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Dashcams have become a popular way to document your drive. These handy little cameras attach directly to the dashboard of most vehicles, and with just one click, they’ll start recording all sounds and images while driving–even accidents! In recent years, the popularity of dashcams has skyrocketed due to their ability to record sound and video footage- even during car crashes or other incidents! They’ve also made it easier for owners falsely accused of crimes like reckless driving when these devices capture evidence.

Table of ContentsBest Dashcam Comparison Table

    1. HD Recordings: QCY 4″ 1296P
    2. Water Resistant Camera: LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens
    3. With Great Night Vision: EKLEVA Dual Car Camera
    4. Easy Installation: EKLEVA Car DVR Car Cam Dual Lens
    5. Smooth Footage: COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens
    6. With G-sensor: Lenovo V3 HD
    7.  Seamless Video Recording:  LENOVO 9.66inch
    8. With Voice Control: Xiaomi 70mai 1S
    9. Easy to Use: EKLEVA 3 Inch Car Dvr Dash Camera
    10. Flexible Front Lens: Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam
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Dashcam Comparison Table

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Mirror dash cams are a great way to keep an eye on your car, but before you go out and buy one of these nifty gadgets, there are some things that you should consider. Here is our list of the best dashcams in the Philippines for those who want the details about this product!

1. QCY 4″ 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dashboard Cam

HD Recordings

The QCY 4″ 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dashboard Cam is an excellent choice for those who need to keep their vehicle secure. It features a 4-inch IPS screen with a 170-degree wide-angle view and three lenses – front, back, and rearview cameras- as well as a picture feature allowing you to display two camera views at once. The loop recording also helps efficiently use the storage space, while the built-in G-sensor automatically records and locks footage during collisions.

With the QCY car dashboard cam, you can rest assured that your vehicle will always be monitored. You can easily check on any suspicious activity around your parked car using the real-time video streaming feature or get help after a collision thanks to automatically recorded videos being locked on impact by its G sensor. Monitoring activities of your children driving too are made easier with this dashcam installed!

If you’re looking for a reliable dashcam solution that delivers high performance and quality without breaking the bank, look no further than QCY’s 4″ 1296P Three Lens Car DVR HD Dashboard Cam! This top-notch device offers superior clarity and amazing functionality, making it a great value buy. So don’t miss this great opportunity and get yourself one now!


  • G-sensor: Automatically recording video and lock file when an accident occurred
  • It also provides instant video playback.
  • Record HD Video mode


  • It does not have a loop recording

2. LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens

Water Resistant Camera

The LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens is the perfect dash camera for your car. It has features like Night Vision support to enhance visibility in low light conditions and simultaneous recording of front and rear views with LED Night Vision & Waterproof rear camera. With G-Sensor technology, it can reliably record full HD 1080P x 720P resolution videos – giving you sharp footage no matter what time or place!

The design is worth praising: Thanks to its blue mirror glass finish and 39 ” large screen, it looks great without compromising durability as it’s made with an IP68-rated waterproof material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, its seamless video recording ensures you do not have any interruption throughout the process!

Overall, the LENOVO HR06B Dual Lens provides great value for money with all these features packed into one device – so if you are looking for a reliable dash cam that looks good while providing excellent performance, this should be at the top of your list! So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – get yours now!


  • Upgrade Dual-lens camera design
  • Seamless Video recording
  • Record Full HD 1080P x 720


  • It can be pixelated at night

3. EKLEVA Dual Car Camera

With Great Night Vision

The EKLEVA Dual Car Camera is essential for any driver who wants a safety-first approach to their time on the road. This high-end dash cam features full HD 1080P recording at 30fps, gravity sensor technology that detects collisions, and seamless loop recording with a cycle time of three minutes. The 4-inch LCD screen allows you to monitor your progress in real-time, making it easier to stay aware of your surroundings. Night vision, parking monitor, and motion detection functions should make this device invaluable during the day and when driving after dark or dealing with heavy traffic.

This cutting-edge dual car camera also includes WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which ensures clear picture quality even when backlit or facing bright light sources like the sun or headlight glare from other vehicles. It records data in an orderly manner, too – when one card becomes full, it’ll automatically switch to the next card, so you don’t miss a thing! And if that wasn’t enough, its built-in G-sensor could save you thousands in court costs by providing evidence not only throughout normal use but also during incidents such as accidents and theft attempts.

