10 Best Dashcam Philippines – 2022 Review

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Dashcams have become a popular way to document your drive. These handy little cameras attach directly onto the dashboard of most vehicles and with just one click, they’ll start recording all sounds and images while driving–even accidents! In recent years dashcam popularity has skyrocketed due in part from their ability to record sound, as well as video footage- even during car crashes or other incidents! They’ve also made it easier for owners who are falsely accused of crimes like reckless driving when there is evidence captured by these devices.

Table of ContentsBest Dashcam Comparison Table
    1. HD Recordings: QCY 4″ 1296P
    2. Water Resistant Camera: LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens
    3. With Great Night Vision: EKLEVA Dual Car Camera
    4. Easy Installation: EKLEVA Car DVR Car Cam Dual Lens
    5. Smooth Footage: COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens
    6. With G-sensor: Lenovo V3 HD
    7.  Seamless Video Recording:  LENOVO 9.66inch
    8. With Voice Control: Xiaomi 70mai 1S
    9. Easy to Use: EKLEVA 3 Inch Car Dvr Dash Camera
    10. Flexible Front Lens: Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam
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Dashcam Comparison Table

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Mirror dash cams are a great way to keep an eye on your car, but before you go out and buy one of these nifty gadgets there’s some things that you should consider. Here is our list of the best dashcam Philippines for those who want the details about this product!

1. QCY 4″ 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dashbooard Cam

HD Recordings

Packed with features, loop recording sets this device apart from any other camera out there! This seamless feature automatically overwrites oldest footage with newest, ensuring the efficient use of storage space without having to worry about running out. With picture in picture capability (two cameras simultaneously recording and displaying simultaneous footage) and motion detection alerts for sudden changes in those videos, you’ll know right away what’s going on at all times during your trip. No matter what the time and place, accidents are possible. But with a dash cam capable of recording in multiple HD video modes or high-quality 1296p at 30 fps, your every move behind the wheel will be documented when you need it most. A 4″ touch screen means that playback is instant–no more waiting for file transfers from your laptop! G-sensor technology ensures that accident video footage is saved automatically while you drive to show who’s really right behind you this whole time.


  • G-sensor: Automatically recording video and lock file when accident occurred
  • It also provides instant video playback.
  • Record HD Video mode


  • Does not have loop recording

2. LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens

Water Resistant Camera

The Lenovo’s newest little gem with a camera is water-resistant. It has a 4.39 inch large screen and thin body, mounted on a vehicle it offers both beautiful looks and movability! This dual-lens dash cam will have you covered with its 170 degree lens for perfectly capturing anything on the road and its LED Night Vision for recording clear images during low visibility conditions. Plus, it’s waterproof so if you get caught in a rainstorm or an embarrassing accident, this device isn’t going to let wet weather hold it back.


  • Upgrade Dual-lens camera design
  • Seamless Video recording
  • Record Full HD 1080P x 720


  • Can be pixelated at night

3. EKLEVA Dual Car Camera

With Great Night Vision

Solid as solid can be, this dash cam is made from a durable alloy and features an easy-to-access cinch lock. With its utterly sleek design, it will definitely match your car’s exterior while you’re zooming around in style. EKLEVA Dual Dash Cam HD Front And Rear, Night Vision Car Camera features a wide-angle front lens made of 6 pieces of glass. With 170 degrees 25MM large aperture, it provides you with the perfect presentation for 4 lane vision. The dual camera also has 140 degrees rear camera that can monitor those behind in your car’s safety without any blind spots.


