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Category: Polymer Clay

Do you like jewelry that is unusual… exceptional… funky?  If so, well…  Sharon over at has the giveaway for you!  This is a very funky pendant encased in a copper edging on a twisted hemp cord!  If you want to try and win it, hop on over to Sharons blog (here) and enter like I did!


Ok, so I couldn’t resist.  Since I have been playing with creating texture sheets for my clay, I had to try one with some zentangle patterns on it.  These particular patterns are:


So now I have a heart pendant with Don’s name on it, though no one but him and I knows what it says (except for you, of course).  I’m thinking this could go somewhere.


My Star Snowflake necklace is 1st place winner in the Star Light challenge.  I made this from polymer clay after following Helen Breil’s Radiating Lines tutorial.  (See the tutorial here.)  It is colored with PearlEx powders and Gilders Paste. 


My butterfly princess took 2nd place at the polyplayclay website (   I made her for the butterfly challenge using polymer clay, fabric and other accessories.