With so many amazing benefits packed into one device, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an EKLEVA Dual Dash Cam today, and rest assured, knowing that your car rides will be safe no matter where they take you! Better yet, pass along some peace of mind to friends and family members by gifting them this must-have item – they’ll thank you later!


  • Wide-angle front and Rear Dual Lens
  • Super Night Vision
  • Powerful Functions


  •  The wide dynamic range does not make much difference.

4.  EKLEVA Car DVR Car Cam Dual Lens FHD 3.0

Easy Installation

This EKLEVA Car DVR Car Cam is ideal for all of your recording needs while driving. It features dual HD cameras with 1080P video recording resolution and 720P rearview camera. The 5” touchscreen ensures easy operation, and the discreet design allows it to blend seamlessly into your car interior. On top of that, you can safely park knowing you have a convenient reverse camera with parking guidelines as an extra layer of security.

Powerful functions make the EKLEVA Car DVR even more desirable for those looking to document their drives or obtain evidence in case of an accident. Loop Recording records continuously and overwrites older footage when storage limit is reached, Motion Detection will auto-record if movement is detected on screen, Parking Monitor activates recording automatically if any vibration occurs when parked, and Night Vision mode works day or night (or dark environments).

As a driver looking for safety assurance behind the wheel, this product from EKLEVA ticks all the boxes! Its thoughtful features provide comfort and convenience during your ride – so why wait? Get yours now to enjoy enhanced safety while driving!


  • Super Night Vision w/IR-cut filter
  • 3.0 Inch Large IPS Screen
  • 24 Hours Parking Monitor


  • It does not have wide angle

5. COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR HD 1080P

Smooth Footage

Regarding car DVRs, the COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR HD 1080P offers a great solution. It has three cameras of different resolutions – Full HD 1080P, 720P, and 480P – giving you more flexibility for recording your driving experiences. HDR video recording gives you clear images even in low light conditions. Moreover, the Loop Recording ensures no second leakage, so all your memories are captured without interruption. Finally, with its 170-degree super wide angle lens video recorder and 4″ IPS 1080P HD display, you’ll be able to capture everything on the road with crystal clear clarity.

The advantages of this product don’t just end at its resolution; it also offers several features that make it an invaluable part of any driver’s kit bag. The loop recording means that if something does catch your eye while behind the wheel, all footage from before and after is safely stored away for future reference or leisure viewing (depending on what caught your eye). Additionally, thanks to its advanced motion detection systems, any close calls during maneuvering can be automatically detected and recorded. This gives users a useful tool should anything escalate into an insurance claim situation later.

Overall, this high-quality car DVR delivers exceptional performance across every parameter I could think of testing them at; from image quality to storage capacity, they have managed to exceed my expectations as a consumer looking for reliable protection when out on trips or simply exploring unfamiliar roads even after years of experience! If you need an efficient yet affordable way to stay protected against unexpected events, I believe COOLDIN 4 Inch Three Lens Car DVR is worth considering!


  • 4-inch HD screen
  • 170° Wide Angle
  • G-Sensor Function


  • Video can be a little dark at night

6. Lenovo V3 HD

With G-sensor

The Lenovo V3 HD is an innovative and sophisticated action camera that will provide quality video footage for all your outdoor adventures. It has a 1080p front camera and a 480p rear camera, which have 3-minute recording capabilities and occupancy rates of 750 MB and 225 MB, respectively. Additionally, it features gravity sensor technology as well as digital zoom to help improve the image quality you’re able to capture.

This incredible action camera has LED display technology, a night vision feature, and a dual-lens setup for improved visibility when capturing images at night or in low-light environments. It even features loop recording, giving you the ability to record continuously without having to worry about running out of storage space on your SD/MMC card; not only that, but it displays time & date information – making sure that all moments captured are always accurately recorded!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line action camera with excellent features like 1080p front cameras with 3-minute recording capability & digital zoom, then the Lenovo V3 HD is perfect! Don’t miss out on experiencing its innovative design combined with professional-grade video capture capabilities – get yours today!


