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Challenge 15 – Love your curves, baby

I LOVE long sweeping curves!  When Laura’s challenge said draw only curves, I jumped at the chance.  I realized after getting started, though, that I still had to concentrate or that stray straight line tried to jump in there.  Ok.. so I know most of my tiles are not official zentangles… more like zentangle inspired art (ZIA).  But I still can’t seem to get a handle on drawing random lines with making something recognizable out of them.  This one is no exception.  Maybe next time.


  1. Kim, I love this flower. I saw it several years ago and have used it many times. When asked if it had a name I said I didn’t know. While surfing Pinterest I saw it and found your site.
    Does it have a name? My friend loved it so much she just calls it Terri’s flower. Her students love it. I would love to give her the correct name and credit you.
    It is beautiful. Thanks

  2. Fantastic! I love the bold heavy lines. Beautiful!

  3. Kimi,

    So you know about the rain?? Sorry you had to out in it……. I’m bad about checking up on where people are from, and when I do know, I forget. Where in Florida are you? I’m a bit north of Sarasota.

    Had never visited your blog before. Love your curves tangle!!! The way it fills the tile and yet leaves plenty of negative space, and also the bit of colored shading.

  4. Oh my gosh, your zentangles are amazing! I would love to try it (like I really need another challenge :-)). I am going to check it out – Thanks!

  5. This is looking sooo delicate – I love it!

  6. I have to agree with everyone else. The image is beautiful, the subtle color really enhances it, and the curvyness of it is perfect for the challenge. So what if it’s not ‘zentangle-random’? It’s a wonderful little piece of art by any name.

  7. Oh, I really love the color on this one! Well done!

  8. Lovely curves, the iridescent colors are wonderful!

  9. soft and gentle, love the subtle colour :)

  10. Kim this is breathtakingly beautiful.

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