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If you’re an experienced cook or just getting started in the kitchen, a food processor is one of those appliances that will make cooking easier. With its powerful motor and ability to slice fruits into perfect pieces for desserts with ease, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this device as their go-to tool! Choosing the right food processor is no easy task. There are so many to choose from and they all vary in terms of their features, power consumption or capacity! To simplify things for you we’ve put together this list based on what matters most

Types of Food Processors

Electric Food Processor

When you need a processor that can do it all, look no further than the electric model. These large appliances have been specifically designed with multiple functions in mind and will help make cooking easier by chopping meat or making delicious fresh salsa! The electric processor is the way to go if you’re looking for a standard power prevail. You won’t realize how many tedious food prep tasks can be done with just one appliance until it’s doing them all on its own!

Electric food processors are heavy, consisting of a base with buttons and settings that allow you to choose from different blade speeds or other options such as pulsing. The work bowl and blades are attached to the motor-driven shaft. The blades of an electric food processor are easy to remove for replacement or cleaning.

Mini Chopper

Mini food choppers are a great solution for those who want an easy-to-use and compact appliance with the ability to process small amounts at one time. A mini food processor can be found in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – the ability to do more than just chop ingredients. With several blade attachments available on some models you’ll find yourself exposed with versatile power at your fingertips!

Manual Food Processor

Manual food processors are not powered by an electric motor, so they rely on you to do the job. When you need a small scale to process just one or two ingredients at a time, there’s nothing better than the manual food processor! These smaller models can handle all of your chopping needs with ease. The blades of a manual food processor are made to be lightweight and not as durable, so we recommend avoiding using it too often or for tough ingredients. A manual processor is a great tool for those who want an easy way to make their salsa or guacamole.

Food Processor Capacity and Size

Choosing the right food processor for you is an important decision. The size of your kitchen, the counter space available and what kind or efficiently processes meals in advance will determine which one works best! Most food processors come in different sizes, depending on their capacity. They can mix and purée to knead or dice the ingredients for you!

The right size for you is waiting in this quick comparison! Food processors come in different sizes, so find out what kinds of things you can make.

3 -5 Cups Food Chopper

A mini food chopper is perfect for the person who has a small kitchen and needs to do quick, simple tasks involving chopping up ingredients. They can also be used as an extra tool in your arsenal when creating flavorful sauces or dressings that will pair well with larger dishes you’re preparing later on down the line!

6-9 Cups Food Processor

The full-sized processor can hold larger amounts of ingredients than choppers and, thanks to the feed tube usually have an added feature that allows them to slice or shred in addition to chopping.

10-13 Cups Food Processor

The 10-13 cup large food processors are typically designed to chop, mix and purée but some models can also whip up a batch of cookies or make dressing for dinner. These large-size tools will help you cook your favourite recipes as well as feed an entire family!

14-16 Cups Food Processor

The largest food processors available for home use can cut, mix and purée with some models also able to knead dough or dice vegetables. These large capacities often aren’t necessary for day-to-day cooking at your regular fridge size but are perfect if you plan on making bulk batches of recipes regularly!

When you’re deciding what size food processor to get, think about how much space in your kitchen is available for storage and which recipes will take up that excess room. You might even benefit from owning two different sizes of these appliances depending on the types or quantities of dishes that need preparing at once!

Food Processor Body

When you use a food processor, you expect it to be sturdy. The best food processor should be able to survive heavy preparation work in a kitchen. This means that it must have sturdy construction, with tough plastic bowls and wide bases for stability when processing dry foods without liquid interference.

Food Processor Power

The motor capacity of your food processor will depend on the size you choose. And when it comes to choosing what functions are most important for a given task, there are no one-size fits all answer because different people have varying needs! The power required for food processors varies depending on what you are processing and the size of your machine. For example, a small cup-style device may need as little as 400 watts while larger models can require up to 700 or 1200W!

Other Features to Consider

Blade Attachments

The most common type of blade used in a food processor is the S-shaped. One half will be placed on top to cut through all materials while also mixing and churning it at once! This can chop, slice or purée whatever you’re making easily with just one touch per button press

Dough Blade

These blades might be metallic or plastic, but they’re flatter than the S-blade. This creates more surface area for kneading your bread dough and helps it rise quickly!

Egg Whip

The egg whip is for making whipped cream and other cream-based desserts like meringues, soufflés and more! It has two wide arms that are vertical to each other.

Not all food processors would feature these attachments, so make sure to find one that would suit your needs.


A food processor should be a go-to tool for any cook, experienced or not. Its powerful motor and ability to slice fruits easily make it the perfect appliance for anyone who enjoys cooking. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why this device is so popular!

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