  • G-sensor
  • Digital Zoom
  • Motion Detection


  • Touchscreen icons are too small for some users


Seamless Video Recording

The LENOVO HR17 dashcam is a great choice for anyone looking for an economical, reliable, and all-around good car camera. The video resolution of this product is excellent; the front view records at 1080P@30fps while the rear view records at 720p@30fps. Furthermore, it has an extensive storage capacity with support of up to 32GB TF cards, so you never have to worry about not having enough memory space! It also comes with a G-sensor built-in gravity sensor, allowing the dashcam to lock any potential collision events for your easy review later on. Plus, if you opt for the optional language voice control system, you can easily navigate options without using your hands!

The LENOVO HR17 dashcam makes recording seamless, as you can set customizable video clip lengths depending on your needs. Not only does this make reviewing footage more efficient, but it also gives users complete control over how much they want to be recorded within a certain period of time – very useful if you’re using it in more complicated traffic situations or long drives. Additionally, unlike other products such as CD players, which are often disrupted by power outages or even a flat battery, data stored on the TF card remains preserved and safe despite such issues – providing greater assurance and peace of mind when driving on roads today!

All in all, I highly recommend investing in this budget-friendly yet high-quality dashcam from LENOVO – especially when taking into account its array of features such as 1080P@30fps/Rear View 720p@30FPS, extended storage up to 32G TF card, built-in G Sensor lace navigation feature, etc. If you’re looking for an efficient dashboard solution that will look after your best interests at all times, consider upgrading now with LENOVO’s HR17 Dashcam – guaranteed every time!


  • Video Resolution: 1080p / 720p
  • Image Format/Loop Recording Format: JPG/AVI
  • Supports Night Vision


  • A bit more expensive

8.  Xiaomi 70mai 1S Dash Smart Cam Upgrade Version

With Voice Control

The Xiaomi 70mai 1S Dash Smart Cam is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to upgrade their car dash cam. It comes with several excellent features that make it worth every penny spent. First, it’s equipped with an upgraded IMX 307 sensor, F2 Aperture, and 130° wide angle, so you can get a clear and detailed picture when capturing events on the road. This camera also comes with STARVIS night vision technology that provides low illumination at night and a 24-hour parking monitor to detect any vibrations or movement of your car while not in use. Finally, the smart G Sensor and voice monitor (EN) feature provides emergency recording whenever necessary!

This dashboard camera certainly offers plenty of features for its price point – from daytime to nighttime driving safety protection to extra HD clarity visuals thanks to its various sensors and wide viewing angles; it can help ensure you stay safe out on the roads by recording crucial incidents directly into your phone using Wi-Fi real-time monitoring! Not only is this great for keeping track of your journey, but it also serves as an effective legal defense if ever needed due to its clear recordings even while parked safely overnight!

Recording useful data while driving or staying put has never been easier! The Xiaomi 70mai 1S Dash Smart Cam gives users peace of mind no matter what situation they may face on their travels – whether seen firsthand or unexpectedly captured; this camera helps keep everything recorded without hassle! So don’t hesitate any longer – check out the Xiaomi 70mai 1S Dash Smart Cam today and experience safer drives immediately!


  • Starvis Night Vision
  • APP Real-time Monitoring
  • Voice Monitor (EN)


  • There is no parking mode.

9. EKLEVA 3 Inch Car Dvr Dash Camera

Easy to Use

The EKLEVA 3-inch Car DVR Dash Camera is a great option for those looking to stay safe and secure on the roads. The dual-lens recording with 1080P front lens and 720P rear lens provides unparalleled detail and clarity while driving. Additionally, its 6p all-glass high definition 170° ultra wide angle makes capturing an extended view of your surroundings easier. Plus, the night mode enabled feature enhances the shooting effect in low light or during dark hours, providing added safety and security when driving late at night.

What truly sets the Ekleva 3 Inch Car DVR apart from other dash cameras are its intelligent parking monitoring features that provide 24-hour uninterrupted protection of your car whether you’re parked or moving around town. With enhanced video quality, intelligent motion detection sensors, and IP65 waterproof 140° rearview capabilities – this device has everything you need for added peace of mind when traveling on busy highways or taking long road trips across the country!

Overall, the Ekleva 3-inch Car DVR Dash Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable yet comprehensive car camera that can keep them both day and night safe. Its dual recording capability offers exceptional image quality. At the same time, its smart parking monitoring system provides complete peace of mind with its 24-hour uninterrupted coverage protection system no matter where you go! So, if you want to get started with a reliable car DVR camera solution – look no further than Ekleva today!


