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Are you looking for the best blender to start out your smoothie habit? Understandably, picking the right blender can be challenging, especially with the so many variations available in the market today. This also means higher chances of ending up with a non-functional blender. When it comes to smoothies, simplicity and consistency are the two essential factors to be considered.

However, apart from these two, it is also crucial to consider the power capability of your blender, especially if you plan to make smoothies regularly. By choosing the blender with the appropriate wattage, you can be certain that it can keep up with your usage frequency. For fruit shakes and smoothies, the minimum recommended wattage is 600. This means that it is powerful enough to blend ice and produce at least 16 ounces of smoothie in one go. It is also crucial to make sure that your blender is capable of blending ice since not all types of blenders can process hard ingredients.

Once you have spotted your blender match in terms of power capabilities, it is now time to consider its placement in your house. One compromise from having a powerful blender is space. They can occupy significant space in your kitchen. For larger houses, this should not be a problem. However, there are also space-efficient smoothie makers that are meant to fit in limited spaces. The only downside is that the output is usually for single-serving only. There are also cordless and portable smoothie makers available in the market now, but they can be expensive due to the convenience that they offer.

Finally, another important consideration in choosing a smoothie blender is the cleaning method. A lot of people easily give up on their blenders simply because they are high-maintenance. Typically, you would not want something that takes up so much of your time cleaning, when smoothies are supposed to be your go-to meal or nutrition. Fortunately, the recent models of blenders now are made to be dishwasher safe, and easy-clean. Make sure to check these models out for maximum efficiency.

Making healthy smoothies

No matter how expensive the blender is, or no matter how fine your smoothie is, the factor that will determine its nutrition will always rely on the ingredients that you put in. Blenders have been generally known to preserve much of the fibre and other nutrients in fruits and vegetables, but without the conscious effort of keeping it simple and healthy, the blender can only do so much. To get the most out of a smoothie, make sure to keep the ingredients as natural as possible, with zero to minimal sugar.

A good blender also gives you limitless opportunities to add superfoods to your regular smoothies, including flax seeds, nuts, and berries. This allows you to consume them all at once, in one simple procedure. Make sure to check the maintenance guidelines of your blender to ensure that it lasts with you for a long time, and identify ingredients that are not allowed or discouraged to be included.

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