12 Best Stand Fans in Malaysia

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If you’re looking for a way to keep cool and comfortable this summer, consider installing a stand fan in your home. Stand fans are perfect because they can be placed anywhere in the room without taking up too much space on the floor or table. That means that even when it’s hot outside, you’ll stay cool indoors! 

Stand fans come with many different features including oscillation, remote control operation, variable speed settings and more. You’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable again when using one of these handy devices at home.

Malaysian summers are a killer. Afternoon showers and the humidity can be unbearable. It’s time to invest in a stand fan! This article will introduce you to 12 of the best standing fans available in Malaysia today so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly!

12 Best Stand Fans in Malaysia

1.Samview 16 Inch Stand Fan 

Best providing a gentle breeze

A stand fan is a very important cooling device that helps people who are quickly heating up – the Samview 16 Inch Stand Fan has been the industry standard for over 10 years and this simply designed, compact fan can move a lot of air with low noise production.

With three different speed settings to choose from and a safety feature included (for example, its automatic power-off function features an external temperature sensor that stops operating if it detects temperatures exceeding 60°C), there’s really no reason not to have one around when you’re in need of great comfort. Made with materials such as ABS plastic, polyester resin cord ropes, metal shaft coverings etc., highly resistant to heat or rusting for long periods of heavy use too! Be sure

Why buy it:

  • This stand fan will provide cool yet also a gentle breeze of air that is very gentle on the skin as well. 
  • Adopt humanized design so that you can have the most comfortable home possible!

2.HIRAKI 16 ” FS40-A520

Most adjustable fan

Cooling off in the oppressive heat is easier with this HIRAKI STAND FAN 16 ” FS40-A520. It can easily be brought to any place you’re at thanks to its lightweight and stand base that’s adjustable up to 1.4 meters high and has 5 PP blades for maximum cooling power.

This energy-efficient appliance uses 50W of electricity while running on 220-240V~, giving you plenty of cooling circulation without worrying about draining the electrical budget bank account balance with repeated usage due to overheating protection, grill protection, and oscillation. 

The tone remains informative but also persuasive as it notes all the features that make it so wonderful: lightweight, height adjustment range, grill protectors, etcetera.

Why buy it:

  • With a 2kg sturdy stand ensures that the fan would stay steady while operating. 
  • You can adjust the height to fit how you want to use the fan for any occasion. 


Best silent fan

Get a better night’s sleep without the noise of your fan. With this three-speed fan, you can adjust it to your needs with a high and low option for any temperature situation. Let’s get things off on the right foot: as in first thing in the morning? You got it! This one has an automatic oscillation that reverses every hour and is best for following our natural body cycles by simulating that breath of fresh air we used to get while sleeping under trees, or even beating back those mosquitoes if need be! 

Tired of light fogging up when you sweat during those hot summer nights? Wonder no more. Our new silent fan will keep cool indoor air circulating all around so you stay comfortable day or night.

Why buy it:

  • Toshiba’s 5 blades fan provides peace of mind with a comfortable breeze of air.
  •  Very good quality trusty motor and lastly, a considerate safety design. 
  • There is an adjustable height and oscillation that can cover a huge space.

4.Pensonic 16” PSF-4505BG

Sturdy and slim

Fun is in the air with Pensonic’s PSF-4505BG 16″ Stand Fan! As an indoor standby, this fan works on 3 speeds of oscillation to better circulate cool air across all corners of your space. Plus it goes both ways too–vertically or horizontally–so no matter how you choose to use it, there are three blades working for everyone!

For our friends overseas, make sure you’re using a proper voltage converter before plugging in.
You’ll want more than just the basics though when deciding which fan will be best for your home. Luckily that’s easy because each Pensonic 16″ Stand Fan comes with many features that not only look good but also do good!

Check this assembling video:

Why buy it:

  • The slim design and light yet sturdy quality makes this fan very easy to move around the household and adjust angles. 
  • Despite being light ways the base is also very sturdy and safe. 

5. Khind 16″ SF1660T

Self protection and superior cooling

The Khind 16″ Stand Fan SF1660T is a powerful office-grade fan that can cool spaces up to 2500 square feet. This appliance has brilliant features as it includes an adjustable height, noise level of less than 60dB and also wide-angle horizontal oscillation. It is covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind purposes.

The blades are AS or avian safety blades that prevent the risk of bird contacting accidents and ensures even airflow when on high power. For superior cooling, this unit boasts 3 speeds with smart control technology which provides sensible air circulation while preventing overheating in those challenging Australian weather conditions we experience during summer months!

Why buy it:

  • This stand fan is specifically built to help countries in the tropic areas to stay cool during hot humid days. 
  • You can have a peace of mind when using this fan because it has self-protection when overheating. 

6.Midea 16″ MF-16FS10N

Best energy-saving fan

This Midea 16″ Stand Fan provides the perfect combination of cooling and airflow. Delivering cool air at a rate of 2750 cubic feet per minute with 3-speed choices, it efficiently filters the air to cool down any space from dorm rooms to living rooms at your convenience. It operates on both the tilt angle or just by swinging side-to-side for optimum comfortability. For extra protection from heat, fire, and splashing water, this fan is made out of non-flammable material that’s also double fuse protected so you can be sure security is never compromised. With 55watts powerful motor power, this fan will not disappoint!

Why buy it:

  • The tilting angle with oscillation ensures that every spot that you want to get a cool breeze will receive it.
  • With this fan’s energy saving feature, you bill not not suffer especially on a hot humid summer! 

7. OEM 16 inch  3 Speed Mode

Make your summer scorchers less of a sweaty ordeal with this 16-inch Stand Fan 3 Speed Mode. It features five cooling blades to ensure fast airflow and is easily maintained thanks to its easy-clean properties. Four or six meters away, it runs at three modes (low, medium, high) for the perfect blend of power and speed while filling any room in the house with cool fresh air.

