Not that I need any more hobbies, but I found this wonderful website and thus, something else to occupy my ever dwindling time.  It’s called and it is ‘an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns’.    Some of the work that has come from this is absolutely amazing!

So… next it was off to Google to find out more.  And there I found another great site…  This site has a wealth of interesting patterns and a great community of people all addicted to the art of zentangle.

My first stop there was a post about a zentangle name challenge (and who can resist a challenge).  The idea is to create a zentangle of your name using “official” patterns only.  Since my name is short, I figured it would be a breeze.  Wrong!  I found there’s not alot of choices for the letter ‘i’.  Two to be exact.  And since I wanted to use the Hawaiin version of my name, it meant I had to use both of them.  The final result is ok, but I wasn’t super pleased.

So… I decided to try a different strategy.  I used dear hubbies name instead.  And since he is, after all, the love of my life, I enclosed the tangle inside a heart.  I am much more pleased with this one.  All in all, given the fact that I am very new to all of this drawing stuff, they didn’t turn out too bad.  What’cha think?

Oh.. BTW.. the patterns I used for the heart are D-Drupe, O-Onomato, N-Nzeppel, Don…