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There is no doubt that electronic appliances make our lives easier. Especially with our hectic schedule, we need no-fuss partners at home to still help us with our regular needs. One of our favorites to date is the electric kettle. It allows us to have our much needed hot drinks within seconds or minutes. On top of this it is not complicated to use unlike other machines like coffee makers.

Ever wondered how electric kettles boil water seemingly faster? While there are many options to boil your water, electric kettles have been known to be one of the most efficient ways to do it. This because of the enclosed design of the kettle, with a constant heating temperature released from the heating element at the bottom.

Basically, less heat is able to escape from an electric water kettle, plus it transfers the energy more directly to your water. Depending on the operating power of your kettle, it should take not more than three minutes to bring water to a boil. There are also “instant electric kettles”, which are basically kettles with the higher-powered heating element. These kettles can boil your water as fast as 30 seconds. A regular electric kettle will operate on 2,400 watts, while the instant water heaters is powered at 3000 watts or more.

Benefits of Water Kettle

Apart from being one of the fastest and energy-efficient ways to boil water, electric kettles are also generally space-efficient. As a matter of fact, it is also a reliable companion for students living in dormitories. They really do not require much to function, all it takes is a stable platform and access to an electric outlet. They also come in different sizes, to fit every person’s needs. It likewise comes with this space efficiency the portability of most electric kettles. They are convenient to bring with you during outings and house transfers.

Electric kettles are also packed with safety features. Contrary to boiling water in stovetops, you do not have to worry about chances of accidentally leaving it on. Electric kettles have an auto-off feature once the water has boiled. Other more advanced models also have temperature control, so they turn off even before boiling point.

Electric kettles often come in glass, steel, and plastic materials, each offering different pros and cons. Of these designs, one of the most recommended is the stainless steel, because of its durability and low-maintenance feature. Stainless steel does not scratch nor break easily, and is able to efficiently store heat. Finally, there are a lot of design options to choose from. However, if you are one of those people who constantly have guests, a glass heater offers dual purpose. It heats your water, plus it can also serve as your tea or coffee pot, already. Glass electric kettles are also dainty additions to your kitchen, but may not be as portable and durable as the other types. 

Whatever lifestyle you have, there is the right kind of electric kettle for you. It is best to never buy something that is way too big for your regular needs to save on electricity cost.

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