With voltage ranging from 220 V up to 240 V for use worldwide, this indoor appliance has sturdy handlebars that extend from three feet 2 inches up to four feet 8 inches tall. The fan uses 55 Watts +/- depending on which mode you are using for different purposes: whether supervising a marathon game or simply relaxing up against it on the couch after a stressful day.

Why buy it:

  • The fan can be disassembled easily which means you can clean the fan with no problem at all. 
  • The 5 blades also ensure the spread of the air will be very efficient. 


The new ELBA 18 INCH STAND FAN offers 75-watts of a cooling breeze. The five transparent ABS blades provide the perfect balance of cooling and fresh air, while the 120 minutes timer is just right for those on the go.

A convenient guard ring clip makes sure that your fan will stay upright when you need it to be, so there’s less chance of accidental tipping or flipping. You can also use and customize this versatile fan through its three-speed control options – whether you’re looking for something more relaxing to add to your nighttime routine or intense blasts throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what level, though! This industrial fan has whisper quiet self-lubricating motors. 

Why buy it: 

  • This fan is perfect for big spaces and events as the air is strong and can reach very far ahead, even on the 1st speed level. 
  • There is also a very low noise level so it’s not distracting for anyone in the room.

9.ELBA 16” ESF-J1656

With 16-inch blades set in a 5-pack, our ELBA stand fan can cool your home from the comfort of your desk with a wide oscillating angle. The transparent blades ensure that you never have to worry about catching a finger in one and they’re powerful enough to decrease temperatures on hot days. With 3 different speeds, this appliance provides personal cooling options for any time of the year—set it at high to blast away heat during sweltering summers or low for silent winter nights when something is keeping. An adjustable height makes setup quick and easy while tilt control gives you flexible headspace too until you’ve found just what feels right on any given day.

Why buy it:

  • Use this stand fan with peace of mind because this has a thermal safety fuse to avoid overheating. 
  • There is a guard ring with a screw locking in which ensures the great quality of the stand fan. 

10.CROWN Heavy Duty for Industrial & Commercial 18 inch

The CROWN stand fan 18 in height 18inch moves and circulates the air like no other. This industrial stand fan has a copper motor with 3 speeds for your appropriate use. Our upright electric fan comes equipped with all the safety features along with an adjustable angle of pitch, durable metal blade construction to efficiently move air up to 15 feet away from the base so you can feel awesome anytime anywhere!

It is lightweight and noise-free making it perfect for home, office or hotel room settings as well! The stylish slim design will add sophistication to any room while its sleek body allows heat-sensitive items to be cooled by indoor climate control systems to maintain their temp without overheating.

Why buy it:

  • There is an optimal Electrical fan blade structure, light, large air delivery and low noise, which is the perfect recipe for a comfortable stand fan. 
  • The wind delivery can extend for up to 15 feet.

11.KHIND Mistral MSF1682 MSF-1682

The KHIND Mistral MSF1682 MSF-1682 is a uniquely designed and high-quality electric heater that will keep you warm in the winter. The Mistral comes with safety features such as a reinforced fan guard to safeguard your family from any risks of fire or burns. All three speeds are adjustable making it perfect for different weather conditions.

The stainless steel base removes any dirt, rust, and another buildup that can occur on the surface which leads to a longer life expectancy of the product. Energy consumption ranges around 5 stars making it cost-efficient for anyone looking for this type of appliance inside their home. 

Why buy it:

  • With the reinforced safety fan guard, this is very safe to have around your household. 
  • The high air delivery ensures that not only will it provide cool breeze, but also properly ventilate your room.

12.Ecocooling MIST Cooling Fan

The Ecocooling MIST Fan Cooling Fan is a high-tech product designed for an advanced level of cooling. You can apply it for all types of events, such as summer festivals or parties in the backyard or near the pool. The fan offers an oscillation function that blows cool refreshing air up to eight meters away from you with four meters misting distance.

This function creates a wide area of general cooling and makes you feel even more refreshed on hot days! The fan also has an insect killer feature that prevents bug bites if your event is outdoors. Furthermore, this product features a sleek design and modern design that will fit any type of interior decoration style. 

Why buy it:

  • This is a very high tech stand fan with wheels for easy transferring. 
  • There is a dust removal feature so that the dust doesn’t get spread around the room anymore. 
  • There is an intelligent control feature that helps with the optimum fan performance.


What are the types of stand fans available in Malaysia?

Stand fans come with different features and functions so you'll want to decide on what type of features you're looking for before deciding which fan to buy. Some people might find that oscillation is important while others may think that air velocity or remote control operation is more important than anything else.

How much noise do stand fans make?

It's important that a fan can create enough air movement to cool us in the heat and at the same time make as little noise as possible. The last thing we want is for a fan to be so loud that it interferes with our listening to TV or music. Never buy a fan if you think it's going to make noise! Most fans will make around 32-34 dBA of sound which is well below the average ambient room noise level which sits between 25 and 30 dBA.

Why would I need a stand fan?

It's still a good purchase if you spend most of your day indoors under air-conditioners or suffer from high blood pressure and asthma as these illnesses can be worsened.


 Malaysia is often hot and humid, but you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Invest in a stand fan for your home so that you can enjoy fresh air circulation any time of the day or night! There are many features available on these products including oscillation, remote control operation, variable speed settings and more.

You’ll never regret purchasing one of these handy devices when it comes to comfort at home during this scorching Malaysian summertime heat! Hopefully, you found your new stand fan purchase through this!  Have we missed out on any stand fans? Let us know if there’s anything else you recommend.

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