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Ovens are getting more exciting and interesting these days. The industry is rapidly catching up with the technology used in other products, offering its users a variety of features. The introduction of microwave ovens has made it possible for all kinds of food to be cooked easily and quickly. However, while these products have their own sets of strong points, they also have certain weaknesses that can limit their utility.

An oven or just like any other household appliance that has many features is more expensive than one with fewer features. Irrespective of how high priced an oven is, if it does not have some important features you will end up buying another one. Therefore, before you buy an oven, make sure to note down the points given below:

Convection fan

We are now way past the age of radiant heating for cooking food through ovens. Whenever possible, go for ovens with a convection fan that will provide proper circulation of heat within its enclosure and cook food evenly. The function of this fan is very important for it ensures uniform cooking and gets rid of unpleasant odors that may occur when food is cooked in an oven with a poor ventilation system. they are designed to circulate heated air inside the unit. This hot air is blown by a fan-produced by the heating element. As a result, most of ovens in the market will be termed convection ovens.

Energy Consumption

Ovens with poor energy efficiency features tend to consume more electricity than the ones that have excellent energy efficiency. Therefore, when buying an oven look for features that can save power and energy like automatic multi-stage cooking and defrosting. Also, note that some models of ovens offer a 10% reduction in cooking time due to their sufficient insulation materials.

To use it effectively, you need to choose the right size for your new model of oven. It is therefore important that before going shopping you first decide how much food do you intend to cook at any one time because this will determine what kind of an electric range or microwave oven you should buy.

Viewing Glass Door

This should be among the most important features that you look for when buying an oven because this allows you to watch what is going on inside the electric range or microwave without having to open it. For safety reasons, make sure that the glass door has a locking device and also an anti-tilt mechanism. Most ovens today have an automatic anti-tilt control system that regulates the opening and closing of its viewing glass door automatically after it senses any tilt in its position.


The ideal space between shelves or racks must be just enough to accommodate your favorite dish and the usual serving size for your household. Just because its space-efficient does not mean that it will work well with your usual recipes. Consideration for dimensions should refer to both space availability and desired serving sizes of your food.

Temperature and Power Controls

Controlling the temperature and power of an oven should be simple enough to enable you to change settings as desired with ease. Always search for control panels that are easy to use, yet hardy so they can withstand any misuse.

Search for the maximum temperature of the oven, and check whether this fits the requirement for your favorite recipes. For instance,  if you are used to cooking with an oven that can reach 400 degrees, make sure that your intended purchase is also capable of reaching this temperature.

Also search for a thermostat – the device or feature used to control the temperature inside the enclosure. It takes time to heat up, but once it reaches the desired temperature level, it will automatically maintain it without any adjustments on your side whatsoever. A thermostat prevents food from overcooking and keeps its nutritive value intact by avoiding prolonged exposure to unnecessary heat levels.

Temperature control is also another feature to look out for. Ovens often need to be preheated before use which leads to increased energy consumption. Hence an intelligent system that can automatically regulate temperature well will help avoid such situations saving energy costs in the

Accessories Included

Roasting rack: A roasting rack should be deep enough but not too deep for it to hold more than 1/2 of the volume of the food you are about to roast and also easy to clean.

Baking Pan: The baking tray should be high-quality, very rigid and made from materials that do not contain moisture since it needs to withstand extremely high temperatures. If you can, it’s also best to go for non-stick pans, since oil stains can prove to be a headache after few uses of your oven.

Grill Rack: You should choose a rack that is easy to remove and wash with ease. Since it will be exposed to high heat for a long period of time, always go for stainless steel or any other material that does not rust easily.

Drip Tray Pan: This part may seem less important, but do not forget that you need something to catch oil and all other mess involved in oven-cooking. In fact, the drip tray itself might be constructed with a non-stick surface that makes clean up even more efficient.

Broiler rack: This will inevitably get in touch with heat from time to time while preparing food for consumption. As such, it should always be constructed using materials that can withstand high temperatures easily without getting damaged or deformed easily.

The best way to find the right oven is by knowing what you’re looking for. Hopefully, this list has helped prepare you to make an informed decision about which features are most important in your next oven purchase—whether it be a gas or electric model, convection or not, etc.—and with that knowledge comes peace of mind and confidence when making such a major appliance investment.

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