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Category: Knitting

Right at the moment there is a quiet space in between drawing lessons and zentangle challenges, so I’ve pulled the yarn out and decided to start on a pair of socks using a pattern that I’ve volunteered to test for someone. I’m using some of my new KnitPicks Chroma yarn in the New England colorway. I love the softness and colors of this yarn, but this is my first time knitting with it, so I’ll let you know later how it works out.

On another note, for those that didn’t know it, we got a new puppy for Christmas. His name is Boo.  As I was taking pictures of him yesterday, it struck me how much he’s grown. Others had said they didn’t notice it, so I am posting comparison pictures. The first one was taken Dec 18 and the second one yesterday (Jan 28).  That’s only like a month apart!   Now tell me, can you see a difference? It’s almost like we can watch him grow.