Top 7 Best Air Cooler Philippines – Top 7 Models for the Summer Months – 2021 Review

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If your current living set-up is limiting you to install an air conditioner, buying an air cooler is your next best option to stay comfortable in the hotter days in the country. In fact, air coolers can sometimes be better than air conditioners because of their portability and affordability.

Here are the 7 best air cooler Philippines that we deem ideal for our tropical weather:

1. Iwata Aircool Z16 Aircooler

Best for Longer Cooling Time

Iwata is one of the brands that we can easily trust when it comes to cooling appliances. This manual-controlled air control is all about durability and energy efficiency.

Why buy this

  • 65 watts
  • Covers 10-12 square meters
  • Ice pack chamber for faster cooling

The Iwata Aircool Z16 Air Cooler is a cooling system that was made to provide greater coverage for any average-sized room. It delivers the power of 65 watts and has an ice pack chamber option to help you cool down your space about three times as fast as before. From now on you’ll never have to struggle with carrying around those old, heavy schoolbags again.

2. Iwata Aircool Z18

Environment Friendly

An energy-efficient cooler perfect for giving you a personal cooling zone, wherever you are in the house. It’s one of the few coolers with low energy consumption, so there’s no guilt about using it all day. 

Why buy this

  • 60 watts
  •  4 liters water tank capacity
  •  3 fan speed
  •  With remote control
  •  Soft touch control panel w/ LED

The Iwata Aircool Z18 Air Cooler was created to combat the growing need for cooling our planet. Saving you time and money on electricity costs, the air cooler is designed to be used both indoors during summer months or out in environments where there are insects or other pests. The product features a soft touch control panel which allows people to easily modify their settings as well as LED technology so that users can see what they’re doing more clearly, even at night!

3. Iwata Jet S10

Fast Cooling

One of the larger units from Iwata, this air cooler can cool the whole room in no time. 

Why buy this

  • 18-liter water tank capacity
  • 3 sides cooling pad
  • With top water/ice chamber for fast cooling and water replenishment

The Jet S10 is a durable and high capacity 18-liter water tank cooling system with 3 sides of cooling pads and an ice chamber. It’s powerful enough for areas up to 650 square feet, and with it you can beat the heat and stay comfortable in any living space or office building.

4. Iwata Turbo Air X100M Aircooler

Best for Office Use

The compact design of this air cooler makes sure that you can easily place it in your office without taking up much space

Why buy this

  • 3 Fan speed
  • 3 sides cooling pad
  • Automatic swing function
  • 35 liters water tank capacity

The Turbo Air X100M has an innovative 3-sided cooling pad that circulates constant cooler air along your body. The internal fan can be adjusted to a smooth range of speeds, depending on what you need at the moment. As if the comfort and convenience weren’t enough, it also brings moisture to your skin without having to move outside or sweat in a hot room.

5. TYLEX XM33 Portable Mini Air Cooling

Portable for Tabletop

One of the latest trends we’ve seen lately is people bringing their own humidifiers to work. But, what’s even better is having an air cooler and humidifier in one like Tylex.

Why buy this

  • 300 ml water tank capacity
  • 2000mAH
  • Comes with ice cooler

The Tylex XM33 Air Cooler cools the air without any need for a big and heavy unit. 300ml water tank capacity, 2000mAH battery and ice cooler make this little portable cooler the perfect companion to take with you. 12 hours of continuous operation at room temperature, 2400 degrees Fahrenheit equipment housing temperature enables maximum cooling up to 40F below ambient temperature. Ideal for work desk or bedside tables that have no plug situation!

6. AFT A-901

Best for Living Room

This one is highly recommended for home or family use though. This will suit well in your living room or kitchen to keep the rest of the family comfortably cool.

Why buy this

  • Air outlet size:10x28cm*
  • High/medium/low three sections of the wind choice
  • Application area:10-12m²

The AFT A-901 is an indoor air purifier that fits in the palm of your hand. This portable, easy to carry device can get rid of dust and other detrimental substances from the air around you quickly. It has three settings depending on what type of air quality you are looking for. Made with a 10x28cm filter, it lasts up to 12 square meters or larger rooms. The filter detaches easily so you can change it without too much trouble while keeping fresh, clean air inside your home!

7. TYLEX XM32 Portable Lemon Air Cooling

Compact for Work Desk

This cute air cooler is your new office, best friend. It cools and humidifies you at the same time. It’s small enough to take anywhere, and we particularly love to bring it during dining al fresco on a summer day.

Why buy this

  • 200 ml water tank capacity
  • 2000mAH
  • Comes with ice cooler

The TYLEX Portable Air Cooler is your ideal item to use on those hot summer days, as it only needs the power from a battery bank. It has an ice cooler and can run up to 18 hours continuously. To operate this product, simply fill the water tank with clean water and leave in the freezer for at least 12 hours before first usage.

What are the Benefits of Air Coolers?

Air coolers are no doubt one of the easiest ways to cool down an area, and they are especially useful for countries like the Philippines that can have extended hot days. Even commercial spaces use air coolers to complement their air conditioners.

Most coolers are portable and easy to install. There is no need to create permanent in your existing house or apartment to install this.

Although it cools a limited area, compared to air conditioners, its portability will make it easier to keep you cool, wherever you are in the house.


How long can use an air cooler?

Your personal air cooler can last for roughly 4-6 hours before it needs to be refilled, but you should consider replacing your pad cartridge between 2-6 months depending on usage and humidity conditions.

Should windows be closed when using an air cooler?

Air coolers are actually less effective if they're placed in closed spaces because the air blowing through them needs to be fairly open, not blocked. If there's anything blocking that breeze then it won't have as much of an effect on evaporation cooling your hot room down.

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