10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia – 2022 Reviews

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Most of us are not blessed with the luxury of living in a climate where air conditioning is always necessary. The best way to beat the heat is by using a ceiling fan, which can save you up to 30% on your monthly electricity bill. If you’re looking for one that’s well-made and affordable, here are 12 top choices from Malaysia.

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Malaysia Ceiling Fan Comparison Table

10 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

1. Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan 

Silently provides a cool breeze

On sweltering summer days, blowing cold air down your back is as soothing as being hit by a wave of cool water. A Khind will keep you cool all season. This Khind CF615 Ceiling Fan not only looks excellent with its sleek, low-profile design and short blades, but it also fulfills energy efficiency regulations, so you won’t have to worry about additional costs or having it running continually like other fans.


  • The noise level of the fan is only up to ≤62dB
  • Blades are powder coated for durability. 
  • Designed with optimum safety and protection features


  • Winds may not be as powerful as desired
  • May not operate that steadily

2. Deka Kronos Ceiling Fan F5P 

Most durable and safe 

With its three speeds and child-resistant blades, the Deka Kronos Ceiling Fan F5P is perfect for any home. This 56″ fan can be as gentle on your senses or powerful enough to move plenty of air around! The durable construction means that it will never corrode due humidity while being free from rusting too – giving you peace in knowing this product will last through years worth (and speed) changes without ever needing maintenance. The sleek remote control features an easy grip surface that makes it simple to quickly jump between settings to get the climate just right in virtually every room in a house while being both durable and sleek enough to rest comfortably in your hand or be hung inconspicuously among others!


  • Because the fan has a timer it is very convenient to start up when going to sleep, if you don’t prefer having the ceiling fan turned on overnight.
  • For an easier way to control the fan speed and turn it on and off, there is also a remote control.
  • With 12 settings; 6 forward speeds and 6 reverse speeds, you can surely find the perfect setting suitable for what you need. 


  • The power may not be as powerful as some would like
  • Some might not enjoy that the blades are made of plastic


Best Ventilation 

Ditch the old, outdated ceiling beat with wires and matchboxes on your wall! Now you can have a beautifully crafted model that is wirelessly activated by remote control. This new-age luxury comes equipped with three wind delivery speeds as well an aerodynamic motor for high efficiency ventilation which guarantees never being too hot or cold in any living spaces again. The aesthetic Cos Xpress 54 Remote Ceiling Fan is one of our most popular picks thanks to its propeller diameter of 184 cm (72″) – which means your size wingspan!


  • There is a remote control feature to easily change fan speed and turn it on or off.
  • With the timer options for 1, 3 and 6 hours, you can just turn the fan off and not worry about forgetting to turn it back off.
  • Has superior airflow for better ventilation


  • The noise can be a bit loud for some
  • Requires a higher level of speed setting on hotter days

4. Rezo Ventus Ceiling Fan MY56

Easiest to customise settings 

The Rezo Ventus Ceiling Fan is our best yet, delivering a symphony of wind right where you want it when needed. The sleek black blades and curves will add elegance to any room while quiet tones bring mood & comfort with five speeds at your fingertips plus remote control operation – this fanciful fan can serve as either an elegant center piece in formal spaces or functional interior designer for those without enough time! With two-hour timer settings, this ceiling fan allows you to have the perfect lighting for any occasion! From low features on slow speeds all through stylized white noise humming at high speed – it’s symmetrically balanced.


  • Unlike the previous fans, the timer has four options; 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours, this way, you can have the fan working overnight without the worry.
  • With the 5 speed selections, you can surely find the fan speed you prefer. 
  • Heavy Duty Design


  • The installation might be tougher

5. Panasonic F-M14CZ BAYU Ceiling Fan


Equipped with Safety Features

The Panasonic F-M14CZ BAYU ceiling fan provides optimal air circulation with its four blades. With safety in mind, this model features a reverse bladed design so you can keep your fingers from getting sliced by the sharp edges of these weapons! It also includes remote control options for three preset speeds as well as 1 hour off timer that allows users to forget about remembering when it’s time to turn them off again – plus there are sleep mode settings available too which allow those who want peace at night without light disruption during slumber.


  • The sleep mode allows the fan to slowly reduce its speed as the timer ends allowing a more comfortable sleep.
  • You can easily cancel any timer or mode setting with the cancel button in the remote.
  • With its safety features, you are surely safe with this ceiling fan installed in your household.


  • The only con that this model has is that the price is more expensive compared to  the other options

6. REZO AX42 Baby Fan 

Great Mini Fan Option

Introducing the 58″ DC ceiling fan that you can rely on for efficacy, design and performance. This seemingly simple invention will add peace to your room with its loftiness as well as vitalizing air from five blades made of ABS plastics! The versatility this product offers includes remote control operated by IR technology so it’s perfect no matter what type or size space needs cooling off during hot summer days. The best thing about this device is that you don’t have to waste your money on electricity bills or change expensive batteries all the time. It’s energy efficient, meaning it will only take a few hours before needing another charge for normal use!


  • With the matte look, this ceiling fan will add a sophisticated touch to your household.
  • The 5 speed selections for sure will give you the perfect cooling and air circulation you need.
  • Strong powerful winds


  • There is a light humming sound that might be disturbing for some

7. KDK K15V0 Ceiling Fan 

Elegant Look

The KDK K15V0 Ceiling Fan is a must-have for any home during hot summer days. With its Modern contemporary design, this 60″ wide fan ensures cool air circulation from every angle while providing energy efficiency and protection against various disasters including power outages or electrical malfunctions in your house! The retractable safety grill is a brilliant design that provides peace of mind for parents who want to keep their little ones safe but also allow them access at night. It does this by only allowing one quarter inch between blades and grills, which means there’s no chance of dust accumulation!