  • Wide-Angle Front and Rear Dual Lens
  • Super Night Vision
  • Powerful Functions


  •  Wide dynamic range is does not make much difference

4.  EKLEVA Car DVR Car Cam Dual Lens FHD 3.0

Easy Installation

EKLEVA Car DVR is a dual lens dash cam that shoots Full HD videos and captures still images. The EKLEVA’s two 3M adhesive pads let the camera mount to any vehicle glass without drilling, which makes installation quick and easy while keeping it securely in place. The EKLEVA Car DVR Dash Cam Dual Lens is the perfect video recording system to install in your car or truck. It offers a Night Vision with IR-cut filter which enables you to use this camera even when it’s very dark, and invisible infrared cabin illumination utilizing 3 IR LEDs so riders are always visible in any circumstances. Thanks to its IPS screen measuring 3 inches large, users can enjoy vivid footage of their trips – both inside and outside the vehicle at day or night. Comes equipped with various functional features such as 24 hours parking monitor for monitoring while parked, 360 degree rotation installation for easier viewing from any angle.


  • Super Night Vision w/IR-cut filter
  • 3.0 Inch Large IPS Screen
  • 24 Hours Parking Monitor


  • Does not have wide angle

5. COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR HD 1080P

Smooth Footage

This dash cam has full-HD resolution, and you can use it during the day or night with its built in fill light. Its H.264 photography compression technology keeps footage smooth and headache free. The COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR HD 1080P is all the way HD video to protect your driving life! With a big wide angle, more open field of vision, and built-in gravity sensor that records separately when a collision occurs or an emergency brake is detected.


  • 4-inch HD screen
  • 170° Wide Angle
  • G-Sensor Function


  • Video can be a little dark at night

6. Lenovo V3 HD

With G-sensor

Get clearer pictures of the world with this dashcam from Lenovo. This device is equipped with a HD camera that will capture every detail and record them clearly into high-definition video for your review. Whether it’s day, night, or even through tunnels – the picture is clear no matter what! There’s never been a better way to see what happening on your current drive than with this mirror recorder! Lenovo V3 HD Rearview Mirror Recorder 1080P Mirror Dashcam is perfect for anyone looking for a more hands-on approach to their everyday routine. With many of us having our attention elsewhere on roads with stoplights or highways too long to not look back in lanes as needed, this handy gadget is at hand when you need it the most! Weighing just one pound and coming in at a low-cost price point, the Lenovo V3 HD Rearview Mirror Recorder 1080P Mirror Dashcam features a built-in G-sensor that detects sudden changes in speed or orientation like bumps and collisions. If anything happens while you’re driving, you can be sure that


  • G-sensor
  • Digital Zoom
  • Motion Detection


  • Touch screen icons are too small for some users

7. LENOVO 9.66inch Stream Media Dual Lens

Seamless Video Recording

Introducing a 9.6 inch dual camera laptop that does it all. With the LENOVO SN590, you can record video seamlessly with automatic seamless recording and customizable clip length of one, two or three minutes. This product has a 9.66-inch display with an abundance of features that packs plenty of versatility into this tiny package. The video resolution is high definition 1080p and 720p, so you’ll enjoy rich colors and sharp details on the move. It also has night vision which means it can record enhanced visibility in the dark for quality recording late at night or early morning hours without shadows casting over your face.


  • Video Resolution : 1080p / 720p
  • Image Format/Loop Recording Format: JPG/AVI
  • Supports Night Vision


  • A bit more expensive

8.  Xiaomi 70mai 1S Dash Smart Cam Upgrade Version

With Voice Control

The newly upgraded 70mai 1S Smart Dash Cam is now equipped with an inbuilt gravity sensor, automatically recording video and voice broadcasting in emergency, directional storing the video when encountering a collision. With these new features, you can rest assured that your videos are saved even when on the go or dealing with a crash. The new and improved 70mai 1S smart dash cam is here, ready to amaze! With the newly introduced STARVIS night vision, you can not only take clear high definition images during the day but also at night. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows for seamless real-time monitoring on your phone and live voice control makes it effortless to take an image or record video in just a few seconds on this operating system. Whether you’re a driver looking to capture videos of erratic drivers or someone upset with their insurance company who wants peace of mind knowing they have footage, merely install this one device in your car. With all of these features at an affordable price, there’s no reason to wait any longer!


  • Starvis Night Vision
  • APP Real-time Monitoring
  • Voice Monitor (EN)


  • No parking mode.

