 degrees reclining
  • High Quality Piston Lift
  • Adjustable Tilting Resistance


  • PVC Leather is not breathable

10. Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series League of Legends Chair – KDA All Out

Best Luxurious Option

TITAN 2020 Series League of Legends Gaming Chair is the only chair designed for the hardcore gamer. With this chair, you can enjoy your favorite game and take utmost advantage of the improved cushions while also taking advantage of built-in, adjustable lumbar support. The cold-cure foam mix will keep you upright in all positions too! The Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series is one of the most durable chairs in the game. It features a class 4 hydraulic base that can withstand up to 1800 lbs., multi-tilt mechanism, and XL PU caster wheels with brake system for supreme stability. The memory foam pillow from our very own line of Signature Memory Foam Pillows has been integrated as an optional accessory on this chair, which provides additional relief to your neck and shoulder during marathon gaming sessions.


  • Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Pillow
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Class 4 Hydraulics


  • No lumber pillow

Top Gaming Chair Brands in the Philippines

Secret Lab

The build quality of Secretlab’s chairs is simply impeccable. These are 7 – 10 year long, with each component properly considering for longevity in use! Another area that makes these worth it? You’ll get innovative features to increase your productivity too – like a contoured seat cushioning design which helps you stay comfortable all day long.


The brand Predator has been around for years and is now available in all shapes and sizes. You can find them as both gaming laptops, tablets or desktops with accessories to match!


The Panther Gaming Gear is one of the sellers in Asia who sell gaming chairs at an affordable price. One thing that makes their products popular among consumers are its design and color combinations like black & gold or pink/white which range between priced options for anyone looking into purchasing a new set up!

Benefits of a Using Gaming Instead of Regular Chair 

Comfort – Sitting on the floor or in a desk chair can be uncomfortable, especially if you sit there for hours. These types of chairs weren’t designed to make long periods comfortable and it’s easy to feel sore after sitting down too much at once. Gaming Chairs are specifically made with gamers in mind so they don’t start feeling aches anywhere near as fast because gaming is their main job–not just an occasional hobby like when people used desks back then!

Unique Design – One of the great things about gaming chairs is their variety. Some have fierce and ergonomic designs while others come in unique styles based on your personal preferences.

Health – Your neck, spine and lower back are important to keep healthy while you game or work. For long-term health reasons, it’s a good idea for your chair to have lumbar support if you want an optimal gaming experience. Gaming chairs come with this necessary feature that can’t be skipped!


If you’re a gamer who spends many hours sitting down playing your favorite games or working hard at your desk, there is something that can make it much easier—a comfortable gaming chair. From extra cushioning and reclining options to help reduce tension on neck and shoulders, improve blood circulation for better focus during gameplay sessions or workdays alike- plus they keep back pains at bay! Have you chosen your gaming chair yet?


How Do I Choose the Right Gaming Chair for Me?

There are certain factors that come into play when choosing one including your body type and height/weight along with the comfort level you require for long hours of playing or work. You should also consider what budget is available to spend on this purchase since most can have a very wide range.

Do gaming chair actually help with posture?

A gaming chair is a great way to improve your posture in front of the computer. These days, nearly all office style and racing-style chairs you'll find both provide adequate lumbar support and many include additional lumbar pillows; but it's up to you whether or not they will work for YOU! You need an active role while sitting in them so that slouching doesn't become common practice.


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