  • You don’t have to worry about the electricity bill with this fan’s energy saving condenser motor. 
  • The wider sweeping plates makes the air circulation more efficient. 
  • Enhanced safety features


  • Wirings can get a bit hard to set up

8. ECOLUXE Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Elegant and Expensive Look

Looking for a ceiling fan that makes a statement? Look no further than the ECOLUXE Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan. This stunning fan is sure to turn heads with its 100% pure copper motor and beautiful, invisible blades. And it’s not just a pretty face – the ECOLUXE is also super energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bill. It’s also super powerful, making it perfect for large rooms. But don’t worry, the ECOLUXE has a sound-off feature that makes it whisper quiet. So you can have all the style and power you want without any of the noise. Ready to experience the luxury of the ECOLUXE?


  • Three colour options for the LED light
  • Remote control for easier control
  • Have a light fixture and a ceiling fan in one purchase


  • The aesthetic of the fan is very specific

9. RUBINE VENTO Series 42″

Stylish Look

The RUBINE VENTO Series 42″ ceiling fan is the perfect addition to any home. With a powerful AC motor and 5 ABS blades, this fan is sure to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. The remote control allows you to easily adjust the speed and timer settings, while the sleek design is sure to complement any décor. Don’t let the heat get you down this summer, buy a RUBINE VENTO Series 42″ ceiling fan today!


  • Perfect for smaller rooms as this is a smaller sized ceiling fan
  • Convenient timer and remote control


  • This ceiling fan is the most expensive option


Decorative and Functional

ELMARK’s ATOM 42” CEILING FAN is the perfect way to cool down your home this summer. It features a remote control for easy operation, 3 speeds to choose from, and a timer function so you can set it and forget it. The sleek titanium grey finish will complement any décor, and the pine white or MC options are perfect for a more rustic look. The powerful motor delivers a silent and quiet breeze, making it the perfect addition to any room.


  • Convenient timer feature
  • Minimalist LED light
  • Easy to operate with remote control


  • Not suitable for bigger rooms

Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan

Even with just looking at the 10 choices we provided, it is clear that there are a lot of different distinctions and versions that you can choose from, show how can you choose the best for you? Consider the following:


Consider the room size before deciding what size you should get. A 42″ fan is best for rooms up to 100 square feet whilst a 56″ fan can be used for up to 400 square feet.


Before choosing a fan, consider your ceiling height. If your ceiling is above 9 feet, make sure that the fan you get has an extended mount. Consider a flush mount fan for a space with a short ceiling, some manufacturers provide low-profile fans that are excellent for rooms with low ceilings. Keep in mind that because they are so near to the ceiling, these fans will not circulate as much air as a regular fan, but in a small area, they are frequently the only alternative. Finally, if the ceiling is sloping, ensure sure the fan has a sloped mount.

Room Type

Consider the room in which the fan will be utilised. If you want to really cool an area, especially if it is huge or heated, a large fan that can circulate a lot of air works well. Look for fans with huge blades or those that are designed to move a great volume of air.


After you’ve narrowed down the size, mount, and type options, it’s time for the fun part: picking a fan that matches the decor of the space. Look for a fan with sleek lines and minimum ornamentation in a solid colour if the area is contemporary or modern. Look for a fan with wood blades and a curving shape if the space is classic.


Why do I need a ceiling fan in my home?

Yes. It makes your frying a whole lot healthier and faster, with less oil. Ceiling fans are a more affordable and practical solution for cooling homes rather than air conditioners. They're great during the wet season (monsoon) when it rains almost every day because they help cool off your home just by turning on the ceiling fan on low to medium speed.

Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient?

Yes, ceiling fans are energy efficient because they use less electricity than other air conditioning systems. The fan blades move air around creating a cooler temperature at your eye level. This helps circulate the cool air throughout the whole room which keeps you cool and comfortable on hot days. If you have central A/C it still doesn't hurt having a working ceiling fan in each room because all it does is help keep that cool air moving around the space.

Which type of ceiling fan is best suited for my home?

There are two types of ceiling fans available in Malaysia:
Airflow (Swinging) Ceiling Fan promotes an even airflow throughout your home and can help cool off rooms in the hot humid months.
Mixed Flow (Swinging & Whispering) Ceiling Fan produces a gentle breeze during warm weather conditions while requiring less energy when compared to other fan types due to their unique aerodynamic design.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Ceiling Fan?

They can be used to complement the cooling power of an air-conditioning with the fan moving cool and circulating air around your home or office, especially in a large open space.


Ceiling fans have been around since the early 1900s and are still popular today. They offer homeowners a cost-effective way to keep their house cooler when there is no A/C running or just as an additional measure if you need extra cooling power due to high temperatures outside. If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, we recommend checking out these brands that make some of our favourite models on the market right now!

In the wet season, Malaysia’s climate can be hot and humid. Ceiling fans are an affordable way to cool your home during these months. As a practical solution for cooling homes in Malaysian climates, ceiling fans have been proven time and time again to save money on air conditioning bills! We hope this article has given you some new ideas about how best to use ceiling fan brands in Malaysia. What’s your favourite brand of a ceiling fan? 

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