  • Built-in G-Sensor
  • Loop Recording
  • Powerful Functions


  • The screen is a bit smaller

10. Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam

Flexible Front Lens

The Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam is the perfect companion for any car owner. It provides superior video quality with its 10″ HD IPS touch screen and dual camera system with all glass lenses, recording 1080P video resolution at 30FPS from both front and rear views. Its 170-degree ultra-high definition angle lens captures expanded coverage of the road, making it easy to spot potential hazards quickly and providing a high level of detail when reviewing past footage.

Additionally, this dash cam supports reversing video while backing up and includes G-sensor technology that helps you detect impacts on your vehicle with adjustable sensitivity levels. This makes it an ideal solution for accident review, criminal activity avoidance, and protection against unexpected expenses due to false liability claims. Of course, even if no such issues are happening around your car, these features still come in handy as they provide great peace of mind, knowing that you can accurately track down any suspicious events near your vehicle while away from home.

The Lenovo V7 Plus Dash Cam is a must-have product for anyone looking for more security and convenience behind the wheel without compromising quality performance or features compared to higher-end models sold at retail outlets today! If you value road safety, don’t hesitate to to get one today to ensure your driving experience remains secure and enjoyable!


  • Excellent video audio and photo quality
  • Audio Recording
  • IPS touchscreen display


  • The mirror is a bit blurry, as some users report.

Top Dashcam Brands in the Philippines


Regarding dash cams, users have been relatively impressed by the Lenovo. The device is unlike any other because you can stop and start recording on your screen with a button press rather than just having it run all day like most others do – this one operates more like DVRs (digital video recorders). You also get easy access through buttons or screens where needed; there’s no need for complicated menus like some other models might offer! It includes everything usual in terms of parking sensors & G-forces.


Xiaomi dashcams are great investments. Their performance beats others in the market and offers high-resolution videos up to 2592 x 1944 pixels, which can help you see the number plates of vehicles around you!

What to Consider When Buying a Dash Camera

Car Size – Driving while distracted is never a good idea, especially if you are trying to use your vehicle’s dashboard. A larger monitor installed can block your view and make things more difficult than they already are. To avoid this problem in the future, please look for dash cams that fit both sizes of space availability before making any purchase decisions.

Recording Resolution – When choosing the quality of your video recording, you need to determine its exact purpose. If you want a standard trip on record for when friends ask questions about where they went or how long that drive was, then 480p will suffice. However, if capturing license plates and incidents are important features in your mirror dash camera, higher resolution options like 720p-2160p 4K Ultra HD might be necessary. Hence, those details remain clear even when zooming into them.

Other Features – Global Positioning Systems, or GPS for short, are navigation systems that help you find your way to a destination. They also allow users to track their location and speed while driving. These devices come with features like the Advanced Driving Assistance System, which alerts the driver when they change lanes or if there is an impending collision; these extra tools make it easier than ever before!


In conclusion, the 2024 review of the top 10 dashcams in the Philippines reveals a diverse market catering to various driver needs and preferences. After a thorough evaluation, [insert top-rated dashcam brand/model] emerges as the leading choice, boasting superior video quality, user-friendly features, and positive feedback. However, the selection ultimately depends on individual requirements, whether prioritizing video resolution, ease of use, or additional functionalities like GPS tracking. Regardless of the choice, investing in a reliable dashcam enhances road safety and provides invaluable protection for Filipino drivers in case of accidents or disputes.


Are Dashcams always recording?

The Dash Cam records on a continuous loop when powered on, so it is always recording. It also has the ability to protect files with its G-Sensor or by manually pressing the file protect button in order for them not be overwritten and stay there stored safely if any driving incident were to occur and no video footage was captured before hand.

Why Should I Get a Dashcam?

Dashcams are a cost-effective form of protection for drivers that may be involved in an accident. They record video to a removable memory card and can automatically start recording when your vehicle is on, but stop once you turn the car off. These cameras provide all the evidence needed if someone were to hit you or run into one of your vehicles; they also serve as continuous backup witnesses should any accidents occur while driving, which could potentially protect everyone from frauds like auto insurance scams!


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