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April 2, 2021

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For the past years, a washing machine have become an essential for households. It started off as just an additional appliance to easily remove the dirt and particles, until it evolved into having a dryer. These days there are a lot of different variations capable of nearly everything the traditional hand washing process can. A washing machine is now a staple appliance for every household, whether that be the simplest type or the most expensive one. 

As washing machines are now a staple in households, it is important to know the type and the perfect models of washing machines that will be perfect for the household that will be using the machine. Nowadays, a lot more brands are coming out with washing machines and are readily available in any store, whether that may be online or physical.


As aforementioned, before making a purchase, it is better to be able to know different features of each model. Such as;

The Type Of Washing Machine

Universally, there are three main types of washing machines. Each type has its own distinct features as well. 

Top Load Alligator

This type of washing machine is the most known and traditional type of washing machine and the most common as well. As the name suggests the load or the laundry will be placed from the top of the machine. This type of washing machine is the cheapest style and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Although this consumes three times of power compared to the front load models. It is also less gentle to the clothes, hence why it cleans faster.

Front Load

Front load, as the name entails the load/ laundry is placed through the door at the front of the machine. The idea is to depend on an article of clothing to rub against each other resulting in a gentler wash on the fabrics. This style of the washing machine doesn’t use a lot of water and spins at a higher speed.  They also run a load silently, although since the water isn’t much, it may not be efficient enough for really dirty or smelly articles. 

Top Load Impeller

This is one of the most recent types of washing machines. It is seen as a combination of a front loader, being gentler on clothes, but sufficient enough to clean the smelliest and dirtiest fabrics. At the same time it is also capable of the biggest loads while also cleaning up quickly. 

Once you have decided with the type of washing machine that you wish to buy, it is now time to take a look at the specific features that will fit your household requirements. These are the main features that you need to consider in a washing machine:


It is important to ensure that the capacity of the washing machine you would purchase is more than enough for the amount of laundry that you regularly need to wash in your house. It should also be taken into consideration that it would be unnecessary to purchase a huge capacity washing machine when only washing a small average of clothes. You will end up incurring more energy consumption for less amount of load for the appliance.


Some households would prefer a silent washing machine to be able to run a load during the night, yet noise-free machines are usually more expensive. Hence, if the noise doesn’t bother you much, it is smarter to save and purchase cheaper options. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

In context, it would be a better option to invest in self-cleaning washing machines. This is to ensure that the appliance won’t be too high maintenance and will be able to last longer. A self-cleaning washing machine, however, like the silent ones are pricier in the market, but investing in one would be worth it as this would mean the quality is also higher. If the budget would not suffice for a self-cleaning one, then it isn’t a big difference to just opt for a cheaper one, as long as you are willing to clean and drain every after load. 

Program and Options

Not every washing machine provides options for different types of fabric or load. When looking for a purchase, be sure to look into these and discover what programs and options are necessary for the average type of laundry the household does. This includes an option for regular wash, delicate wash or just simply a quick wash. In selecting for this, it is important to keep the best intentions for the clothes in mind. There will also be some washing machines that have a temperature option, whether for drying or as a way of ensuring the clothes are 100% clean.

If you are planning to purchase from online stores, it is important to thoroughly read the specs and features provided in the website. It would also be a good idea to look into the different payment and shipping options to ensure that it is safe. In purchasing on physical stores, searching up listings online and its price to have a budget in mind already when going to the stores, looking up features and specs online would also be very useful.

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