9. EKLEVA 3 Inch Car Dvr Dash Camera Full HD 1080P Car Video Recorder

Easy to Use

The EKLEVA Portable Camera DVR Dash Cam records everything you see while driving and allows you to easily replay specific events at any time. Easily play back the key moments with the integrated 3″ large LCD screen and all of your recordings are just a touch away ! EKLEVA is a 3 Inch Car Dvr Dash Camera Full HD 1080P Car Video Recorder that includes built-in G-Sensor and loop recording to make it perfect for capturing sudden collisions, hit-and-runs, or vandalism accidents. The Power of the Motion Detection & Parking Mode allow you pick up on an incident as soon as it happens and will even record while the car engine is off. This product offers all of this information in one compact device, without draining your resources. A must have for you whenever traveling!


  • Built in G-Sensor
  • Loop Recording
  • Powerful Functions


  • Screen is a bit smaller

10. Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam

Flexible Front Lens

This sleek dual lens dash camera is designed to seamlessly integrate with your car’s existing rearview mirror. Installed over the air, it works just like a regular mirror and records everything in front of you on Full HD 1080P video! The wide angle flexibly adjustablefrontlens allows for easy adjustments while driving so that there are no missing moments – or distractions-and 10″ IPS touch screen makes navigating through recorded footage easier than ever before without having worry about brushing against buttons when adjusting settings by hand


  • Excellent video audio and photo quality
  • Audio Recording
  • IPS touch screen display


  • Mirror is a bit blurred as some users report.

Top Dashcam Brands in the Philippines


When it comes to dash cams, users have been relatively impressed by the Lenovo. The device is unlike any other because you can stop and start recording on your screen with a button press rather than just having it run all day long like most others do – this one operates more like DVRs (digital video recorders). You also get easy access through buttons or using screens where needed; there’s no need for complicated menus like some other models might offer! It includes everything usual in terms parking sensors & G-forces.


Xiaomi dashcams are great investments. They have performance that beats others in the market and offer high-resolution videos up to 2592 x 1944 pixels, which can help you see number plates of vehicles around you!

What to Consider When Buying a Dash Camera

Car Size – Driving while distracted is never a good idea, especially if you are trying to use your vehicle’s dashboard. A larger monitor installed can block your view and make things more difficult than they already are. To avoid this problem in the future, please look for dash cams that fit both size of space availability before making any purchase decisions.

Recording Resolution – When it comes to choosing the quality of your video recording, you need to determine what exactly is its purpose. If you want a standard trip on record for when friends ask questions about where they went or how long that drive was then 480p will suffice. However, if capturing license plates and incidents clearly are important features in your mirror dash camera than higher resolution options like 720p-2160p 4K Ultra HD might be necessary so those details remain clear even during zooming into them.

Other Features – Global Positioning Systems, or GPS for short are navigation systems that help you find your way to a destination. They also allow users to track their location and speed while driving. These devices come with features like Advanced Driving Assistance System which alerts the driver when they change lanes of if there is an impending collision; these extra tools make it easier than ever before!

Our Top Recommended Products

1-QCY 4″ 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dash Cam
2-LENOVO 4.39 inch Dual Lens
3-EKLEVA Dual Dash Cam HD Front And Rear, Night Vision Car Camera


Are Dashcams always recording?

The Dash Cam records on a continuous loop when powered on, so it is always recording. It also has the ability to protect files with its G-Sensor or by manually pressing the file protect button in order for them not be overwritten and stay there stored safely if any driving incident were to occur and no video footage was captured before hand.

Why Should I Get a Dashcam?

Dashcams are a cost-effective form of protection for drivers that may be involved in an accident. They record video to a removable memory card and can automatically start recording when your vehicle is on, but stop once you turn the car off. These cameras provide all the evidence needed if someone were to hit you or run into one of your vehicles; they also serve as continuous backup witnesses should any accidents occur while driving, which could potentially protect everyone from frauds like auto insurance scams!

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